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Basic Back Loop Beanie: Free Crochet Pattern (7 sizes)

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If you’re looking for a super beginner friendly beanie pattern, this Basic Back Loop Beanie is for you! Available in 7 sizes from newborn to adult, these beanies are super quick to work up and definitely easy enough for the novice crocheter.

Basic Back Loop Beanie Crochet Pattern

Basic Back Loop Beanie Pattern

This beanie starts as a basic rectangle. We’ll seam the edges so that the first row matches up to the last row, and then cinch up the top. Wear the beanie more slouchy, or pull it tighter and roll up the cuff. Great for children or men, or throw a big ol’ faux fur pom pom on top to give it a more feminine vibe.

Bernat super value worsted weight yarn

We are using Half Double Crochet to crochet this basic beanie. This style of beanie is nothing new. In fact, you can use any stitch as long as the gauge matches. Try using Herringbone half double crochet for a little pizzazz, or even the Mini Bean stitch if you’re feeling fancy!

easy slouchy hat crochet pattern


Bernat Super Value (or any worsted weight yarn)
65 yards for Newborn
80 yards for 3/6M
90 yards for 6/12M
100 yards for Toddler
140 yards for Child
160 yards for Teen
195 yards for Adult

Crochet hook in size H/5mm

Gauge: 16 hdc sts x 8 rows = 4″ square

Beanie Pattern Notes:

The ch-1 at the beginning of the row does not count as a stitch.

For the duration of the pattern, work into the back loop only.

Half Double Crochet tutorial.

If you would rather work a top-down beanie, this Master Beanie Pattern is perfect for understanding how to increase and when to stop. Give it a try!

beginner friendly slouchy beanie crochet pattern


Row 1: Ch-29, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each to end. (28)

Rows 2 – 24: Ch-1, turn, hdc in blo of each st to end. (28)


Row 1: Ch-33, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each to end. (32)

Rows 2 – 28: Ch-1, turn, hdc in blo of each st to end. (32)


Row 1: Ch-33, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each to end. (32)

Rows 2 – 30: Ch-1, turn, hdc in blo of each st to end. (32)


Row 1: Ch-37, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each to end. (36)

Rows 2 – 36: Ch-1, turn, hdc in blo of each st to end. (36)


Row 1: Ch-39, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each to end. (38)

Rows 2 – 38: Ch-1, turn, hdc in blo of each st to end. (38)


Row 1: Ch-45, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each to end. (44)

Rows 2 – 40: Ch-1, turn, hdc in blo of each st to end. (44)


Row 1: Ch-51, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each to end. (50)

Rows 2 – 42: Ch-1, turn, hdc in blo of each st to end. (50)

Beanie Construction:

Fasten off leaving a super long tail.

Line up first row to last row and sew using the Mattress Stitch. (You can also slip stitch the ends together, but I think Mattress Stitch looks cleaner).

When you reach the top, feed yarn needle through the ends of the rows, cinching up as you go.

Sew end closed and flip hat right side out and voila! You are done!

You could add a big faux fur pom pom or wear it just as is. I love the slouchy look!

Basic Beanie Free Crochet Pattern (7 sizes)

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  1. This pattern was very easy to follow and created a beautiful panel! One thing I found difficult about this pattern was the sizing. I initially wanted to make a hat for myself because of the upcoming colder months, but not only did it not fit me, it didn’t even fit my 10 year old little sister. I ended up doing over 50 rows just for it to fit my head snugly.
  2. Question, what are the measurements of the finished flat piece for the adult pattern before stitching it together? IMHO, it would be helpful to know what the flat measurements are actually for each size. Thanks to anyone who can answer this question.
    1. Hey Kimberly! I've been having issues with the sizing and did the calculations based on the gauge swatch for an adult sized hat. Since 16 stitches across should be 4 inches wide and 8 rows is 4 inches tall, the measurements of the flat piece would be 12.5 inches wide by 21 inches tall. I believe the standard adult head circumference is around 23 inches though so you may want to add a few more rows in addition to the 42.
  3. Like this pattern, very easy and the rows look nice and straight. I used brown and cream, like the striped look. Thanks for the pattern!
  4. Hi, I just found the perfect last minute gifts for Christmas. It's already gotten so cold that I think everyone needs more hat's. Thanks for sharing the pattern.
  5. This is a great, easy to follow pattern. Only thing I found was the adult size was not big enough for myself or the man I made it for so I added an extra 8 rows. So easy to adjust, thanks for the great pattern.
  6. I LOVE this hat! My favorite go-to for a quick gift. Thanks so much for this post! I've got to sit down and math this up to make a chart for what the length x width for each rectangle would be for each size. Then I won't have to worry about meeting gauge every time
  7. Thank you so much for this brilliant pattern. One lovely, warm, yellow beanie now keeping a 5-year-old's head warm in chilly England
  8. I like your pattern and am working on my 3rd beanie. I cinched my hats differently. I first sc one row around top of hat. Then a 2nd row with 2sctog . This made it easier for me to cinch.
  9. I would really love to make this but I don't have a similar yarn. Do you have the measurements if length and width of the square piece so I can match that instead of gauge?
  10. I whipped up 4 of these beanies last Christmas (3 children and 1 adult). They were so easy and so cute. The children still wear them and one asked me for a matching scarf this year, which she got, of course! THIS Christmas, I made another adult size, and one infant size, but neither turned out near as nice as last year’s beanies. They were both too small and had no stretchy give to them at all. I can’t figure out what I did wrong, but I obviously made the same mistake on both. Any tips or insights would be much appreciated! I’m going to start the infant size all over tomorrow.
  11. I made three different beanies to include yours. My family really liked yours the best. Thank you for the pattern. I love that it is so easy but looks so good when done. Have a great Holiday!
  12. I love the look of this hat! Was looking for a slouchy hat I can make for males that wasn’t the regular double crochet. Found EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you SO much! Can hardly wait to try this when I get home.
  13. Thank you for this pattern. It was perfect and very well written. I needed a really easy hat to make for my co-works and I was interested in the notes of using the Herringbone half double crochet. It crochets up really easy and I really like the different sizes I could chose from. I also have a new favorite stitch, Herringbone half double crochet. I used this stitch to make a matching scarf.
  14. How would I adjust this for bulky yarn (i.e. 5 or 6)? How many starting chains would I need without making it too tall? Does anyone have a measurement for how long that starting chain should be for an adult beanie?
  15. Love this pattern. So easy to pick up and put down. I'm working through my yarn stash while I'm on quarantine. I already have a bag of these ready for next fall for donations (it gets cold and damp here early and we have a pretty big homeless population my girls and I like to make warm things for). Thank you for all your great patterns. You're getting me and my family through this trying time!
  16. The detail in the stitching is great! I just started so I don't think I can do this yet, but I'll definitely save your pattern so I can try this later on. Thank you for sharing! Your boys look so cute in their beanies :)
  17. How would I go about making it not so slouchy for adult size? My honey wants it "regular height". Less starting chains or less rows? I made it according to the pattern and it's too high for him.
    1. Hi i love this beanie! Can’t wait to make one for my husband and son! I also love the color used in this tutorial, can you please tell me the color name? Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s to you and your family!!!!
  18. Read all the E-mails & they gave me inspiration to start a project. I am a 74 year old crafter and my stash is huge! Looking for friends with simular interests. Just adopted 2 Calico/Siamese kittens named Emma & Sara - sisters. Boy are they a handful!!! Five grandchildren and a paraplegic hubby to boot. Need time for myself besides knitting, crocheting, and jewelry making,
  19. I did the adult 42 rows & my gauge is correct but 42 rows are not enough to go around an adults head. It’s only 18” wide, before stitching it up. I’m going to have to add at least 10 more rows. Has anyone else had this problem? I do love the way this hat looks.
    1. Same here. I've added ten rows but it's still not enough....will use the entire 251 yds and hope it's enough!
    2. I'm having this issue as well. I'm a self taught crochet/knitter (occasional help from yt). I did the 42 rows only working in back loops with the hdc but for some reason only measures 10in. :( I feel like I'm going to have to double the rows to fit around my husbands head. I used the right size hook an yarn so I'm a little confused haha.
  20. I love this beanie!!! Would it be possible to it with 5 weight yarn? How would you adjust the stitches/rows and hook size?
    1. I'm curious too... Although I'd like to try three the coboo yarn is so soft and totally calling my name for this lol
    2. I usually measure when I get to the amount of rows indicated. Not everyone has the same size head. It's an easy pattern to adjust.
  21. Love this pattern. Been trying to fine a pattern that can be worn by man, women, child and teen. Thank you so much.
  22. I love this hat and can’t wait to make it. I live in Florida so don’t hav a lot of opportunity to wear hats but I love them!