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Hanging Herb Garden Free Crochet Pattern

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Fresh herbs make all the difference when cooking at home, don’t you think? In our home we typically grow mint, basil, rosemary, and thyme, but this year we want to up our herb garden game by adding oregano and parsley. All about those herbs, bout those herbs. 😉 We got so ambitious that we ran out of space in our herb garden, which lead to me creating this Hanging Herb Garden Basket free crochet pattern!

How to make a hanging herb garden

Hanging Herb Garden Basket Pattern

If you’ve looked through the food section of Heart Hook Home, you’ll know that my husband Paul does 99.9% of the cooking in our home. He loves to cook from scratch using fresh ingredients and fresh herbs, and I love to let him. Ha!

Classic Caprese Salad with Balsamic Glaze

Paul tends to use a lot of mint and basil; mint for our Fattousch salad recipe and the occasional Mojito, and basil for our Caprese salad recipe (using homegrown tomatoes, of course!) and our Fried Eggplant recipe. Annnnd, now I’m hungry.

Hanging Herb Garden Crochet Pattern

Make as many of these hanging baskets as you like, I did three for our purposes and I probably wouldn’t do many more than that for hanging purposes. If you need more, consider using two rods.

Crocheting a hanging herb garden

What do you think about making one to hang in the bedroom filled with lavender? I wonder if that would work? I think I might give that a shot!


T-shirt yarn
*Fox Yarn Co used, about 1/2 skein for three baskets

Size 10mm crochet hook

Wide mouth pint size mason jars

Dowel rod
*thickness will depend on how many baskets. Thicker is better than thinner!

Hooks for hanging
*just make sure the dowel rod will fit through

Wall Mollies for strengthening hooks

hooks for hanging herb baskets

Pattern notes:

The chain at the beginning of the round does not count as a stitch.

Pattern written using US terms.

BLO = Back Loop Only

You are free to sell finished items from my pattern, but please link back to this post and credit Heart Hook Home for the pattern. See my Terms of Use for more information.


Round 1: Magic Circle. Ch-1, 10 hdc in circle. Join to top of first hdc and pull circle closed. (10)

Crocheting a hanging basket

Round 2: Ch-1, 2hdc in each st around. Join to top of first hdc with sl st. (20)

How to crochet a hanging basket

Round 3: Ch-1, hdc in BLO of each st around. Join to top of first hdc with sl st. (20)

Making a crochet hanging basket

Rounds 4 – 7: Ch-1, hdc in each st around. Join to top of first hdc with sl st. (20)

Hanging basket crocheted ready for flap

Rows 8 – 12: Ch-1, hdc in 6 sts. Turn.

Crocheting hanging baskets for herb garden

Fasten off leaving long tail for securing.

Fold flap back and sew (I used a smaller hook to pull through the stitches) three rows down. See photos.

Crocheting a hanging basket for herbs

How to make a hanging garden

Folded back flap for hanging crocheted basket

Weave in ends and tuck any leftover ends inside basket.


Cut dowel rod to length. I did about 28″ for my three baskets. Take a separate piece of t-shirt yarn and wrap it around the end a few times to form a “stopper”. Tie a knot and trim excess fabric. Insert the cut-to-length dowel rod into the loops formed on the back of the baskets.

Hanging basket garden

Hang hooks using wall mollies to provide additional support. Hang dowel rod with baskets empty before inserting the mason jars as the wall will keep them upright.

How to hang a hanging herb garden

Now just add your herb-filled mason jars and you are ready to grow!

How to crochet a hanging garden

Beautiful hanging basket crochet pattern

Aren’t these just great?!

Hang in a well-lit area, or outside even. Remember to use a dowel rod as thick as will fit your hooks to offer the most support.

May your herb garden supply you with many, many herbs!

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Hanging Herb Garden Free Crochet Pattern

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  1. Ashley. I love this and all your patterns. However, I am really a novice and need a printed copy. I follow you on my phone and it is very difficult to read instruction. Please tell me how I can get written instructions for these wonderful little planters.
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  4. These planters are simply amazing! They are exactly what I have been looking for to hang around a little fenced area. Thank you so much :)
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  6. Love it! We are packing up to move, and I've got some T-shirts that I wasn't sure whether they're worth the box space .... you've delighted me with this idea, so I'll use the T-shirts as packing material, then have a fun project in my new home! Thanks!