Welcome to Heart Hook Home – I am so glad you’re here!

My name is Ashlea and I am a mother of two young boys, and yarn enthusiast. In addition to my love of all things fiber related, I also sew, I’ll hot glue just about anything, and I dabble in woodworking.

My passion for crochet started when my little brother Forrest taught me to crochet over the Christmas holiday. Something he told me during our first lesson that I’ve never forgotten: “it’s just one strand of yarn, you can’t screw it up so badly that you can’t rip it out and start again”. He was right, and I haven’t been able to put down the hook since!

I also love to read, and since that isn’t exactly conducive to crochet, I spend most of my crochet time listening to audio books while I crochet. I would spend every day “reading” and crocheting if I could!

Since starting blogging in 2009, I have been featured on Country Living, Martha Stewart, in Chickens magazine, Homespun magazine, Wichita magazine, and on Buzz Feed and Little Things. I am thrilled to have reached millions and millions of like-minded fiber enthusiasts!

I have two teenage boys. My oldest son Caden has a rare and severe heart defect, Truncus Arteriosus (type 2), that has required three open-heart surgeries to date, with a surety of more interventions in the future. He is the reason for the “heart” in Heart Hook Home. My younger son Cameron is a basketball enthusiast, a music lover, and an impressive guitarist.

Be sure to join over 65,000 other fiber and crochet enthusiasts in my Facebook group, Heart Hook Home Crochet Community. Should you wish to get a hold of me or work with me, feel free to contact┬áme or reach out to ashlea@hearthookhome.com. Again, thank you for visiting, I hope you’ll stay in touch and come back often!