Heart Hook Home Swag

Heart Hook Home Crochet Community Vinyl Decals

Welcome to the Heart Hook Home swag shop! Each decal is carefully crafted by either my 8 year old or 10 year old son.  These little entrepreneurs had so much fun helping mom make decals that they asked if they could start their very own business!  By charging just enough to cover overhead, fees and taxes, we are hoping to keep these kids busy, busy, busy!

The boys create the decals (with strict supervision of course), and earn good money for each and every decal ordered, completed, and shipped – and shipping is included in the price! With your order you will receive instructions for placing your decal, care for your decal, and a “thank you” note from one or both of the boys. Get yours below!

Stay tuned! We are also planning to add yarn ball embellished coffee mugs and wine glasses as well! Those items will be added to this page as they become available.

Thank you!

Note, if you are outside of the United States, please shoot me an email so we can discuss shipping. Thanks!

Colors top left to bottom right: Turquoise, Blue, Green, Orange, Burgundy, Lime Green, White, Black, Pink, Purple, and Red.  Small yarn ball decals are available in the same colors.

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