I am honored that you are interested in testing new crochet patterns for Heart Hook Home. I am ALWAYS looking for awesome new testers of ALL sizes and ALL skill levels!

Please read through the following to make sure we are a good fit, and then continue with your application below. ♥

Heart Hook Home Pattern Tester

As a pattern tester, you will help to spot any typos or row/stitch count discrepancies. You will also be asked to share clear, well-lit photos of your finished work in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community after the pattern has been published.

While speed is not the most important aspect of testing, it is imperative that testing is completed before the projected publish date.

Failure to complete your duties may result in removal from the program.

Tester applications are reviewed as they are received. If you are selected as a Heart Hook Home pattern tester, you will be contacted via email at the email you provide and will be added to a private Heart Hook Home Pattern Testers Facebook group.

In this group I share top-secret, exclusive sneak-peek images and announce new and upcoming testing opportunities. Thank you for your interest!

Apply to be a Heart Hook Home Pattern Tester!

Thank you so much! I look forward to reading your submission and will be in touch if we are a good fit.