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Filet Poncho (Printable Version)


It’s roomy, it’s flowy, it’s warm, it’s got a peek-a-boo effect… it’s simply fabulous! The “one-size” fits most folks up to about XL – 2XL. The “plus size” fits up to about 3XL. If a size larger is needed, there are recommendations for this as well!

For this pattern we are using a variation of filet crochet. Filet crochet means that you’re crocheting double crochets and chain-spaces in “blocks” or “sets” of squares. In this pattern we have 9-block squares that are separated out by rows of solid crochet, then offset the next time.


Cotton/Acrylic Blend or similar yarn (size 3 or size 4)

-approx. 1600 yards for “one-size” and 2000 yards for “plus size”

*the red is Wool of the Andes Tweed with H/5mm

*the brown is Lion Brand Comfy Cotton with an I/5.5mm

*the blue is Comfy Worsted with H/5mm

Crochet hook in size I/5.5mm 

*or hook size needed to obtain gauge!

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