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  • Lori Hooded Poncho

    Lori Poncho (Printable Version)


    This is the *** CROCHET PATTERN *** needed to make the Lori Poncho. The poncho body is made all in ONE piece with zero sewing needed. The hood is completely optional, as is the fringe.

    The Lori Poncho pattern contains instructions for two sizes: “One Size” and “Plus Size”. Sizes XS – 1XL will need the “one size” and sizes 2XL – 5XL will need the “Plus Size”.

    Yarn choices vary greatly for this pattern. You can use a size 2 OR size 3 OR size 4 yarn. The thinner the yarn, the more delicate and lightweight the poncho will be. The thicker the yarn, the more dense and warm the poncho will be. If you choose a warmer poncho (size 4 yarn) you will need 25% more yarn on average.