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Lori Hooded Poncho Crochet Pattern

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If there is ONE design you simply have to make this year, it is the Lori Poncho. This free hooded poncho crochet pattern is the absolute perfect accessory to throw on for football games, hanging out with friends, or while running errands. Available in two sizes, the Lori Poncho is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe. Let’s make one – or three!

Lori Hooded Poncho free crochet poncho pattern

Lori Hooded Poncho Crochet Pattern

The Lori Poncho is a design that I have been wanting to create for months and months. I am SO happy with the way this crochet pattern turned out, and I think you will be, too!

Lori Poncho

free crochet poncho pattern

About the Lori Poncho

I decided to name this the Lori Poncho in dedication to a crochet member of the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community that recently passed from cancer. Lori was a yarn enthusiast. She frequently shared photos of her makes including the Woven In Time blanket, the On Point Poncho, the travel neck pillow, and all sorts of other projects in the crochet group on Facebook.


A tip from Lori that may help you in the future if you’re working the Solomon’s Knot stitch… since the loops all need to be both large and consistent in size she marked 1/2″ on her finger. What a great tip! May her memory live on.

Who ever came up with marking 1/2” on your finger I thank you. I didn’t realize a 1/2” was so big. I was making mine much smaller and it just didn’t look right. So try #3 is looking much better with this simple little tip. Thank you who ever you are. – Lori

I hope that when you make your own Lori Poncho, that you will be fondly reminded of friends that are no longer with us. Whether that’s a family member or close friend, or a crochet buddy you met online. ♥ Please share photos of your ponchos with us in the Facebook group!

Lori Poncho

For this poncho there are a couple of options to consider. First you’ll make the poncho body (all in one piece with ZERO sewing involved 🙌) then you’ll decide if you:

  1. Want fringe? And if so, twisted or regular as I have done?
  2. Want the hood?

The hood is 100% optional and I think it drastically changes the overall look and feel of the poncho. With the hood it gives a much more slouchy, comfortable vibe. Without the hood I think it looks much more chic and date night worthy! Throw on some heels or boots and add in some jewelry and you’ll be ready to hit the town in style. LOVE THIS!

Lori Poncho

This free poncho crochet pattern was originally designed to be made using a size 2/sport weight yarn. That being said, I’ve made one with size 2/sport weight, one using size 3/DK yarn, and now one using size 4/worsted weight yarn. See specific suggestions for yarn choices below.

Lori Poncho Pattern Yarn Choices:

You can use either size 2, size 3, or size 4 weight yarn. The crochet gauge will remain the same no matter which yarn thickness you decide to use. Simply adjust your hook size to match the gauge of the pattern. Read more on gauge and how to measure it or watch informative podcast episode.

YouTube video

The thinner the yarn you choose, the more delicate and lightweight your poncho will be. The thicker the yarn you choose, the more dense (and WARM!) your poncho will be.

Size 2 yarn choices include: Brava Sport (shown in “Cobblestone Heather” colorway), Shine Sport, I Love This Yarn Sport, etc.

Size 3 yarn choices include: Lion Brand Coboo (shown in “Mauve colorway), Lion Brand TrubooCotLin, Baby Bee Sweet Delights, etc.

Size 4 yarn choices include: Lion Brand Pound of Love, Heartland, Brava Worsted, Brava Tweed, Red Heart Super Saver, etc. Note: My worsted weight version is very dense and warm. It took a few washings for it to really soften up but I do love it. It is WARM!

worsted weight Lori Poncho

If you choose to use the size 4 yarn you will need to bump your yardage by about 15%. My worsted weight “one size” used 1950 yards of yarn for the poncho body (200 more than “normal), and 370 yards of yarn for the hood.

Double Crochet ribbed stitch

There are two sizes of this poncho pattern. The hood pattern is the same for each size. If you are unsure of which size poncho to make for yourself, make the larger of the two.

Sizing Info: The “One Size” fits about XS – 1XL and the “Plus Size” fits up to about 5XL.


Size 2/Sport or Size 3/DK weight yarn
-approx. (1750, 2700) yards for body
-approx. (100, 150) yards for fringe – optional
-approx. (370) yards for hood – optional

Note! If you choose size 4/worsted weight yarn you will need to bump these yardage amounts by about 15%! I needed 1950 yards (an extra 200) for the body. 

Crochet hook in size 5mm through 7mm depending on yarn used.

Gauge: 13 sts x 12 rows = 4” square

For the Lori Poncho we are using the Double Crochet Rib Stitch. There is a brand new tutorial for this stitch here, and/or you can watch this video:


Gauge Pattern:

Row 1: Ch-22, dc in 3rd ch from hook and in each across. (20)

Row 2: Turn, loosely sl st across. (20)

Row 3: Ch-2, turn, dc in each sl st across. (20)

Rows 4 – 15: Alternate previous two rows, measure for gauge.

Pattern Notes:

Pattern written using US terms.

Odd numbered rows ae “right side”.

There is a “One Size” and a “Plus Size”. If in doubt, make the larger of the two.

Make sure to crochet loosely on the slip stitch rows. Check gauge periodically to make sure width is maintained. (It tends to narrow, consider going up a hook size for the sl st rows only.)

The chain-2 at the beginning of the double crochet rows does not count as a stitch.

Do not chain to start the sl st rows.

If you would like to use a worsted weight yarn that will make a more dense and warmer poncho. Make sure that you can match gauge (I needed an H/5mm hook) and you will need to buy extra yarn. About 15% more yarn.

The width of the poncho at it’s widest point should be around (60″, 64″). This means that the overall length when worn should be about (30″, 32″).

If you would like to adjust the length to make the poncho smaller, try to get your gauge closer to 15 sts x 14 rows. This will make the poncho about 4″ shorter and more narrow.

We start at the right hand wrist, work our way across the body, shaping the neck, to the left hand wrist. Then we add the cuffs, optional fringe, and optional hood.

If you would like to purchase the ad-free, printable version of this pattern you can find that on Ravelry, Etsy, or right here in the Heart Hook Home blog shop!

Lori Poncho Pattern:

Poncho Body:

Row 1: Fdc-(25, 30)

Row 2: Turn, loosely sl st in each st across. (25, 30)

Row 3: Ch-2, turn, 2dc in each sl st across. (50, 60)

Row 4: repeat row 2 (50, 60)

Row 5: Ch-2, turn, 4dc in first, dc in each st across, 4dc in last. (56, 66)

Row 6: repeat row 2 (56, 66)

Rows 7 through 48: repeat rows 5 & 6 (ending with 182, 192)

Row 49: Ch-2, turn, 3dc in first, dc in each st across, 3dc in last. (186, 196)

Row 50: repeat row 2 (186, 196)

Rows 51 & 52: repeat previous two rows (190, 200)

Row 53: Ch-2, turn, 2dc in first, dc in each st across, 2dc in last. (192, 202)

Row 54: repeat row 2 (192, 202)

Row 55: Ch-2, turn, dc in each st to end. (192, 202)

Row 56: repeat row 2 (192, 202)

Rows 57 through (64, 72): alternate two previous rows. (192, 202)

Neck Shaping (Front):

Row (65, 73): Ch-2, turn, dc in (87, 92) sts only, dc3tog. (88, 93)

Row (66, 74): repeat row 2 (88, 93)

Row (67, 75): Ch-2, turn, dc in (85, 90) sts, dc3tog. (86, 91)

Row (68, 76): repeat row 2 (86, 91)

Row (69, 77): Ch-2, turn, dc in (83, 88) sts, dc3tog. (84, 89)

Row (70, 78): repeat row 2 (84, 89)

Row (71, 79): Ch-2, turn, dc in each st to end. (84, 89)

Row (72, 80): repeat row 2 (84, 89)

Row (73, 81) through (84, 92): alternate previous two rows (84, 89)

Row (85, 93): Ch-2, turn, dc in each st to end, 3dc in last st. (86, 91)

Row (86, 94): repeat row 2 (86, 91)

Row (87, 95): repeat row (85, 93) Stitch count: (88, 93)

Row (88, 96): repeat row 2 (88, 93)

Do not fasten off. Place a stitch marker. We will pick this back up after completing the “back”.


Looking at row (64, 72) from earlier, leave 6 sts open and attach in the 7th stitch.

Row (65, 73): Ch-2, dc in same as join and in each st across. (96, 101)

Row (66, 74): repeat row 2 (96, 101)

Row (67, 75): Ch-2, turn, dc in each st across. (96, 101)

Row (68, 76): repeat row 2 (96, 101)

Rows (69, 77) through (88, 96): repeat previous two rows (96, 101)

Do not fasten off. Place a stitch marker.

Join the poncho body together…

Where we left off on row (88, 96) of the “front”…

Row (89, 97): Ch-2, turn. Dc in each st across “front”, 3dc in final “front” st. (90, 95 sts so far) Ch-6, dc in each st across “back”. (192, 202)

Row (90, 98): repeat row 2 (192, 202)

Where still attached on “back” and looking at “outside”, sc 72 times evenly around the entire neck opening. Fasten that yarn off and continue with the poncho body.

Row (91, 99): Ch-2, turn, dc in each st to end. (192, 202)

Row (92, 100): repeat row 2 (192, 202)

Rows (93, 101) through (102, 118): repeat previous two rows (192, 202)

Row (103, 119): Ch-2, turn, dc2tog, dc in each st across, dc2tog in last two sts. (190, 200)

Row (104, 120): repeat row 2 (190, 200)

Row (105, 121): Ch-2, turn, dc3tog, dc in each st across, dc3tog in last three sts. (186, 196)

Row (106, 122): repeat row 2 (186, 196)

Rows (107, 123) & (108, 124): repeat previous two rows (182, 192)

Row (109, 125): Ch-2, turn, dc4tog, dc in each st across, dc4tog in last four sts. (176, 186)

Row (110, 126): repeat row 2 (176, 186)

Rows (111, 127) through (152, 168): repeat previous two rows (ending with 50, 60 sts)

Row (153, 169): Ch-2, turn, dc2tog across. (25, 30)

Do not fasten off. If needed, block the poncho body to (60”, 64”) height and (48″, 52”) cuff to cuff.


Where still attached on body… Join to first st with sl st. We are using Front Post/Back Post stitches to create the cuff.

“One Size” Row 1: Ch-2, do not turn, * fpdc around next st, bpdc around next * repeat between * * around. Fpdc around final st. Join to top of first st. (25)

“Plus Size” Row 1: Ch-2, do not turn, * fpdc around next st, bpdc around next * repeat between * * around. Fpdc2tog around final two sts. Join to top of first st. (29)

Both Sizes:

Row 2: Ch-1, turn, * bpdc around next st, fpdc around next * repeat between * * around. Bpdc around final st. Join to top of first st. (25, 29)

Row 3: Ch-1, turn, * fpdc around next st, bpdc around next * repeat between * * around. Fpdc around final st. Join to top of first st. (25, 29)

Rows 4 – 10: alternate previous two rows (25, 29)

Row 11: Ch-1, turn, sc in each st around. Fasten off with Invisible Join.

Find the first and last sts from row 1 of the poncho body. Sl st together and repeat cuff pattern.


Row 1: Ch-42, dc in 3rd ch from hook and in each to end, 3dc in last. Dc in each ch down the other side. (81)

Row 2: Turn, loosely sl st in each st across. (81)

Row 3: Ch-2, turn, dc in 40 sts, 3dc in next, dc in remaining 40 sts. (83)

Row 4: repeat row 2 (83)

Row 5: Ch-2, turn, dc in 41 sts, 3dc in next, dc in remaining 41 sts. (85)

Row 6: repeat row 2 (85)

Row 7: Ch-2, turn, dc in 42 sts, 3dc in next, dc in remaining 42 sts. (87)

Row 8: repeat row 2 (87)

Row 9: Ch-2, turn, dc in 43 sts, 3dc in next, dc in remaining 43 sts. (89)

Row 10: repeat row 2 (89)

Row 11: Ch-2, turn, dc in 44 sts, 3dc in next, dc in remaining 44 sts. (91)

Row 12: repeat row 2 (91)

Row 13: Ch-2, turn, dc in 45 sts, 3dc in next, dc in remaining 45 sts. (93)

Row 14: repeat row 2 (93)

Row 15: Ch-2, turn, dc in 46 sts, 3dc in next, dc in remaining 46 sts. (95)

Row 16: repeat row 2 (95)

Row 17: Ch-2, turn, dc in 47 sts, 3dc in next, dc in remaining 47 sts. (97)

Row 18: repeat row 2 (97)

Row 19: Ch-2, turn, dc in 48 sts, 3dc in next, dc in remaining 48 sts. (99)

Row 20: repeat row 2 (99)

Row 21: Ch-2, turn, dc in 49 sts, 3dc in next, dc in remaining 49 sts. (101)

Row 22: repeat row 2 (101)

Row 23: Ch-2, turn, dc in 50 sts, 3dc in next, dc in remaining 50 sts. (103)

Row 24: repeat row 2 (103)

Row 25: Ch-2, turn, dc in 51 sts, 3dc in next, dc in remaining 51 sts. (105)

Row 26: repeat row 2 (105)

Row 27: Ch-2, turn, dc in each st around. (105)

Row 28: repeat row 2 (105)

Rows 29 & 30: repeat previous two rows (105)

Row 31: Ch-2, turn, 2dc in first, dc around, 2dc in last. (107)

Row 32: repeat row 2 (107)

Rows 33 – 36: alternate previous two rows (ending with 111 sts)

Row 37: Ch-1, turn, sc in each st around. (111)

Rotate hood and sc 72 times evenly across bottom. “Pin” the hood in place. Line up the center of the hood with the center of the “back”. The two ends should meet in the front middle. Sew into place using the Mattress Stitch. Weave in all ends.


Cut fringe in ~10” strands. Place two strands per dc row end around the entire bottom.

Remember that if you would like to purchase the ad-free, printable version of this pattern you can find that on Ravelry, Etsy, or right here in the Heart Hook Home blog shop!

That is it! I hope that you adore your Lori Poncho as much as I love mine, and that you will wear it daily during the cooler months. Will you share a photo of it with us in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community? I hope so! You can also tag @HeartHookHome across social media so we can find them that way as well. I can’t wait to see!

Lori Hooded Poncho Pattern

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  1. Hi I am just about to start this poncho but can you please tell me the width of each sized so I can decide which one to make? Many thanks
  2. I am confused. I started woking the gauge,hen it jumps to row 1. Am I to start row 1 after the gauge? Or start with a chain of 28 then work 25 double crochets?
    1. Hi Caroline! The gauge swatch is a separate piece that you will work up to make sure that your tension and stitch size is the same as mine...so that your poncho will turn out the right size. It is not a part of the poncho pattern.
  3. Question, do you have to do the cuffs? I struggle wearing things with cuffs and want to know if it would still look ok without them.
    1. Hi! The gauge is listed just below the material list. It is 13 sts x 12 rows = 4” square using the double crochet rib stitch which has a tutorial linked in that same section.
  4. Struggling very much. Need to watch a video on neck moving to back etc. cannot find anything online for help
  5. Quick question: when I try to work the gauge out I’m getting lost in numbers. So, I’m wanting to use a worsted weight yarn but I don’t want it to be too dense, how would it work out if I used a 6.5 on dc rows and 7 on slst rows? How much of a difference would it cause?
  6. I'm making this poncho at the moment. When increasing on the first part of the pattern (increase 6 stitches per row) I'm at 192 stitches by row 28 not 48. I've increased by 6 stitches each row from row 4. But the pattern says till row 48. Please could I have done clarification. Help. Thankyou x
  7. Hi I’m working on the poncho, I am at the part you 1st join and I’m just not getting it. Is it actually being joined at neck. Also if you have it fold in half to meet each side is it supposed to look like it’s the right side of the poncho and then we are going to work on front and back of other side? I hope you understand what I mean. I just finished row 88 of back I believe is what is was if that clarifies where I’m at. Thank you in advance
  8. Hi ya all seems to be quite a friendly and helpful group YAY!! Christmas is over, me and my broke leg are attempting this poncho and I am sooooo excited. It looks beautiful and the written directions "seem" easy enough I can hardly wait! Plz pray and wish me luck I am using Mandala sparkle in Aquarius with a 6mm or J hook
  9. Please would appreciate some clarification. Thanks Row 4: 60 Row 5: I am making the plus size. Ch-2, turn, 4dc in first, dc in each st across, 4dc in last. (66). 60+4+4=68[not 66 as indicated] Row 7: I'm at row 18, and already have 192 stitches. Please, what am I doing wrong? I'm using Knit Picks 100% Peruvian highland wool Furls J for the dc Furls K for the sl Thank you
      1. Help I did that and I still have way more stitches than I'm suppose to need at row 48 I am to have 182 no matter how I do math does not work out that thank you for any help
  10. Hi, I am having a hard time with row 65. It says: Ch-2, turn, dc in (87, 92) sts only, dc3tog. Does it mean that I should 3c3tog across the whole row? I tried that and the stitch count wasn't right (though the starting stitch count is correct) What am I missing?
    1. Hi Denise! I'm pretty sure you emailed and I replied...but just in case, You will dc in the (87, 92) sts, then dc3tog just once...that will be the end of the row as we are separating into the front panel for neck hole shaping. Now, you will just turn and slip stitch across those (88, 93) sts. I hope this helps!
  11. This is a beautiful work of art! Love the hood and really love the twisted fringe trick. I'm not normally a fan of fringe but this look might make a believer out of me. Thanks so much for sharing!
  12. Thanks for all your hard work! I’ve made a few of your patterns & this poncho looked fun. I can’t get past row 9. When adding the 8 dc’s I am not getting 82 dc’s for the XL size…….only 77. So simple but have frogged way too many times! Any suggestions what I’m doing wrong?
    1. Feel your pain! Have not tried this pattern yet waiting for the instructions to be proven correct before committing ha. Figure it out? Thanks!
    2. Any additional thoughts on this? I cannot get past the 4th row. I cannot figure out how you add 8 stitches to 50 and get 56. Also, even when I add the 8 stiches to the 56 I also only get 34 rows for the total of 184 stitches.
        1. Hi Ladies! While you are putting 4 dc's in each end stitch, 1 of those stitches "belongs" there (it would be there if you weren't increasing), so you are only increasing by 3 sts per end or 6 sts total. Maybe a little rewording of that row will help clear up things. Row 5: Ch-2, turn. 4 dc's in the 1st stitch, dc in the next 48 sts, 4 dc's in the last stitch.
  13. Hi Ashlea, In one of your emails/blogs etc. about the Lori poncho, you mentioned lion brand cotton blend mochachino - did you try it? I bought enough to make it cause I love how it feels! Just wondered. I think I would treat it like a 3, would you?
    1. Hi Margaret! I do not have a tutorial for the pattern itself, but I do have one for the stitch used...that can be found here: https://hearthookhome.com/double-crochet-rib-stitch-tutorial-knit-look/
  14. How do I get a free pattern for the Lori Poncho? I've tried to get several of your FREE patterns with no success. Can you tell me how to get this free pattern. Thank you.
    1. You can copy and paste the instructions, I did and when I reduced the pictures a bit in size I was able to get it from 21 pages down to 13.
    2. you can go to "print friendly", copy and paste the url, copy it to the print friendly site and it will automatically format it into the PDF and you can delete any part of the format that isn't needed for the pattern.. I purchased mine to help support her site.
  15. Could this be made without the cuffs? I'm trying to find a nice "big girl" poncho to make for my 11 yo niece for Christmas. She's in a wheelchair and has certain mobility issues, I worry the cuffs might be difficult on stiff days.
  16. I am so excited to make this poncho I am so hoping you do a tutorial for this pattern. I don't do well with written patterns. And such a loving memory to Lori.
  17. Hi Ashlea, In the materials list you state the 3w yarn should be 2700 yards plus the addtl for the Hood and fringe, but then the 4w yarn is only 1950 yards. Is this correct? Thanks!!! I'm so excited to make this poncho!
  18. I made the gauge swatch 20x15 rows but above that it says 13x12 rows should be 4” square. Which is correct….my swatch is abou 6x6. I really want to make the poncho…my first piece of clothing
    1. I'm having issues too maybe gauge Stacey. I also wanted to make my first piece of clothing. I asked one of the testers what size hook she used but didn't get a reply. I have tried all different sizes if yarn and hooks and can't make gauge
      1. If you ask in her hearthookhome fb page or group usually someone including Ashley (I know this isn’t how she spells it but can’t remember the spelling lol) will respond. I’ve messaged her about the PCC when it fist came out and she helped me with my gage.
    2. Have not tried the gauge or watched her video on measuring gauge but sometimes they recommend the swatch be bigger than the gauge so maybe measure by isolating the 13 stitches and 12 rows from the 20 stitches x15 rows to get the 4" gauge.
    3. The swatch pattern included in the pattern is larger than actual gauge since, when measuring for gauge, you do not want to include outside/edge stitches.
  19. This poncho is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to get the pattern, I will be making one right away! I live in Northern New York (close to the Canadian border!) and it gets very cold in the winter here. This will be perfect to keep warm.
  20. Roll on Monday can’t wait to make this poncho it stunning I will be making one with and one without the hood and will probably make one in DK and one in Aran. I can’t seem to stop looking at the pictures of this beautiful poncho. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely patterns with your fellow crocheters.
  21. Hmmmm, I have some alpacha yarn left over from another project that I way over ordered. Wondering if it would be good for this! Thinking I may give it a try since I have been racking my brain on what to use that yarn for! Now off to double check how much yardage I have left. :)
  22. This is such a wonderful tribute and way for all of us to remember a lost loved one. Any chance you will have a picture of the poncho without fringe and one using size 4 yarn? Many thanks for your wonderful creativity!!!
    1. One is being made now with worsted weight yarn and I plan on getting photos before the fringe is added =)
      1. Oh I see that now, thanks... I'm surprised, it looks like a much heavier yarn in the picture... hmmm what yarn to choose!!! :)
  23. I'm not a poncho person but am really loving the way this one looks. Can't wait for the pattern. Thank you so much for your patterns
    1. Love this one not sure what yarn I want to use yet but.cant wait for pattern next week and will there be. A live I was just wondering
  24. I'm looking forward to making this poncho to add to my Etsy shop. It's perfect. I've been looking for a nice hooded poncho pattern and I finally found it. Thanks Ashleigh.
  25. I really like the poncho and am looking forward to making it. Please add me to your list of participants in this poncho making group.
  26. Will you have details for smaller sizes? Looking for something different for 6 year old granddaughter and looks like this would be just the thing! I’m so excited!!
  27. This is absolutely beautiful! I’ve made some of your patterns in the past for my granddaughters and just can’t wait to get this one started on Monday. Great job!! Thanks for sharing your gift in crocheting with us all ♥️
  28. Ce poncho est très beau. Je me suis inscrite et je vais attendre avec impatience de pouvoir le faire. Merci pour ce modèle
  29. I’m always looking for ponchos or shawls that grab me. This one has by far done just that. Looking forward for the newsletter. Thank you for sharing and a thank you for Lori.
  30. I'm thinking of making this for my DIL but she's not a Fringe kind of gal. Are there photos of the finished Lori without the fringe? Love your work Ashlea and thanks for all your help! ~Susan