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DIY: Toy Car Parking Garage

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My youngest is a Hot Wheels freak. He’s got roughly three hundred of them dispersed throughout his room, so I decided to make him a little garage using toilet paper/paper towel rolls, hot glue and a cardboard box – all of which I had around the house – and a $1.64 can of spray paint from Walmart. SCORE!


How to Make a Toy Car Parking Garage

I used the lid of a case of paper and the flaps of a different cardboard box I found in the real garage. I cut the toilet paper rolls in half semi-diagonally (not all the way, but this does not have to be precise. You’ll be using the longer edge of the roll for the bottom of each “parking stall” with the shorter edge facing up. This allows you to need half of the number of empty toilet paper tubes. 😀


Hot glue them staggering as you go up. For the cardboard lid I used, I alternated rows of 6 and 7. Once you get to the top, you’ll want to fold the flap of the other cardboard box (laying it against the edge of the table or counter top seems to help keep it straight) then slip inside each edge (upper and lower) and hot glue it into place. All you have left to do is spray paint! I just used Google Docs (or Word) to print a title on colored paper, and used a glue stick to stick it on.

Easy, quick and CHEAP and he loves it!!


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  5. I have thousands of Hot Wheels cars, and I'm kinda frustrated too. As a 22 year old guy who collects Hot Wheels, it's not easy to storage anywhere. I'd tried everything, from big sized baggies. It would never work, and it keeps scratching. What will I do? :( BTW I have Autism.
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