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Surgery Update: Started

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Surgery Updates

UPDATE: They are through all of the scar tissue, now getting ready to replace the part they need to replace. (10:15 am)

UPDATE: They were able to fit a much larger conduit than they thought.  This is adult size! Excellent news! They are testing the function of that specific part, then they will begin to wean him from bypass. (11:45 am)

UPDATE: He was having some leaking around the new conduit, so they added more sutures.  He is currently having irregular heartbeats so they are trying to stabilize that before closing his chest and completing the surgery. (1:45 pm)

UPDATE: His heartbeats are back to normal and he did it without medication!  Excellent news!  Paul and  should be able to see him around 4:15 or so.  Not out of the woods, but the surgery is complete! (3:00 pm)

We made it to the hospital this morning, he was in great spirits. The surgery is just starting, we’ll expect updates about once per hour, and the surgery should last 5-7 hours.

Paul and I aren’t fairing nearly as well as he was this morning.  We are waiting for our first update, I am going to throw in some earbuds and try to make the day pass faster.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

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  1. Pam is my first cousin and we have had Caden on our church prayer chain for a month or so. We prayed for him and family the day of his surgery. Such a miracle that such a young boy can endure so much at his early age. We continue to keep Caden in prayer for a speedy recovery. God is Good God bless you all.