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Use a Tampon to Remove Nail Polish

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How to Use a Tampon to Remove Nail Polish

Today’s fun and exciting tip is all about tampons. 😀  Is it time to do your toe nails? I very rarely get a pedi – about once a year to be honest, I prefer to save the money and do them myself – unless of course, you’re buying?! Ha!

You’ll need:

• Tampons
• Nail polish remover

Pour just a bit of nail polish remover into the cap of the bottle. Use a TAMPON and soak up just enough, not a ton – you don’t want it leaking all over the floor (I prefer to do mine outside just in case) and work it around your toe nail.

This gets ALL of the nail polish off without damaging your finger nail polish if you’re wearing any, and without drying out your skin on your fingers or transferring any of the color to your fingertips. Sweet!

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  1. The tampon idea is great. I don’t need these anything so I’m assuming I can buy the really cheap dollar tree brand.
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