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Why You Should Shop at Aldi + 62 of their Best Items to Buy

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Are you an Aldi lover? Do you shop at Aldi often? A new Aldi store opened recently, just down the street from my house. Before then, I wasn’t a loyal Aldi shopper for two main reasons:  1.) They weren’t previously close enough for me to justify shopping there regularly and 2.) I was a little leery of buying certain items. Something new and somewhat intimidating, and I can be a little picky, what can I say?

Why You Should Shop at Aldi + 62 of their Best Items to BuyWhy You Should Shop at Aldi + 62 of their Best Items to Buy

Why You Should Shop at Aldi  + 62 of their Best Items to Buy

Did you know that Aldi is not a new store or concept? Nope. In fact, they have been around for over 100 years. I first stepped foot in an Aldi store in the year 2000 in Leipzig, Germany. As an exchange student, I did have to purchase some of my groceries, and I’d pop in for a quick little something during the school lunch break on occasion.

As Aldi has expanded to the United States – with thousands of stores open and more opening all the time – we are given another option for our grocery shopping here at home. And I love it.


The stores look just like the ones overseas, and the quarters in the carts so that you return them? Brilliant! Keeping operating costs low translates to lower grocery costs for us.

Have a gluten allergy in the family? You need to check out Aldi.

Prefer to eat organic foods without breaking the bank? You need to check out Aldi.

Like getting the best bang for your buck WITHOUT using coupons? You need to check out Aldi.


How great is Aldi? Pretty darn great – and they continue to make smart moves such as their double guarantee – if you aren’t 100% satisfied with a product, take the unused portion along with the packaging back to Aldi and they will refund your money AND give you a new product. CaptureCertain items are excluded such as alcohol, non-food Special Buy items, national brands and non-quality related issues, but this policy is pretty darn awesome!

They have also removed all artificial ingredients from their products. If you watch your partially hydrogenated oils, synthetic colors and added MSG, this is a BIG deal!

With the ever-growing selection of organic and gluten free products at Aldi – they have the BEST selection! – as I have found more and more items to purchase there consistently, and by asking the readers in the Deal Detecting Diva Facebook Group for their favorite Aldi items, we’ve got a list of SIXTY-TWO of the products you simply must try.


Our family has a quickly growing list of “Aldi Staples” that we only buy at Aldi. It really is amazing how far your money goes at Aldi compared to the traditional grocery store.

Boxed/Canned Goods:

Mac & Cheese (and Shells & Cheese)
Diced tomatoes with chilies
Cream of soups
Spaghetti sauce
Canned pumpkin
Evaporated milk
Chicken/beef broth and stock
Their brand of Velveeta Cheese


Tortilla chips
Fruit cups


Vanilla extract
Nuts (pecans, almonds)
Brownie mix (the BEST!)
Steak seasoning
Garlic salt
Seasoning Packets (ranch, gravy etc)
Parmesan cheese
Taco seasoning

Frozen Foods:

French fries
Ice cream
Jumbo shrimp (their non-jumbo are pretty darn small, so we only get the jumbo)


Cheese (sliced and block)
Sour Cream
Half & Half
Cottage cheese
Feta cheese
Crescent rolls
Roasted red pepper hummus
The chicken salad with cranberries is delicious
Bagged lettuce


Ground turkey
Lunch meat
Sausage patties
Their spiral hams are the best!
Braunschweiger (cheapest around and they make great sandwiches!)


Basmati aromatic brown rice
English muffins
Bread – We LOVE their Bread!


Aluminum foil
Paper products
Food storage bags

ALL of their Gluten Free line and the organic specialty foods such as quinoa, couscous, lentils – their selection is large and growing! As I am branching out and making more of my beauty care products at home (I’ll be sharing my recipes as I perfect them!), I’m purchasing more Coconut Oil. Just $4.99 per 14 oz jar while Dillons {Kroger} has them for $9.29 regular price for the same 14 oz size jar! Wow!


What do you think? Did we miss anything? If so, let us know in the comments so we can try as well!


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  1. Almond milk people! Lot cheaper, same great quality as name brands. Excellent!! Their vanilla wafer cookies, Graham crackers, and choc covered marshmallow cookies are 10 0% as good as, if not better, than other stores. And their chocolate!!! The number one reason I stop at store on whim!
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  3. BBQ sauce Ketchup mustard olive oil all sugars...brown sugar, powdered sugar and white sugar applesauce...the cherry is AWESOME!!!
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  7. If you think they removed all artificial ingredients, you need to read labels better. A FEW products have been cleaned up. While we love Aldi, In no way is it safe clean eating to grab something in there without giving it s thorough check over on the nutrition panel. Tons of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and chemical sweeteners are still in products on every shelf in every department! I have even recently bought their regular brand shredded cheddar and discovered it had artificial colors in it. unnecessary and so harmful!
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  11. My wife and I purchased a 3 pound tube of hamburger for a meatloaf which I am good at making with cheap hamburger.Not with this tube of grease.Needless to say it ended up in the trash can and not to say Aldis sells bad products,we shop there frequently.I guess it's a case of buyer beware.
  12. Their tater tots are the best around, and their chicken nuggets are amazing. My husband and I have been known to eat a few right along with our little one!!!