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Caron Cupcakes, Tea Cakes, Big Cakes and Sprinkle Cakes

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Did you see that Caron has come out with some NEW variations to their oh-so-popular Caron Cakes? It’s true! They now have Caron Cupcakes, Caron Tea Cakes, Caron Big Cakes and Caron Sprinkle Cakes. And I can’t crochet fast enough!

Caron's NEW Caron Big Cakes, Sprinkle Cakes, Cupcakes and Tea Cakes

Caron Cupcakes, Caron Tea Cakes, Caron Big Cakes and Caron Sprinkle Cakes 

Available at Michaels stores and on Michaels.com these new yarn cakes from Caron brand are my favorite thing since… they came out with yarn cakes? This yarn feels softer to me than the regular Caron Cakes and the Caron Big Cakes are so. much. bigger.

Caron Big Cakes Example

I’m not excited or anything… lol!!

Caron Cakes Heart Hook Home

Caron Big Cakes

Caron Big Cakes Yardage and hook size

Caron Big Cakes are a whopping 603 yards (!!!) of 100% acrylic goodness.  This is in contrast to the regular Caron Cakes which contain 20% wool.  If you have an allergy to wool (or if you prefer not to work with wool) you have got to give this new cake a try!  The yarn has a great texture to it, and while they are $9.99 a piece you can totally use a coupon to purchase them and you have to remember that these are almost twice the size of the regular Caron Cakes. I’m sold, y’all. SOLD I tell ya! Look at these colors!!

Caron Big Cakes

Caron Big Cakes - as big as your hand!

As big as my hand! 😮

Caron Tea Cakes

Caron Tea Cakes

The Caron Tea Cakes are a super bulky, size 6 weight yarn.  Honestly it feels more like a bulky/size 5 yarn to me but hey, what do I know? Each of the Tea Cakes contain 204 yards and is an 80% acrylic/20% wool blend.  These colors are fabulous! I must admit though that for $9.99 (regular price of course) I may only purchase these when on sale and I have a killer coupon. The other side of my heart says that they are approximately double the size of other bulky weight skeins, so I may also change my mind if I find a killer pattern.

Caron Tea Cake Colors

Colors of Caron Tea Cakes

These colors make me want to throw on some jeans, boots, a hoodie and grab a coffee! Here are the deets on the Tea Cakes…

caron tea cakes

Caron Cup Cakes

Caron Cupcakes Pricing

Oh these little Caron Cupcakes are just the cutest little things!!  Each comes with its own adorable (super dense) pom pom. Word on the street is that pom poms are all the rage this year but of course, if you aren’t into these fiber-filled cupcakes you could always make your own pom poms using a variety of methods; even by using your hand!

Caron Cupcakes

The Caron Cupcakes are 244 yards of lightweight/size 3 yarn. This yarn is also 100% acrylic which I love! There is a pattern for a hat on the back of the label, but I’m going to whip up one of my Messy Mom Bun Beanies with it instead. I’ll share a photo of that in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community when I’m finished! 😉

Caron Cupcakes Stand

Caron Sprinkle Cakes 

The Caron Sprinkle Cakes appear to be the same as the Caron Tea Cakes except that they have more of a deliberate splashing of colors. Think Wool Ease Thick & Quick meets Caron Cakes and you’ll get a general idea. These are also 204 yards (same as the Tea Cakes above) and are considered a super bulky/size 6 weight yarn.

Caron Sprinkle Cakes

In all, I am super pumped about these new Caron Cakes. My personal favorite is the Caron Big Cakes because, especially when using a coupon, the value is great! Some might scoff at the $9.99 price tag but we must also remember that we are getting over 10 ounces of gorgeous, super soft yarn. Pick one up next time they offer a coupon and let me know what you think!

One last note: these new Caron Cakes do have frequent pops of color intermixed throughout the entire cake. I personally love it, and it feels more intentional to me than the random bursts of color in the other cakes, such as the Bernat Pop! that we discussed here. Which of these new Caron Cakes are your favorite?

Caron's New Caron Big Cakes, Caron Cupcakes, Caron Tea Cakes and Caron Sprinkle Cakes

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like the "super bulky" caron cakes are more like "bulky". I've got a pretty good gauge usually, and any pattern that calls for super bulky that I use the tea or chunky cakes with end up with too small a gauge (or too loose a stitch fabric) no matter what I do.
  2. I am in LOVE with the Big Cakes! I have bought eight (four for a blanket, four to make hats for a charity project) and I have yet to be disappointed like I have been with other yarn. My fingers get sore from trying to do tight stitches and working with the other rougher yarns, but I went back to my Big Cake today and it’s like therapy for my poor fingertips! Also, if you shop at Michael’s craft stores their yarn is CONSTANTLY on sale, and sometimes offer DOUBLE COUPONS???? Yes please! I have YET to pay full price for any of these babies.
  3. Glad to know you think the tea cake labeled a 6 seems more like a 5 to you. I was wondering about that, too, because I have a beanie pattern that calls for a 5, so I think I'll go for it! Thanks!
    1. P.S. I am rolling my large tea cake into several balls, because the color doesn't change often. Maybe it's better suited to larger projects such as shawls or afghans for that reason? Anyway, I'm cutting the yarn at each color change and making each color into its own ball so that for a small project like a beanie, I can and change color sooner. I'm using the Ginger Spice 8.5 oz Tea Cake and there's a whole lot of gray in it, much more gray than any of the other "Spice" colors that's in it.
  4. Do I roll my cakes into a yarn ball before I work with it? LOL Sorry. I am not very experienced, but I did buy Cupcakes in Tutti Frutti & Sour Grapes.
        1. I bought one because it was so cute! But when I got it home the instructions are for crochet!i don't know how to crochet!! How can I convert to knitting pattern?
  5. I've just noticed the bulky yarn at stores but to date i have yet to see project made with chunky cupcake. Are there any pictures out there in yarnland?
    1. Hi! It depends on which pattern. Most of them are available on my Ravelry page: http://www.ravelry.com/designers/ashlea-konecny I'm glad you love them! Thanks
  6. I'm loving that first one....Honey Glazed I think it says? The one with the grey and yellows. I need to make something for fall to wear with it :D