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Caron Cakes vs Sweet Rolls: An Independent Review

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If you are a yarn-head like me (i.e. crocheter or knitter) I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you’ve either heard of or seen the rage of Caron Cakes sweeping the internet and Facebook crochet groups. Caron Cakes are big and beautiful, colorful and, in some instances, hard to get your hands on. That is, until they started offering them online. And that’s when I got really excited.

Caron Cakes vs Sweet Rolls

Caron Cakes vs Sweet Rolls: An Independent (and 100% Honest) Review

Caron Cakes were recently introduced to celebrate 100 years of Caron yarn, to be sold exclusively at Michaels. Let’s take a moment to appreciate all of the dye lots, acrylic, wool and love that has gone into their 100 years of business.

On the other hand, we have Premier Yarns Sweet Rolls: a similar look and feel to Caron Cakes, offered in a similar variety of colors, and with a slightly different make-up, length and cost. And, incidentally, value.

The problem with Caron Cakes and Sweet Rolls? There are several actually, but nothing you can’t overlook. Or can’t you? Which do you prefer, and why? Read on, friend, because I spent all weekend with my fingers entwined in each. It’s about to get real. Real yarny that is.  😉

Caron Cakes vs Sweet Rolls: An Independent and 100% Honest Review

Please note that I was not sent any yarn or compensation from either company. Instead, I used my own funds to purchase several of the Sweet Rolls and several of the Caron Cakes for my 100% honest review.

Caron Cakes vs Sweet Rolls: An Independent and 100% Honest Review

The similarities between the brands include: abrupt color changes, similar colors (both brands have a red/dark red option and a grey/dark grey option and a blue, dark blue option etc). The softness of the yarn is similar as well as the value.

The glaringly obvious difference between the two: size. And we all know that size matters. Sweet Rolls weigh in at 5oz, and 245 yards per “cake” while the Caron Cakes weigh in at 7 oz, or a whopping 383 yards each.

Caron Cakes vs Sweet Rolls: An Independent and 100% Honest Review

While this isn’t quite double, it sure does make a difference when you’re wanting to use just one skein for a scarf or other small-ish project.  I was able to complete one large scarf with each Caron Cake I purchased, while I need two of the Sweet Rolls.

Caron Cakes vs Sweet Rolls: An Independent (and 100% Honest) Review

If you are outside of the United States, chances are you’ll have to purchase your Caron Cakes online (and possibly even your Sweet Rolls). Caron Cakes are only available at Michaels stores (and online for the same price as in-store!) while Sweet Rolls are available at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts.Caron Cakes vs Sweet Rolls: An Independent (and 100% Honest) ReviewWhat about value, you ask? Jo-Ann’s Fabric and Crafts has the Sweet Rolls regularly priced at $5.99, although frequently on sale for $4.99 per cake. Caron Cakes at Michaels are regularly priced $7.99, and go on sale less frequently from what I have noticed.  I tend to pick one up every time I notice a killer percentage-off yarn coupon, or a 50% off regularly priced item coupon.

Caron Cakes vs Sweet Rolls: An Independent and 100% Honest Review

If you are allergic to wool, you’ll want to take note of the blend difference. Sweet Roll yarns are 100% acrylic while the Caron Cakes are a 80% acrylic/20% wool blend. Not enough to deter me from wearing (or buying or crocheting with or gifting) but something to note nonetheless. Depending on what you’re making and the person that will be wearing/using the item, it could make all the difference.

Caron Cakes vs Sweet Rolls: An Independent (and 100% Honest) Review

The feel of each of the yarns is about the same. I did find that the Sweet Roll yarn is slightly more dense, or it felt that way to me at least. This could make for a slightly more sturdy fabric once crocheted or knitted, depending on the pattern you’re using and how loosely you crochet or knit.

Triangle Crochet Scarf with Fringe (Using Caron Cake Yarn)

I also love the length of yarn in each cake. I was able to make one Triangle Crochet Scarf with Fringe from one Caron Cake, while the same scarf took me about 1.5 cakes of the Sweet Rolls.  (Pictured above is Caron Cake in Key Lime, I also made one in Rainbow Sprinkles! Ooooh, ahhhh! ♥)  Here’s the pattern if you’d like to make one as well!

Triangle Crochet Scarf with Fringe (Using Caron Cake Yarn)

The verdict

I enjoyed working with both of these yarns, although I do prefer the more vivid colors of the Caron Cakes. Something about the bright pops of color that grabs my attention.  I also prefer the length of the Caron Cakes.  Honestly, for me it will come down to who has the better sale (and coupon) when I’m headed out to purchase my yarn.  I do love the colors in the “Root Beer” Sweet Rolls!

Caron Cakes vs Sweet Rolls: An Independent (and 100% Honest) Review

Did you know there are 16 ways to save at Michaels and 10 ways to save at Jo-Ann’s Fabric and Crafts? Which store do you prefer, and why?

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  1. Being allergic to wool myself, I just tried the Sweet Roll DK. It is 541 yards and 4.9 oz. I was able to make a size 3T blanket cardigan for my great granddaughter with one roll. No knots or drastic color changes, and my hands did not itch from crocheting like they do with the wool blend. I tend to stick with 100% acrylic or 100% Cotton.
  2. When sweet rolls first came out at Joanna I bought 2 . I was so disappointed in it . The first roll I used had 16 knots what is the point. Sent Joanns,a comment They sent a 50% coupon . I won't buy anyone of the cakes.
  3. Thank you for the 'honest' comparison. I've always wondered myself, so now I don't have to. I prefer the Caron Cakes as the patterns I've used to make shawls works well with the amount of year in just 1 skein. I also like the additional softness that 20% wool adds to the finished product as well as some warmth for fall/winter gifts I plan to make for friends and family. Many thanks! Jennette (Oakland, CA)
  4. My favorites are the Pop yarns and Sweet Roll. I make simple scarves to donate to the City Mission and other needy organizations. These work up quickly and keep my hands busy
  5. I only tried one of these from Hobby Lobby and I won't be getting any of the cakes, pops or whatever they are called. I loved the colors but am very disappointed in the knots between color changes. I would rather buy skeins in the colors I like and do the color change where I want them.
  6. I have used both of these yarns as of the past few days. I greatly prefer the Caron Cakes. The Premier yarn’s colors change abruptly where the Caron yarn color change is gradual and much nicer looking. The Premier yarn was frayed in several places causing me to have to cut and rejoin my yarn in the middle of a project. At one point, the Premier yarn had two colors tied together! I could do that myself...but I wouldn’t. Dealing with that was very frustrating. I believe the Caron cakes yarn is far superior to the Premier yarn and will not buy the Premier sweet roll yarn again.
    1. I agree with you! Plus my Premier rolls had spots of color on yarn strands where it didn’t belong; such as a green spot in the middle of the pink strands! I won’t buy this from Joann’s either!
    1. Hi Connie! I have a separate post about that here: http://hearthookhome.com/the-difference-in-bernat-pop-yarn-cakes-caron-cakes-mandala-and-sweet-rolls/
  7. Did you measure the length of each color for the brands? If so, how to they compare? The color pooling technique implies the importance of that. So glad you reviewed the "pastries"!
  8. A.C. Moore had 9.5 oz. Sweet Roll for $9.99 that i used 50% off coupon on, unfortunately only 1 color choice....the rest were all the smaller size. But they do make them and larger than the Caron Cakes. Maybe ask the store to stock more of the large size.
  9. About your Caron Cake's I just by luck and accident found them at Pat Catan's another large craft store but I don't think they have a site to check out what they have and Caren Cake's I found there were $12.00 marked down to $6.00 but if you have a discount card you get an extra 10% off,not bad. Jo-Ann Fabric's carry's Premier Sweet Roll yarn,if you pay attention and check online for coupon's you can usually find it on sale for as low as $2.99.Look out Jo-ANan's.But not all Jo-Ann's carry them. The difference I found so far is yes Caron Cakes are bigger but the Premier Sweet Roll yarn is so soft.Like the bigger Caron yarn that cost's 10.00 for a very losses roll of yarn.Ok that's it
  10. My preference for Sweet Rolls has to do with washing instructions. I am not going to "hand wash, lay flat to dry," especially for baby items!!
    1. I was told by many others that a gentle machine cold wash works great with no shrinkage. And a air fluff dry works great. So no reason not to buy! I am excited! No worries anymore!
  11. I just got my first ever sweet roll yarns at my local joanns and it was on sale for $3.99. I have never used sweet rolls or caron cakes so I'm looking forward to the beginning of my adventure :-)
  12. Caron Cakes can also be found at Walmart- I love the color combination . Sweet Rolls now on sale at Joanne s has a bit more Ump to it. Seems to be a bit more sturdy than the Cakes. I crochet hundreds of hats for the homeless so weather there is an abrupt change or a knot in yarn makes no difference to me. I do also prefer the 100% acrylic.
  13. I have several of the different shades of Sweet Rolls that I will make *something* out of. :-) I also can't find Caron Cakes ANYWHERE - not at Michaels, not anywhere. I will continue my search.
  14. I seen a color I love can't tell which it is between pop and cake it is called lipstick on your collar.can you help me
  15. A.C . Moore sells Sweet Roll for 5.99 for a small roll and 8.99 for a large roll. They often have the small rolls on sale 2/10.00. Also, use their coupons and get better deals when not on sale. Each roll will be 3.00 or 4.50!
  16. I notice that Bernat has made a similar yarn, called Bernat Pop. Have you tried it yet? How does it compare to to Caron Cakes and Premier Sweet Rolls?
  17. Hi. For us Aussies. e can buy both from https://www.americanyarns.com.au/ the caron is AUS $16.95 and the Sweet rolls are AUS $9.50 The yardage is very important if you decide to use a caron cakes patten with sweet rolls.
  18. Sweet rolls can be brought online at premier yarns or.herrschners. Where the cakes can only be brought at Michaels and sometimes you can not get them online on their site. I will be making something with the cakes soon.