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16 Ways to Save with Michaels Coupons

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re crafty and we should be friends. I’m a crafty chick who will use Michaels coupons any day of the week – and sometimes more than once! Michaels is coupon friendly with many ways to save!

16 Ways to Save at Michaels

Many people will search for a Michaels promo code online, and any savings is better than no savings. By being proactive you can save even more! Sometimes you’ll find a better price on the Michaels website. In that instance, I’ve been known to buy online and pick up in store.

Whether you’re buying a Christmas tree in January because they’re on clearance or stocking up on Easter items in the middle of April, here are a plethora of ways to use coupons at Michaels.

16 Ways to Save at Michaels

1. Use your Michaels coupons

Everyone knows about Michaels coupons, but did you know that you can use more than one coupon per trip?! YES you sure can, friend.

There are multiple resources for Michaels coupons. These can be found in their weekly ad in your newspaper, sometimes they will mail them to your home, they offer online coupons and promo codes, they have coupons in their mobile app and they email out special coupons to their most valued (most frequent, that’d be me) shoppers.

If you read the fine print of the coupons, they usually state something to the effect of “limit one of each type of coupon per day,” meaning that you should be able to use more than one Michaels coupon in your shopping trip. (ie: 20% off entire purchase and 40% off one regular-priced item)

2. They take competitors coupons!

Have a Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby or A.C. Moore nearby? If those competitors have a coupon out for single items, such as 50% off one regularly priced item (they will not honor the entire purchase coupons), take it with you to Michaels!

Of course you’ll want to make sure that there isn’t already a better Michaels coupon available.

16 Ways to Save at Michaels

3. Teacher, Military and Senior discounts

Are you a teacher? You get 15% off Every. Single. Day.

Are you a military family? You get 15% off Every. Single. Day. (thank you for your service!)

Are you a senior (55+)? You get 10% off Every. Single. Day.

Some exclusions apply, bring valid IDs, badges etc for your discounts.

4. Text alerts

Now, I don’t go signing up for any ol’ text messaging service, but this one? I do. Why? They send out some of the best coupons to those of us that choose to receive them. Text JOIN2 to 273283 to start receiving messages. Standard rates may apply.

Michaels rewards

5. Get Michaels rewards!

Seriously, this is the best thing since… yarn? Well, that’s not true, but it IS super awesome!!

With their new {FREE} rewards program, we get exclusive offers delivered straight to our inboxes. We get members-only event invites where we can meet, mingle and craft with other like-minded members AND we get special shopping hours!

My favorite? NO RECEIPT NEEDED for returns!! (As if I’d ever return yarn, but I digress) Simply take the item you’re wishing to return, and as long as you told them about your rewards membership when you made the purchase, they will be able to look that purchase up for you. SWEET!

6. Use their app

Michaels has a very user-friendly mobile app. You’ll be able to locate an item to see if it is on sale, find coupons and locations, hours and more.

7. Get on the Michaels mailing list

Whether this is their email mailing list or the physical Michaels coupons you receive in the mail, you want on their list. Many times the coupons they mail are no better (or worse) than the ones you get in email, but sometimes they blow my socks off.

I asked an employee one day why I couldn’t find my 30% off {emailed} coupon in their app, and she told me that since the coupon was emailed to me, it must have been a user-specific coupon that was sent to their most frequent shoppers.

I think they like me – and I obviously like them.

yarn coupons at Michaels

8. Know WHEN to shop

Michaels will almost always offer 40% or 50% off one regular-priced item throughout the week. A couple of times per month they’ll offer 20% off your entire purchase coupon (includes sale items) and that’s when I do the majority of my shopping.

Hopefully what I plan on purchasing is already on sale.

9. Follow Michaels on Social Media

Get connected with their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles etc. Sometimes they offer advance notice of sales and coupons, and they have killer craft ideas to share. Duh, right? But seriously.

10. They price match!

Did you know that if a competitor (including Walmart) has a lower advertised price on an identical item, all you need to do is take that ad with you and the cashier will adjust the price right there at the register?

11. Give the dollar bins (and grab bags) some love

In the center aisles, you’ll find bins filled with all sorts of 50¢, $1, $2 or $5 items. These bins change frequently and can be goldmines! Also, keep an eye out for their seasonal grab bags. Many times you’ll get an entire bag for just a couple of bucks.

The only drawback is that you can not open the bags in the store to see what’s inside – but I have never had one NOT be worth it.

12. Check for clearance!

Their clearance can be hit or miss, but isn’t that just about anywhere? And that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. Did you also know that certain coupons are applicable on select clearance items?

One little known fact about the percentage off coupons is that they will often apply to signed clearance (such as home decor lines signed at 80%) unless otherwise marked. They do not ever, however, work on clearance which has a clearance label attached to the product.

13. They offer classes

While some classes are paid, some are free too! One great idea: Enroll your kids in a class, and you get to shop while they craft!

Kinda like the kid’s room at the YMCA? Or in the very least a great way to get out of the house and roam your favorite craft store while your kids are occupied and engaged and not in front of the television.

14. Ibotta app

Now this is just a good money-saving app in general. If you use Ibotta while shopping online you can save on your entire order. Going to hit up the store instead? Purchase gift cards through the app at checkout and you can often save even more. For example right now they are offering 3% cash back when you shop online and 5% cash back when purchasing gift cards.


15. Discounted gift cards

I say this in all of my frugal living articles, but there is a reason! By purchasing your gift cards on Raise.com or on eBay etc at discounted rates, you are saving before you even get to the store. Buy those discounted gift cards for yourself, and then use coupons and any rebates you can find when you go to use that gift card.

16 Ways to Save at Michaels

16. Receipts for coupons

Looking for more Michaels coupons? Complete the surveys at the bottom of their receipts and you’ll score yourself another coupon to use later on – if you can’t find one in the plethora of other places.

how to use Michaels Coupons

Tip! Don’t forget about custom framing discounts. When my sister completed her PhD and framed her diploma, she waited for a custom framing special and saved over $100!

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  1. I couldn't pull up find and save website then when I texted join2 to the number you put for Michael's I couldn't do that either. I was disappointed. However, I love everything you post and I especially love your patterns. Thanks for taking the time to think about us crafty people who don't have all your knowledge. I look forward to seeing your next post.
    1. Hi Carol! In the sidebar of every page on my website, there is a spot that says Join the Email Newsletter...you just need to input your name and email address. Hope this helps!
  2. Wow, info is great. I’m a retired RN Hospice nurse without a pension, I’m always looking for deals at Michael’s, JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby for my knitting. Thanks a bunch
  3. I love the info you shared. Especially the 10% for sr citizens!! Found you through a pattern recommendation of Kathy Lashley of elk studio. Getting me some big cakes n making that bag.
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