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Sonny’s Baby Blanket: Free Crochet Pattern

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A new baby in the family means so much love, hope, and of course, in our case a lot more crocheting to do. 😉 This NEW Sonny’s Baby Blanket crochet pattern is the prefect way to welcome a new little one. This baby blanket pattern is easy and quick to work up, and is versatile too!

brava worsted speckled baby blanket pattern

Sonny’s Baby Blanket

This easy baby blanket pattern uses the Blanket Stitch. This is a simple three stitch repeat that is easy to master and gives great straight edges. This is super helpful when you go to add the border, because it allows you to evenly and confidently place those stitches worked up the row ends. I love a good, fail-proof crochet project!

Easy baby blanket crochet pattern

Blanket stitch baby blanket crochet

Brava speckled worsted weight yarn project


Brava Worsted
-Main Color – approx. 1100 yards “Dove Heather” pictured
-Border – approx. 150 yards “Salt & Pepper Speckle” pictured
-Border – approx. 150 yards “Cobblestone Heather” pictured

Crochet hook in size H/5mm

beginner friendly baby blanket

Gauge: 15 sts x 11 rows = 4″ square

Pattern Notes:

Written using US terms.

We are using the Blanket Stitch to make this baby blanket.

The ch-2 at the beginning of the row does NOT count as a stitch.

Finished dimensions: Approx. 31″ square before adding border, and 35″ square after adding border.

quick baby blanket crochet pattern


Row 1: Ch-114, 2dc in 3rd ch from hook. * sk-2 chs, (sc, 2dc) in next ch * repeat between * * 35 more times. Sk-2 chs, sc in last ch. (111)

Rows 2 – 83: Ch-2, turn, 2dc in first st. * sk-2 sts, (sc, 2dc) in next st* repeat between * * 35 more times. Sk- 2 sts, sc in turning ch. (111)


Row 1: Where still attached with main body color, rotate blanket clockwise and sc evenly down row ends. 3sc in corner, sc in each st across bottom. 3sc in corner st, sc evenly up row ends. 3sc in corner, sc across top, 2sc in same as first.

Change color (“Cobblestone Heather” pictured next)

Rows 2 & 3: sc evenly around, placing 3sc in each corner st.

Change color (“Salt & Pepper Speckle” pictured next)

Rows 4 – 6: sc evenly around, placing 3sc in each corner st.

Row 7: Change color. * sc, spike into stitch 2 rows down * repeat between * * around. In corners place a spike stitch, 3sc in corner st, spike stitch in same as last spike stitch. (see photo)

corner stitches of baby blanket

Rows 8 & 9: sc evenly around, placing 3sc in each corner st.

easy crochet border

Fasten off and weave in all ends. You’re done!

I hope the new little one in your life loves their new baby blanket. ♥ This could be beautifully made with any of the new Brava Speckled yarns, especially when paired with the BIG skeins of Brava Worsted in solid colors! I used almost exactly one big Brava Worsted skein for the main body of the blanket, and a bit more of a smaller skein (in the same colorway) to finish off the border.

sonny's baby blanket free crochet pattern

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  1. Great pattern! I used a lighter weight yarn because I couldn’t find the colors I wanted in that weight and just doubled the strands. The blanket turned out beautifully. Thanks so much!
  2. I have not done the border yet, but I am loving this blanket! The textured stitch is so pretty. I don't have much experience with crotchet and this pattern is so easy to follow. Thank you for sharing!
  3. your Sonny's Baby Blanket pattern is not accurate at all! I am an experienced crocheter and needed a quick pattern but all I got was a triangle shape, ripped it out many times, followed the count accurately 4 times finally giving up and am in search for a different one now and quite stressed out!Linda