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Photo Card Display Stick

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Looking for a way to display family photos, wedding announcements, birth announcements etc? You need a photo card display stick!

Making a DIY Cork Display 


All you need is a yard stick and wine corks. And I totally have wine corks. 😉

Photo Card Display Stick:

  • yard stick
  • spray paint
  • hot glue gun
  • 20-ish wine bottle corks

Spray paint the yard stick and let dry completely – you might do this at night and then work on the wine corks the next day. While waiting for the spray paint to dry, carefully cut the wine corks in half lengthwise. This can take some finagling, just be extremely careful when you cut them.

Take the halved wine corks and hot glue them to the painted yard stick. Hang it up and you’re done. Seriously, that’s it. ♥   How easy, frugal and CUTE!!

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One Comment

  1. HOW cute is THAT?!?!?!! I love it! My Uncle has a ton of wine corks that they've saved over the years, perhaps I can have him give me some so I can do this as a bulletin board to use year round!!! I love it! And hey, I know those people on the blue card LOL! :D