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18 Alternative (and Clever) Uses for K-Y Lubricant

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One of the most embarrassing moments of my life? The weekend several years back when my dad came to visit and went looking for a bath towel, only to find my (significant) stash of K-Y lubricant instead.

18 Alternative Uses for K-Y Lubricant

I had heard him say he was heading for a shower, and noticing him walking in the direction of the wrong closet for a towel, I sprinted to grab him one before he could happen across my stash. To my chagrin, he beat me to it and there, as I knew they would be, were my twenty-something boxes of K-Y all lined up in a pretty little row. My eyes darted from the line of K-Y to his face and back again, as I tried to explain it away with “they were free after coupon”. This nearly unbelievable truth had, well… it just had a hollow ring to it. Needless to say we’ve never spoken of this incident since (and that’s just fine with me).

18 Alternative (and Clever) Uses for K-Y Lubricant

It is true though, that back in the glory days of couponing, Walmart would literally pay me to take K-Y lubricant out of their store after coupon. (And this is still true if you have the right coupon). So as any sane couponer would, I collected as many coupons as I could find and headed back for more. And more and more, until I was the proud owner of dozens of tubes of “money maker” K-Y. You quit it with your judging.

So then I had to find ways of using it up. Or in the very least a better hiding place for the next time my dad came to visit.

18 Alternative (and Clever) Uses for K-Y Lubricant

Sure, we can use it for the – ahem, obvious – use. But it also has it’s medical uses: like when our son had his nasogastric feeding tube, we used K-Y on the end to make insertion easier (they teach parents how in the hospital and you get the joy of doing it all by yourself when you get home. Thank God that’s over!). Incidentally, I believe this photo was taken during the same visit that my dad found my stash…

18 Alternative (and Clever) Uses for K-Y Lubricant

But what about other, non-sexual and non-medical ways to use up that stock of K-Y lubricant? You can use K-Y lubricant to…

18 Alternative (and Clever) Uses for K-Y Lubricant

1. Remove too-tight rings. Better than butter, and cheaper too! Have you priced butter recently? Robbery!

2. Open (or close) a stuck zipper. Just dab a small bit of K-Y onto the stuck portion of the zipper on last year’s coat. It’ll be slipping and sliding and zipping again before you know it.

3. Unstick a screw or bolt that won’t loosen. You could whip out your WD-40 (many of my family members claim that you can fix anything by using either WD-40 or Duct Tape. I have yet to introduce them to the wonder of non-sexual K-Y) or whip out your lube!

4. A necklace that won’t un-knot. Nothing worse than having your outfit and jewelry picked out for a date, and finding your necklace in knots. Before giving up, slap some K-Y on it and see if it doesn’t wiggle free.

5. Remove goo residue from stickers, price tags etc. Slather on some K-Y and let it sit for a few minutes. Then peel it right off.

6. Prevent chafing. Do you work out? If you do, you may have certain areas (thighs, upper arms etc or nipples for male runners) that chafe when you’re active. K-Y lubricant to the rescue! Just dab a bit on before your workout to help prevent chafing.

7. Massage oil. Cheaper than actual massage oil. Am I right or am I right?

8. Moisturizer. Massage a bit of K-Y lubricant into super dry areas to add some moisture to your skin.

9. Smooth fly-aways. Hair a mess? Never fear, lube is here! Rub a tiny bit on your fingers and smooth it down your locks to tame those fly-aways.

10. Remove gum from furniture. I hope that you do not need this tip, but if you’re at the point where gum is never going to come out of that couch cushion, you might give K-Y a try. I feel like I need a disclaimer here, so try it on an inconspicuous place before dousing your furniture, mmkay?

11. Lubricate your fishing rod reel. That’s what he said.

12. Get bubble gum out of hair. Before grabbing the scissors, try massaging in some K-Y and gently brushing it out.

13. Use as shave gel. Not only can you use lubricant as a shave gel, but it will also help to moisturize your legs as you shave.

14. Heal severely cracked lips. I have a habit of biting my bottom lip. Then it cracks, then it gets sore and then I end up biting it again because I can’t stop thinking about it. K-Y sure helps those cracks to heal faster (and to keep me from licking it).

15. Shine your patent leather. Because that needs to shine. This could be a piece of furniture or that belt you are planning to wear out Friday night. Use a Q-Tip or a cotton ball and buff those scratches right out.

16. Remove non-waterproof mascara. I use coconut oil to remove my makeup on a daily basis, but in a pinch K-Y works great too!

17. Remove super stuck-on bandages. Never fails, bandages always have to stick to body hair. Stinkin’ mammals! Just like with the stickers and labels in #5, K-Y lubricant is great for helping stuck-on bandages come off more easily.

18. Pranks. Not that this is particularly useful, but it sure is hilarious to watch! Put a bit of K-Y on a door knob and grab a beverage for the show. Just wipe it off when you’re done laughing.


Now, I don’t generally recommend whipping out your tube of K-Y lubricant while you’re at the park to unstick your child’s zipper, or before your workout at the gym (LOL) or to use as lip balm in public. Instead, use one of these generic tubes and transfer your lube there. Keep some in your purse, you never know when that K-Y will come in handy! 😉

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  1. I had a bottle prior to getting married, and my wife doesn't care for it. Thanks for the suggestions as I hate seeing things go to waste.
  2. I read this out loud as my husband and I were headed home from my birthday get away...we laughed out loud a FEW times. Thanks for the info AND the laughs!