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How to Crochet the Thicket (Suzette) Stitch

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The Thicket Stitch is a fun and easy crochet stitch set that offers great texture. Great for crocheting everything from washcloths to cardigans, let’s learn how to crochet the Thicket (Suzette) Stitch with this written and video tutorial!

how to crochet the thicket stitch

How to Crochet the Thicket Stitch

The Thicket Stitch (aka the Suzette Stitch) is great to use for everyday crochet and is definitely beginner-friendly. In fact I like this stitch so much, I may end up using it in a cardigan pattern or an afghan! This is much easier to crochet than you might think.

Thicket Stitch crochet Tutorial

Today I am using Knit Picks Dishie yarn from WeCrochet in the “Conch” colorway. This is a great, soft cotton that is great for dish cloths, hot pads, or any other project.

To crochet the this stitch we need to start with an even number of chains. It doesn’t matter how many, just that the number is even. Grab your hook and yarn and let’s do this!

To start the Thicket Stitch

1. Chain an even number of chains.

2. In the second chain from the hook, make a single crochet and a double crochet.

3. Skip the next chain, and in the following chain again make a single crochet and a double crochet. Skip the next chain, and repeat the sequence for the remainder of the row.

4. When you get to the end, skip the second to last chain and place just one single crochet in the last remaining chain.

Yay! You have now completed your first (foundation) row and are ready to continue on.

To continue the Thicket Stitch

5. Chain one and turn your work.

In the first stitch (should be the last single crochet from the previous row) make one single crochet and one double crochet. Skip the next stitch and, in the next stitch, make one single crochet and one double crochet. Repeat this sequence to the end of the row. When you get to the end, skip the second to last stitch and place just one single crochet in the last stitch.

Repeat step 5 until the piece is as tall as you’d like. Yes, really. That’s it!

Thicket Stitch crochet tutorial

Helpful tips when crocheting the Thicket Stitch

Once you have established the stitch pattern (ie: you are on or past step 5), each set of (sc, dc) should be placed in a single crochet from the previous row. (The single crochets look shorter/smaller than the double crochets.)

Are you a visual learner? Watch the VIDEO tutorial for this stitch below!

how to crochet the thicket stitch

Video tutorial:

I hope you enjoy crocheting using the Thicket Stitch. This is such a simple stitch set and works up quickly, too!

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  1. Please could you show us how to increase and decrease - decreasing at row end is easy but if you need to decrease in the middle of a row and increase at row end.
  2. The videos are messed up. It moves on to the next video before you can learn what you were on. Can you fix it I love your videos..
  3. You do a very,very great video.I have tried new stitches with a video and still dont get it.They go fast and quite talking at certain parts,then I'm stuck.Im going to try this pattern because of your great instructions.Please keep these patterns coming with the best instructions.Thank you very much
  4. I too have just found you. How refreshing to have very clear instructions in US terms, for sts.and patterns.( That can be used in many projects). The simple detail of your info, is much appreciated. I'm basically new to alot of this, as I could only do the basics. Crochet has become a lifesaver for me, as I am almost completely disabled. I am the type of person that needs to know I am accomplishing " tangible " things that I can see to fill my need of being useful still. Thank you for sharing. We all should share our arts, if we are lucky enough to have them. It makes everyone feel good!!
  5. I just found you....and now I have several patterns I'm dying to try~! Pictures/Tutorials/Video Instructions are top-notch~!
  6. Thank you for the easy directions and helpful video! I’m new to crocheting and going to give this a try.
  7. How funny that I’m doing this very same stitch right now for a striped prayer shawl. On Pinterest or wherever I found it, it was called the Sedge Stitch. I love its texture though it is lightweight! I’m going to make a long scarf in this stitch!! It’s not stiff or thick and the texture is such that it should keep out the cold wind and weather!!
    1. @ Beckie - The sedge stitch is slightly different. The chain is in multiples of 3. And each 'set' is - a single crochet stitch, a half double crochet stitch and a double crochet stitch. You do all three in one stitch, skip two chains and repeat. I have been using that stitch on several afghans. It seems to go faster and the afghan feels 'squishy'.