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Printable Household Inventory Sheets

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Taking Household Inventory

One surefire way to waste money? Not knowing what you have and what you need. If you don’t know that you already have four bottles of mustard, because they are hiding behind the boxed foods, you’ll pick up another bottle at the store and then kick yourself when you eventually find your stash of them – which by the time you find may be expired.

Don’t be that person.

My pantry was in dire need of organization. I am too embarrassed to show the before pictures! It was to the point where we were having a hard time finding things, and we certainly didn’t know exactly what we had in there. I decided to tackle the pantry last night and I’m glad I did! I found a few things that were long expired, some things that we had forgotten about, and we also have some good ideas for dinner now as well!

After searching for an online printable inventory sheet for my home, I didn’t come up with a whole lot. You may find a few, but I am picky – okay, a little OCD – when it comes to certain things and I am also an Excel freak so creating these worksheets was fun.

Printable Inventory Sheets:

I made three different sheets. There is one for your Pantry Stockpile, your Freezer Stockpile and your Health & Beauty Stockpile. I created these in black and white to save precious printer ink and toner. 😉

I hope these help you get organized! I’ll be putting these to use over and over again myself!

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