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How to Make a Spice Rack with a Photo Frame and Velcro

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I’ve been wanting to find a way to organize my spices and seasonings without taking up a bunch of space in my pantry. So, I made a DIY Spice Rack using only an old picture frame and Velcro!

How to Make a Spice Rack Using Velcro

How to Make a DIY Spice Rack Using Velcro

In my quest for better spice rack/pantry organization, I found these 12 count Spice Clips on Amazon. The thing is, though, that they only hold 12 spices and I would need to buy at least three. And I’m not spending $30 on spice organization. Just not gonna do it.

Instead, I figured out another way to get the job done, and MUCH cheaper. (That’s my favorite part.)

DIY Spice Rack Materials


Old Picture frame

Yep! All you need some Velcro and an old picture frame. I found one in the basement that my husband almost threw away so I decided to rescue it.

DIY Spice Rack Instructions

1. Wiped the glass clean to create a nice surface.

2. Starting with the top row for the smallest seasonings, secure the back Velcro to the glass first.

3. Cut smaller portions of the front Velcro to secure around the lids of the spices, making sure that they could still be opened if needed.

4. Measured how far you want the second row based on how low the top row hangs. Add your strip of Velcro.

5. Add the opposite side of Velcro to the spices that will reside on the second row.

If you’re conservative with your Velcro usage (the side that goes on the bottle instead of the glass) you should have extra leftover. Use that Velcro when some of these spices run out to fill their spot with new ones!

In the end, I spent $6 on the entire spice rack AND and I saved myself an entire cabinet’s worth of space! I chose the picture frame because it already had the hooks on the back for hanging, and well… it was that or the trash. Upcycle!

Do you have any space saving tips I need to know about? I’d love to hear them, and be sure to share a photo of your DIY Spice Rack when you get it finished as well!

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