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Come On I Wanna Ruana: Part THREE

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Here we are, starting on the home stretch of the Come On I Wanna Ruana crochet along! Grab your ruana where you left off in part two and let’s get this thing (almost) finished!

Ruana crochet along

Come On I Wanna Ruana: Part THREE

In part three of this crochet along, we are adding the FRONTS of the ruana. Part two took us up to the shoulders, now we are going to continue working our way for a seamless effect.

Find the materials list, gauge, and dates & info here.

This part is ridiculously simple, but it will take a bit of time so I decided to give this section its own part.  From where you left off on part two, where the yarn is still attached… you will continue “left” and “right” sides separately. 

Part Three

If you added length (or removed length) in part two, you will want to add (or remove) the same amount of rows/inches here. So, if you added 3″ to the back of the ruana, you want to add 3″ to the front of the ruana as well. If you removed 5″ from the back, you’ll also want to remove 5″ from the front.

Pick up where you left off no matter the row count – measurement is most important and continue from there in the same stitch pattern…

See the VIDEO for part three below.

Rows 69 – 129 (or however many rows for another 23”): Ch-2, turn, hdc in first ch-sp. * ch-1, hdc in next ch-sp * repeat between * * to end. (70)

When looking down at the ruana (if you are right handed) the odd numbered rows are worked right to left, and the even numbered rows are worked left to right. When you finish part three, make sure that you end on an ODD numbered row. This will be important when we start part four. 

Also, do NOT fasten off at the end of part three; we’ve got a bit more work to do! In part four we will finish the fronts of the ruana, add the border and the finishing touches. AND I CAN NOT WAIT!

YouTube video
If you can’t wait to finish this pattern, it is available in its entirety on Ravelry. You do not have to purchase the pattern in order to participate.

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Come On I Wanna Ruana


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  1. Hey. I have been working on this pattern and I noticed that there is no information on the middle for this part. You talk about adding the 23” to the left and right panels to create the shoulders, which will connect into part 4. Can you clarify what is supposed to be done for the middle, which is where the Lover’s Knot stitch goes between the two panels? Am I supposed to just leave the middle alone?
    1. Hi Kayleen! That center portion of lovers knots was in part 1...rows 9-51 (or until total length is 29") so when you are finished with part 1 your piece should look like an upside down T. Hope this helps!
  2. Hi, I bought the Voluminous Tunic yesterday but it did not get put into my library. I was going to print it off but no pattern. My PayPal account shows it was taken out. Please help!!! BTW I am your Okie neighbor just down the road about an hour!!! My Revelry name is stellaned.