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Target’s New Yarn: Hand Made Modern Yarn

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Wait. Target sells yarn? Yes, yes they do! Target is offering a new yarn from the Hand Made Modern line; a whole new line of craft related products, and I got my hands on some so I could tell you all about it.

Target Hand Made Modern Yarn

Target’s New Hand Made Modern Yarn

When I saw a post in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community about Target’s new yarn (update: discontinued), I knew I had to get in there and check it out for myself. Before heading to the store, I did a search on the Target website to check that they did, in fact, have this new yarn in stock. I ended up bringing home three solid cakes and one multi-colored cake. Since then I have finished and washed a small crocheted piece – 28 stitches wide and 18 rows tall of Tunisian Chevron. Now that I have crocheted with the yarn, washed it, and dried it, I am ready to provide a full, independent review.

Target Hand Made Modern Yarn

Target Hand Made Modern Yarn

Overall I give this yarn a 3.5 out of 5 stars. Let’s learn all about Target’s new yarn!

Target's yarn

Fiber content

Hand Made Modern yarn is 100% acrylic and available in some truly beautiful colors. I chose the Mouse, Lichen, and Mineral colorways. For the multi-colored cake my son picked out the Rainforest colorway. This yarn calls for a 5mm crochet hook or knitting needles.

Target Hand Made Modern Yarn

Yardage and weight

In the solid colored cakes there are 219 yards (200 meters) and 3.5 oz (100 g). The multi-colored cakes have 180 yards (165 meters) and 3.5 oz (100 g).  To me this feels like a true worsted weight/medium/size 4/Aran yarn.

yarn at target

Feel and Texture

This yarn is soft in my opinion, and it was nice to work with. I have seen several comments in the Facebook group mentioning that it is not soft, or that it feels like a cotton. I did not find it to be rough or scratchy, and after washing it did soften. I did notice a spot in the multi-colored cake where the yarn was thick-and-thin, but I’ve encountered that with nearly every other brand I’ve crocheted with at one point or another as well.

review of Target's new yarn


This new yarn at Target is priced at $3.99. While that is in line with other pricing for similar yarns, keep in mind that these skeins are smaller than other widely available solid colored skeins at 219 yards. Here are some similar yarns for comparison:

Red Heart Super Saver skeins contain 364 yards

Red Heart With Love skeins contain 370 yards

I Love This Yarn! skeins contain 355 yards

Keeping that in mind, I find the value to be a bit lacking.

Target's new yarn review

Washing and drying

When I first touched this yarn, I worried about it pilling. It seems to have little fuzzies that could easily form a ball when washed and dried. Out of curiosity, I washed and dried my piece so that I could see if any pilling occurred in the first wash, or if it became super fuzzy – potentially pilling in the future. Here are my before and after washing and drying photos.

Target Hand Made Modern Yarn

Target Hand Made Modern Yarn

Target Hand Made Modern Yarn

Overall Summary

I think If I needed a specific color I would use this yarn again. It was nice to work with, washed up nice and soft, and did not split. For the value, I will stick with other brands, but overall I am pleased and would give 3.5 stars out of 5. If/when you try this new line of Target yarn, let me know what you think!

Hand Made Modern Yarn Review

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  1. I bought 8 cakes from my local Target on clearance for$1.18 each - called Sunshine (I think). I made a 40x40 baby blanket. I had concerns about the softness but after washing on gentle and drying it came out just fine. I will be scouting other Targets for more. At $3.99, I agree it is not a value; however, for $1.18 it certainly was! They have others marked $1.98. I might try them as well.
  2. I’m looking for t shirt/spagetti yarn. Bought it at Michael’s once, (they only had 2 funky colors) and they never carried it again.....
  3. I have been using this yarn for a blanket for the last several months (working on it on and off). I was in the Target nearest to me the other day and found they no longer carry it. The other Target closest to me doesn't seem to be carrying it either. So is it gone? When I went online to Target it seemed like they only had 2 solid colors. I love this yarn. It's soft and seems consistent throughout the whole cake. Have not come across any knots as in some of the other cakes. I don't think the price is out of line. Some of the other cake yarns run as much as $7.99 so $3.99 is not bad. If anyone can tell me if its being discontinued permanently I would appreciate hearing it. Thank you.
  4. I want to try this. Target used to sell yarn in the late 80s or early 90s and stopped when they got rid of their craft department. Your review makes me want to try their latest offerings and see how they compare. (I might still have a skein of their old yarn in my working stash.) The yarn that they originally sold was in skeins, cakes weren't popular then and it was rather scratchy. I am willing to pay a little for better quality acrylic. Thanks!
  5. I am curious. Since this yarn is sold as a cake, why didn't you compare it with other yarn cakes? Instead, you compared it to skeins? It is not a skein yarn? Apples to apples?
    1. I think her point was to draw a comparison between the two to show this yarn's yardage isn't comparable to those popular skeins of yarn. Since the yardage of this yarn isn't as long as the others, it doesn't have the same value. You'd have to buy more of the Tagret yarn than the others for whatever project you're working on.
  6. I bought some of this yarn to try last night. I agree with you 100%. Nice yarn but not a good value compared to others. Thank you
  7. Thanks for that awesome review! It certainly helps to have such a thorough review when you are considering the purchase a yarn that is brand new to the market. This way you know ahead of time exactly what you're getting. If they have something you've been looking for in a specific color, at least you know ahead of time the specifics of what you're getting into as far as how the yarn feels, how it is to work with, how it washes up and the effect on your costs. Your work here, Ashlea, is greatly appreciated!
  8. Not a fan of acrylic, but I love Caron Simply Soft which I would give 5 stars to for quality and value.
  9. Thanks so much for posting this. I've been wondering for a long time when Target was going to get with the program and start carrying yarn. I hope this is just the beginning and they will start expanding the options they carry. Hopefully they will respond to feedback from customers if this yarn is not up to their customers expectations.
      1. Hi Dorothy! Some stores do have it in stock. You can check your local store availability online at Target.com.
  10. thank you for you review. I will not be running to buy it when I can get yarn for less money, at so many other stores. Pam
  11. Thank you so much Ashlea for checking out this yarn and giving us a full report! I appreciate it very much!