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Brava Worsted Weight Yarn Review

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Have you used Brava Worsted yarn in a crochet or knit project in the past? Brava is not a new yarn to the fiber scene, but it is definitely a new favorite of mine. Read all about how Brava feels to the touch, the quality of the yarn, and the incredible value in this Brava Worsted Weight Yarn Review!

Brava Worsted Weight Yarn Review

Brava Worsted Yarn

Brava Worsted is a yarn provided by Knit Picks and now by their sister site, WeCrochet, as well. In this review we’ll discuss everything you need and want to know about Brava Worsted. If I miss something, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer!

Brava Worsted is a 100% premium acrylic value yarn available online at Knit Picks and WeCrochet. As a brand ambassador for WeCrochet, I have had the chance to really dig my fingers in for this review.

What I love about Brava Worsted

The value! The value of this yarn is simply incredible. With 218 yards per skein, and a regular price of $2.49 (!!!) what’s not to love?! That figures out to about 1¢ per yard. See the price comparison chart compared to other big brands below.

The feel of this yarn. As you can see in the photos, this yarn has a great sheen to it and is incredibly soft when compared to other worsted weight value yarns you may have already come into contact with. The vibrancy of the colors can not be overstated, and great stitch definition too!

The spongy-ness of this yarn. If you’ve been a fiber lover (of the yarn variety 😉 ) for any length of time, I’m assuming you’ve felt the majority of the acrylic yarn carried in big box stores, such as Impeccable by Loops and Threads (Michaels brand), Red Heart Super Saver (sold at most craft retailers and Walmart), Big Twist Value (Joann brand), I Love This Yarn (Hobby Lobby brand), Bernat Super Value (not sold locally near me, but I do know it is available in some markets), Vanna’s Choice (sold at most craft stores), and Caron One Pound (sold at Joann and Michaels, among others).

There is a definite difference between the feel of each of these yarns. So much so, that some can tell which yarn is which – even without a yarn label. (Please note that while each value yarn mentioned here has it’s own textures, price point, and value, I am by no means saying that any of these brands aren’t good brands, or that the yarn is sub-par. I am a firm believer that every yarn has a purpose and deserves love!)

Brava Worsted yarn price comparison

My point here is that this yarn has a lovely squish factor, and is amazingly soft. As this yarn is only available online, if asked for a “feel” comparison to the other worsted yarn brands listed above, I would say that Brava Worsted feels most like I Love This Yarn.

What I don’t love

After working my way through ~20 of these skeins, I have found a few areas where joins were made. As this happens with virtually all yarn brands, I hesitate to add it to the list of things I don’t love, but it should be mentioned nonetheless. I simply cut out the join, and either create a Russian Join or weave in those ends upon project completion.

This yarn is only available online. I know, it makes me sad too. I like to feel (and to be honest, smell) my yarn before I buy it. Also, depending on your computer/screen settings, the colors may be slightly “off” from what they appear online. But then again, isn’t that to be expected when shopping for virtually anything online? On the flip side, through WeCrochet you get free shipping on $35+ orders (which, let’s be honest 😉 ) and the Brava Worsted goes on sale frequently – sometimes for as little as $1.19 per skein! CrAzY!!!

In short, there’s not a whole lot I don’t love about this yarn. If you’ve used it in the past, leave a comment and let me know how close my review is to your own thoughts!

Brava Worsted Weight Yarn Review

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  1. I am so sorry that I can’t get in on this deal. I am in a nursing home and I will have to use what I have. I have a lot of yarn but I don’t know what will go together. I’ll try and see what I come up with. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. It is truly a really good deal. Thank you.
  2. OMGosh! Thank you! I’ve seen this yarn in dozens of crochet pages and wondered about it. It’s hard for me to purchase without touching. This sounds like a fantastic deal and I’ll definitely be trying it. YAY!!!
  3. How do items made with this yarn stand up to washing and wear? Do they pill or lose their stitch definition to fuzziness? Do they retain their shape? Are they reliably colorfast? Otherwise, great review. I appreciate the chance to learn more about this yarn, because I would never buy a yarn online that I didn’t already know about without this information!
  4. i love this yarn as well. i think the do a really nice job of describing the color, which helps with imagining the color. i've bought several colors in the bulky, worsted, and dk and loved all of it.
  5. I like the Brava mini-skein collections and also the super-sized skeins (available in limited colors). The larger skeins seem to have less interior joints. I like yarn that bounces when you work with it and Brava does that.
  6. I love this yarn. It's really soft, easy to work with and the colors are gorgeous! I've purchased twice from WeCrochet and I haven't been disappointed yet. Ashlea, thanks for bringing this yarn to our attention.