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Cotton Cake Yarn Comparison: Caron Cotton Cakes and Sugarwheel Cotton Cakes

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If you love a thin, soft cotton yarn for crocheting and knitting, you’ll love cotton cake yarn! From the big box stores we have two options: there are Caron Cotton Cakes and then Hobby Lobby has their NEW Sugarwheel Cotton Cakes. You’ll love both, I promise! Read on for all of the details on each.

Sugarwheel cotton worked into a bag

Cotton Cake Yarns

Cotton cakes are similar to other “cake” yarns (like Sugarwheels, Caron Cakes, Sweet Rolls, Mandala etc) in that the colors are designed to pair perfectly with one another.  The colors transition from one to another, which, in my opinion, makes the perfect cotton for wearables. I mean really, this is a yarn that just begs to be worn. I want to wear it so that I can revel in its beauty. Is that taking my love of yarn a bit too far?  -shrug-

So let’s take a look at the two widely available versions of cotton cakes: the Caron Cotton Cakes and the Sugarwheel cotton cakes.

Caron Cotton Cakes

Caron Cotton Cakes are sold at Michael’s stores and online. Note that while they were available in-store last summer (as in summer, 2017) I have not yet seen them this year at my local stores. You can definitely order them online though!

Caron cotton cakes contain 211 yards of a lovely cotton blend. Yes, these are a BLEND, meaning that they are not 100% cotton. Something to definitely take note of if you will be using this yarn in the kitchen. Acrylic melts so you’ll not want to use this yarn for anything like a hot pad, oven mitt, etc. They come in a variety of no less than TWELVE colors, and they are all gorgeous. I do find these colors to be a bit more muted than the Sugarwheels below.

caron cotton cakes

Sugarwheel Cotton Cakes

I was sent a few of the NEW Sugarwheel cotton cakes to play with. These new cotton cakes have a whopping 335 yards (half again as much as the Caron!) and they are 100% cotton, so great for the kitchen if you choose to use it there. Honestly though, I’d much rather WEAR this cotton than clean with it. 😉 (and that’s with either brand.)

Sugarwheel cotton yarn review

The I Love This Cotton! yarn, also from Hobby Lobby, has the exact same make-up, except the regular cotton is 4 ply and available in solid or variegated colors whereas the new cotton cakes are 3 ply and multi-color like the worsted weight Sugarwheels. If you’ve used that cotton before, you’ll know how soft it is; luxurious really. They come in a variety of TWELVE color options that speak directly to my soul.

sugarwheel cotton cake colors

Would you LOOK at these!!! ♥

Sugarwheel cotton yarn cake color choices

Cotton Cake Yarn Comparison

Let’s take a look at how these two cotton cake brands stand up to one another:

Cotton Cake Yarn Comparison

I personally prefer the Sugarwheel Cotton Cakes over the Caron Cotton Cakes as they are softer, a better value, and the color options are more to my liking. Of course, it may depend on the project and the availability of each.

Speaking of availability, neither the Caron Cotton Cakes OR the Sugarwheels are available at my local stores just yet. While they should be hitting shelves any day now, you may want to call ahead to make sure that your store does, in fact, have these beauties in stock before you pack up to go pet the yarn. Come to me, my pretties!! Ha!

Here’s the bag pattern I’m working on using this new cotton. Isn’t it gorgeous?! Stay tuned for that pattern. 😉

Sugarwheel cotton worked into a bag

Which of these do you like better? I can’t WAIT to create with them!

Cotton yarn Cake Comparison

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  1. I’m making an Afghan go my granddaughter in sugar wheel cotton “fondant fun”. I live in Canada. I bought the yarn at hobby lobby in Florida last year. I don’t have enough to finish and seeing that I can’t make it to Florida in the foreseeable future (so sad) can you tell me if there is any way I can get this shipped to me. Please let me know. Thanks Heather
  2. What color did you use on the bag pattern above. I see the Granny’s Recipe (all grey) but I love the aqua variegated.
  3. The new Caron Cotton Cakes are much bigger at 530 yards, on sale at Michaels for 8.00 ,plus sometimes coupons.
  4. The sugarwheel cotton I bought from Hobby Lobby last year was a #3? It is a joy to work with. And...... Hobby Lobby has their yarn on sale a 30% off about once a month, so really a good buy!
  5. Hallo! I wonder if it is posible to by the yarn from you, because the yarn is not aviable her in Sweden. How mutch will the yarn plus shipping cost?
  6. Definitely the HL version for me. I like Caron yarns but I am a cotton yarn addict - and I get very excited when I see the thinner cotton. So hard to find in the states or at least in the variety of colors I would like. And I have been wanting to try these multicolored cakes and have never done it because so many of them are acrylic which I really do not like. I can't wait to check my HL in Lake City. Thank you.
  7. I'm definitely looking forward to finding the Sugarwheel Cotton Cakes at my Hobby Lobby. Thank you so much for the side-by-side comparison. And your bag pattern looks lovely... I can't wait until you release that pattern! Any idea when we can be treated to that?
  8. I cant find the cotton sugarwheels on HL website... only acrylic ones. Do you have a link to these?
    1. Hi Tracy! They have not yet added them that I can see. Hopefully very soon! I'll update with a link when they become available. Yay!
    2. If you haven't found them yet they are here. https://www.hobbylobby.com/Yarn-Needle-Art/Yarn/Yarn-Bee-Sugarwheel-Cotton-Yarn/p/SW97946