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How to Make a Ladder Golf Game Set Using PVC Pipe

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Yard games: everybody’s got their favorite and ours is Ladder Golf (a.k.a. Hillbilly Horseshoes). We’ve all seen this game at Walmart or online for ridiculous prices. I’m here to tell you that you do not have to spend a fortune on this game, and by making your own Ladder Golf Set you’ll pay about HALF of what you would doing so (and it only takes about an hour!).

How to Make a Ladder Golf Game Set Using PVC Pipe

We made our first ladder golf set several years ago and since ours was damaged in a recent storm (and we didn’t use the correct thickness of PVC pipe – learn from us!) we decided to make a NEW and sturdier ladder golf set and document the process. I love how not only does the whole set take about an hour start to finish, but you don’t have to wait for shipping if ordering online AND it will provide hours and hours of family fun. Shoot, my kids like to play it by themselves! I call that a win.

How to Make a Ladder Golf Set Using PVC 

This game is really quite simple. You take a rope with two golf balls attached to each end (called Bolas) and throw them at the opposing ladder. If your bola wraps around the bottom rung you get one point, if it wraps around the middle rung you get two points and if the bola wraps around the top rung you get three points. Your teammate stands opposite you, and you’ll play against the member of the other team standing next to you during your turn. You will each throw all three of your bolas per turn, and the first team to 21 points (without going over) wins. You could play cancels if you wish, or speed it up by counting every single eligible throw. For a more in-depth run-down of the official rules head on over here.


48′ of PVC pipe (3/4″)
12 PVC elbows (3/4″)
12 PVC T’s (3/4″)
PVC glue
Measuring tape

To Make Bolas:

12′ of Twine (1/8″-3/16″ in diameter)
6 white golf balls
6 colored golf balls
Drill (and drill bit slightly larger than your twine)


DIY: Homemade Ladder Golf Game (Hillbilly Horseshoes)

Using a chop, table or hand saw, cut the PVC into (18) 2′ pieces and (12) 1′ pieces. Use the elbow joints for all the corners and the T-shaped joints for both the rungs and where the base attaches to the top.

Important! Omit the cement where the top portion connects to the base. This will allow you to break each ladder down into two pieces, making it a lot easier to transport and store.

The base:

DIY: Homemade Ladder Golf Game (Hillbilly Horseshoes)Every section of the base uses 2′ pipes. You’ll only use the 1′ pipes vertically. From the base to the bottom rung, from the bottom rung and the second rung and the second rung and the top rung. All other parts use 2′ pipes. (see photo below)

DIY: Homemade Ladder Golf Game (Hillbilly Horseshoes)

Before you put them together you’ll want to apply a small amount of PVC cement inside of each joint immediately before attaching it to the appropriate piece of PVC. Be mindful that you’ll only have a second or two to line the joint up to mirror the opposite end before it dries. It helps to immediately lay the pieces flat on the cement to make sure they are completely level. Adjust ASAP if necessary.

DIY: Homemade Ladder Golf Game (Hillbilly Horseshoes)

To make the bolas for ladder golf, you’ll need 6 golf balls of one color and 6 golf balls of another color. I used (6) white balls and (6) yellow range balls (you could always paint 6 whites ones). Place the balls in a vice and carefully drill a hole through the center of each ball with a drill bit just slightly wider than the twine that you’ll be using.

DIY: Homemade Ladder Golf Game (Hillbilly Horseshoes)

Take your twine and cut (6) 24″ pieces. Feed the twine through the center of each ball and knot it on both sides of the ball so that they don’t move around. Make (3) bolas using the one color of golf balls and (3) more of the other color.

DIY: Homemade Ladder Golf Game (Hillbilly Horseshoes)

Of course, if you’re an over-achiever you could always spray paint the PVC and joints prior to assembly to have it correspond with your favorite sports team.

Since we didn’t glue the top of the base to the ladder, we can take it apart for easy storage. Sa-weeeeet! That’s it. Pretty simple, huh?

How to Make a Ladder Gold Set Using PVC Pipe

DIY Ladder Golf Set Using PVC Pipe

Make your own DIY Ladder Golf set using PVC pipe! This is a fun and easy project that will entertain for hours.
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DIY: Homemade Ladder Golf Game (Hillbilly Horseshoes)

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  1. I'll put a set together for our family reunion coming up this fall. [YAY! get-togethers now...with vaccinated family members!!] Parts at HD run about $40 for this project...adding some gloss spray paint (3 colors) can add ~$15 more. I've built stuff with PVC many times; the 1/2" might survive, the 3/4" will give the frame more weight and the rungs won't flex when a two-golf ball bola is hurled and spun on it. 1/2" might work, cost about...~$7 less, but why? With PVC structures, I've learned the hard way that the bigger is usually the better choice. I have some tips that can make this easy to put together and built to last. TIP #1: when cutting the lengths (especially using a hacksaw (manual cuts), use an old carpenter's trick: take the 10' pipes and after making sure that the ends are perfectly even with each other, secure them tightly together down the 10' length with blue painters tape (any tape will do). That way, with each cut, you'll get 5 pieces cut at once that will all measure up identically the same. TIP #2: Be sure to clean off the cut ends of the pipes of PVC dust...a small piece of sandpaper does well. It makes the gluing so much smoother and faster when the ends are prepared in advance. TIP #3: add sand to the base pipes. Play sand, & funnel ready, construct and glue the front and back portions of the bases (up to the T that will support the vertical ladder legs), and fill with sand, shaking it down the leg(s). Wipe the openings clean, and glue the T. It's a bit fiddly gluing the second section of the bottom portion of the base to the central T completing the base, but it can be done and it's worth the added support in the game. What's the cheer when you win the game? Hummm...how about "bool-yah!!" LOL

    5 stars

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      1. 1/2" will work. I made several in this size for myself and family. Never even tried 3/4" because it is just too big.
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  7. This design is wicked! You definitely know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost...HaHa!) Great job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!
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