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Almond Ridges Crochet Stitch Tutorial

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This new stitch we’re learning today is absolute perfection. I love the waves and the ridges, and the way the light plays off of the individual stitches. Learn how to create the Almond Ridges crochet stitch with this tutorial!

almond ridges crochet stitch tutorial

Almond Ridges Crochet Stitch

These stitches look like little almonds positioned just so. I love the ups and downs, and how easy this is to crochet! Make sure you check out the VIDEO tutorial below if you are a more visual learner.

For this stitch we are repeating a four row sequence. Once you get the foundation built, this stitch set is a breeze! All you need to know is how to make a slip stitch and how to make a Half Double Crochet stitch. Easy peasy!

For the entirety of this stitch set (with the exception of the first row) we work into the back loop only (BLO). This helps to give it that great, ridged effect we love.

Almond Ridges Foundation Steps

1. Chain a multiple of eight stitches + 5.

2. Slip stitch in the second chain from the hook and the next 3 chs.

3. Hdc in each of the next four chains.

4. Slip stitch in each of the next four chains.

Alternate steps 3 & 4 until you reach the end of the row, ending with 4 sl sts. Foundation row complete!

Note! Remember to go into the Back Loop Only for the duration of the entire pattern.

Chain one and turn. Sl st in the first 4 sts, hdc in next 4 sts, sl st in next 4 sts, hdc in next 4 sts, sl st in next 4 sts. Alternate four slip stitches and four hdc stitches to the end of the row, ending with sl sts.

First two rows completed.

Tip: If you start a row with slip stitches, you will always end that row with slip stitches. Alternately, if you start a row with hdc, you will always end that row with hdc.

Now that we have two rows that both start (and end) with slip stitches, it is time to make two rows that start (and end) with hdc stitches. Don’t forget that you are still (always) going into the Back Loop Only.

Chain one and turn, hdc in first 4 sts, sl st in next 4 sts, hdc in next 4 sts, alternating to the end of the row so that you end with 4 hdcs.

One hdc row made!

Second hdc row made!

When you have two rows that both start (and end) with hdc, its time to do two more rows that start (and end) with slip stitches.

Alternate two rows that start with sl st and two rows that start with hdc until your piece is as tall as you like. End your pattern with two rows that start and end with slip stitches.

Almond Ridges Video

YouTube video

Once you get the rhythm down, you’ll be flying through those stitches! Let me know how you like this stitch in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook, or by tagging me with @HeartHookHome on social media!

Almond Ridges Crochet Tutorial

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  1. Lovely stitch, I'm trying to figure out how can I make increases in this stitch since I'm working in rounds, but I can't quite figure out yet how to make it work. Can someone please help me?
  2. Starting with the slip stitch rows, I continually end up with five stitches in the last four of slip stitches. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? I have taken it apart so many times and continually get the same result.
      1. I was told to do a decrease by someone on a Facebook group. I did that and was right back on track. Almost done at this point. Hope this helps!
      2. For anyone with 5 at the end, once you get past the row where you skip a loop on the hook, your new stitch number will be one less. It's multiples of 8, plus 5, to account for that first skipped loop. Then, it is 8 plus 4, so that the number is divisible by 4, which is the number of stitches each hill and valley so to speak, uses. My starting chain was 109, and the number of stitches I count in each row as I go along when I check my work is 108. Hope this makes sense as to why some of us were winding up with 5 stitches at the end of the rows!
  3. This is beautiful, I'm planning on making a very large throw blanket as a gift. I'm a beginner to crocheting....How do you calculate how much yarn you will need?
    1. Hi Grace! You are in luck...I have a blog post on that! It can be found here: https://hearthookhome.com/how-much-yarn-need/
  4. I also love the way this stitch looks and your written instructions are very easy to understand. I haven’t watched the video yet (next on my list) but I can’t wait to try it!!! Thank you for making it so easy and for sharing! Chris
  5. I've been looking for a pattern that is quick and easy to make that my mother in law would like. All the patterns I've seen are beautiful but, I have to go with this one for sure. It's perfect and the way the instructions are written is so easy to read and right on point. Thank you Ashlea for sharing another amazing pattern with us ♥️
  6. Thank you so much for these instructions for the Almond Ridges stitch. I so appreciate that you provide the written instructions along WITH the video (I am not a video watching crocheter). I really like having my printed instructions to carry with me wherever I have time or inclination to crochet and learn a new stitch or pattern. Lovely stitch with SO many possibilities!!
    1. I agree. From the 'old school' before computers. Easier for me to read than keep stopping a video to follow a pattern correctly. Thank you!!
    2. For those new to crochet, the videos are very helpful! Reading patterns takes a lot of practice and for me the videos allow me to see the stitch and follow along. I watched many videos on the almond stitch and by far this was one of the best ones.
    1. Hi Joy! You can use this stitch with any weight yarn with its recommended hook size...for my dishcloth patterns I used a worsted cotton yarn with an H 5mm hook. Hope this helps!
  7. Funny how crochet minded people think alike. I also was looking through some of my books, for some new blocks to work on. If I make one more granny square, . I've been thinking of making a sampler, for my bed. A couple of these will be added to my list. Love the Almond Ridges and Diamond Stripes. I checked out A few other of your lovely stitches and found a great Herring Bone HDC, Thanks for helping me get out of this slump. Hope your well. Roger