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Dragon Tears Fingerless Gloves Crochet Pattern

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Game of Thrones fans (and dragon scale lovers) rejoice! Now you can make your very own pair of Dragon Tears Fingerless Gloves. How gorgeous are these?! Perfect for morning when the air is a bit crisp, or for when you’re simply feeling fancy.

Dragon tears fingerless gloves crochet pattern

Dragon Tears Fingerless Gloves Crochet Pattern 

This Dragon Tears fingerless gloves pattern is one of my most loved designs. I love how customizable these gloves are, and how quickly they work up, too! Make them shorter or longer, and use a solid color yarn or a gradient yarn like I have here.

Dragon scales fingerless glves

This gradient yarn is Stroll Gradient (discontinued), a fingering weight yarn that works up absolutely beautifully! Since these yarn cakes have so much yardage, it is easy to get at least 2 (possibly 3) pairs of gloves from just TWO cakes.

Dragon Tears Fingerless Gloves

This gloves pattern was originally published in 2016, and has been completely reworked and updated as of 2022. There are now many more instructional photos, and the pattern has been streamlined to fit with my pattern writing style I have developed over the years. I hope you love this updated pattern just as much as I do – or more! 😉

Dragon tears fingerless gloves

To get started on your very own pair, you’ll want to head on over to Ravelry, Etsy, or the Heart Hook Home blog shop! I also have a video tutorial for the Crocodile Stitch, should you need it.

P.S. I used just ONE skein for the two gloves pictured below. I did control the colors, which is the Mandala from Lion Brand, in color: Chimera.

Dragon Tears Fingerless Gloves Crochet Pattern

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How to crochet dragon tears fingerless gloves

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  1. Hi , I was wondering which yarn and color the top pair of dragon fingerless gloves is, it is the pair at the top of page and has the blues and a little bit of yellow brown orange color in it thank you so much
    1. Hi! That was Stroll Gradient yarn from WeCrochet in the the Camper Van colorway...unfortunately it looks like that particular color is no longer available, but they do have other color options that would look amazing.
  2. I bought the pattern & I'm trying to make these but I see in the pic your dragon tears are spread out. Mine are right behind each other. Can you explain in the pattern how you do it?
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  4. I just realized my previous comment was nipped down to my last question - oops. I love your pattern, I bought it last year and just love making these! It was very easy to follow once I learned the crocodile stitch :) I love your pink, green, gray, etc. pair and was hoping to make a set, so I was wondering what yarn you used to make those. Thank you for creating such a beautiful pattern!!!
  5. These are on Marley's free fingerless mittens and says get the free pattern here. I tapped and it leads me to here which there is no pattern, not free, find no coupon code either.
  6. The pattern was extremely easy to follow. I have already made two pairs. I would like to send a picture to you of one of the pairs I have made, where do I send that to???
    1. Hi Heidi! I would love to see them! You can send a photo to me on the Heart Hook Home facebook page or to ashlea@hearthookhome.com
  7. hello there! I bought the pattern for these gloves but I am stuck at the thumb hole (I'm a beginner) The pattern calls for 12 clusters but I have 14 including the Ch 3 and 2dc in same sp at the beginning and the two 3dc clusters in the chain 6 thumb hole. Do some of these not count as clusters?
  8. I bought the pattern but I don't have size 3 yarn. I went to buy yarn but I didn't realize it needed a 4 weight yarn.?
    1. I also bought the pattern and didn't realize it needed to be size 3 either. Waiting to get some I found size 3 yarn in my stash, except it calls for a 6mm hook so it doesn't work. I wish I hadn't wasted my money, I don't think it's worth the aggravation. So disappointed.
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  11. What is the yarn you used for the gray ,white, and black version of the gloves? I purchased the pattern but the yarn I bought is to heavy for Texas I bought the sweet roll yarn.
  12. I would likw to try this pattern with the wool you used in the second picture, the white and brown one? What's it called?
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      1. I'm sorry, but this is not a free pattern...it is available for purchase here: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dragon-tears-fingerless-gloves-2
  14. I need help with the thumb hole. I’m a beginner at crochet. It says I should have 12 clusters after the 6 chain for thumb hole. Somehow I ended up with 14. Do you have a video I can watch for the first row of clusters?
    1. Hello, Yes! I do. You can find them here on Ravelry. Thank you! https://www.ravelry.com/designers/ashlea-konecny
  15. I recently bought your pattern and made my gloves (love, love,love by the way!) How did you not get a seam line running diagonally down the wrist part?
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  17. Hello! I'd love to make these and thinking of getting the pattern, but I'm a beginner and wouldn't know how to "control the colour" like you say you do. Does the pattern explain how to do this? If not, would you be able to point me to a video that does explain how to?
    1. Hi! There is a tutorial for controlling the colors here: http://hearthookhome.com/how-to-create-planned-yarn-color-transitions-in-crochet/
  18. what skill level are these mitts? also is the pattern easy to understand. I ordered one online and I think it was translated from german. wasn't clear or easy to follow
    1. I think they are fairly easy once you get the hang of the crocodile stitch. :) This will help! http://hearthookhome.com/how-to-crochet-the-crocodile-stitch/
    2. I am an advanced beginner and I found it difficult to learn the scale stitch, it's called a crocodile tear stitch and I actually had to take a crochet class at Michaels to learn it (I had a coupon for a free class so that worked out) I just want getting it from the YouTube videos and stuff. That being said with the crochet instructor it only took me about 5 min to learn the stitch and about a day and a half to make the gloves and keep in mind that's working on them bits and pieces throughout the day. The pattern is very easy to read Also I recommend trying them on as you're working them because I had to adjust the pattern a bit, I only did 6 rows of scales and I had to do an extra decrease because even with the 2 decreases in the smaller size they were still a little big for my taste
  19. Hi Ashley, I love this pattern and want to make them for my daughter. I bought it through PayPal on 01/31 but never got the PDF. Will you resend it to my email? Thanks so much! Janny
  20. Hi, I love this pattern. What is size 3 yarn? 3 ply yarn, less bulky than 4 ply worsted? Also, what size hooks are used? Thank you.
    1. Hi! I am currently making another pair using sock yarn (a little thinner than 3) and they are working up beautifully! I also use a G hook.
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  22. How long would it take if I ordered a pair of fingerless gloves today for them to come? In time for Christmas? I need two pair in sizes small and medium. How do you like to be paid?
  23. Hi Nikki! Sorry about that, I can refund you the second charge. And, I can either send you the PDF via email or on Ravelry, up to you! Thank you
    1. Which ever is easiest for you I have a Ravelry. My email is nikkiandrus410@gmail.com and just let me know what you need for my Ravelry. Thanks!!
      1. Interested...do you sell the gloves in children sizes as well? Would be interested in 2 child size pairs and 1 adult size.
        1. Hi! Unfortunately, I just sell the patterns now...not finished products. If you'd like, you can send me and email or facebook message and I can refer you to someone who can. =)
  24. Hello! I don’t have any emails from you in my inbox, just this comment at 3:00 am. Strange! But, I have sent you an email. We’ll get it sorted out. Thanks!
    1. Hmmm, the email I sent to you was returned as undeliverable. It starts with lindsithcarter, is that correct?
        1. It is Hobby Lobby, Baby Bee Sweet Delights, in Grey Multi. I could have used one skein, but I bought two so that I could better control the colors. Hope that helps!
          1. I can't find gray multi on the hobby lobby site, is there any place else that sells it or another name for it. Specifically looking for the grey/white that you used
          2. I'm not sure that it can be found anywhere else. :( Do you have a store nearby that you could call and request it? The color is called Grey Multi. I'm sorry I'm not more help!