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DIY: Over-The-Garage-Door Storage System

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Do you have a lot of junk? Lord knows we do. Today we spent the afternoon organizing our garage into some semblance of order, and I wanted to share with you our over-the-garage-door organization system.

DIY: Over-The-Garage-Door Storage System

DIY: Over-The-Garage-Door Storage System

We made it on a whim and we are looking forward to making another of the other garage door. Can’t wait to move crap up and out!


All you really need to do it make a rectangular structure, making sure it is sturdy. Meaning that you’ll attach to the studs in the ceiling of your garage, screwing it in securely, then down and across, making sure that all corners are supported structurally. Then, you’ll lay plywood down and screw that in as well.

Important! Make sure that when you OPEN the garage door, it will not hit the shelving unit, as pictured below.

Totally unrelated, but I found this gem while cleaning and I couldn’t help but find an Exacto knife and cut it out before tossing the box entirely. He even titled it “In Purple” – how adorable is that?! Paul gave me the eye for not throwing it away,  but I told him to “let me be a mom”, okay? 🙂


Yep, I totally kept it.

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