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Tips for Finding Online Deals on Prescription Eyeglasses

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I was in desperate need of new eye glasses and a new prescription. I hate spending money on glasses and up until several years ago, I just bought them (for hundreds of dollars) at the optometrist after my appointment and called it good.

Gone are the days of frivolous eye wear spending, so YAY for deals and online savings!

Whether I am needing new glasses for the kiddos or for myself, I want to find the best deals. No sense in paying $400 for a pair of glasses when you can get them for $6.95 + shipping.

Yep, I paid $11.90 for this pair of glasses including shipping and NOT using my insurance.

How to Find Online Deals on Prescription Eyeglasses

How to Find Online Deals on Prescription Eyeglasses 

You’ll hear some people talk about Zenni Optical or 39 Dollar Glasses or EyeBuyDirect and countless other websites.

These are all good, and you’ll want to check each for current deals before committing.

What is SUPER cool? On each of these websites you are able to upload a photo of yourself to get an idea what they will look like ON YOU when you receive them. How cool is that?!

You’ll need your current prescription from the optometrist, which will include all of the information you need to order. Everything from your pupil measurements to the actual prescription number for each eye will be right there.

Zenni Optical

I ordered these glasses on July 26th from Zenni Optical and used standard shipping. I received them on August 1st. Now THAT is quick! Keep in mind they said it could take up to 21 days to receive them (but of course mine didn’t take nearly that long).

They have dozens of $6.95 eyeglasses for both women and men (and children too!) and shipping is $4.95 – no matter how many pair you buy.

How to Find Online Deals on Prescription Eyeglasses

These are perfect for watching TV in bed or for driving or for reading… you name it. Hello cheap glasses!

I also used code FREEAR and got the standard anti-reflective coating on my lenses for F*R*E*E. Not sure how long that goes, but hey! Worth a shot. (if it doesn’t work please let me know via comment so I can fix it ~thanks!)


With glasses starting at $6, Eyebuydirect offers something for everyone. They sell premium name brands, such as Ray-Ban and Oakley and everything in between.

You’ll want to check their deals for free shipping offers as well as percentages off. Currently they are offering 30% off and free shipping on orders over $70.

39 Dollar Glasses

I have not personally ordered from 39 Dollar Glasses, but I have heard positive reviews from several folks. One thing I like is the free shipping on any order including contact lenses. Seems pretty sweet, and $39 still isn’t horrible for a pair of prescription eyeglasses either!

Have you ordered from a company not listed here? I’d love to hear about other options, and remember to check each of these websites for current promotions before you buy.

By utilizing these tools, you could save hundreds.

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  1. I have been ordering from Zenni for my family of 5 and it has saved us tons of money. Love it. My daughter recently broke her frames and I found out we are able to get a new frame for half the price. The prices are cheap and half price makes it crazy cheap lol
  2. I love Zenni!! I have also recently discovered glassesusa.com. I ordered an amazing pair of prescription sunglasses for under $100! I have bought a few from eye doctors and never less than $400 from them, so this was great. I am -2.75 on both eyes and progressive bifocal as well and have never had trouble with my idea from either site!!
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  4. So I'm wondering how bad your eyes are? Like I'm blind with out my glasses, hubs thinks it funny when I take out my contacts and I didn't put my glasses in a specific spot and I'm searching with my nose 3" off the counter or patting around trying to find them. So my question is are you blind? Or just need a small amount of correction? I tried Walmart eye center several yrs ago and wAs NOT happy with what they set me up with. I know they are cheap but I need them to work.... Lol
    1. Hey! Mine really aren't that bad. Paul's eyes are horrible though, he's around a -4.00 I think? He can't see hardly anything without glasses or contacts. The pair he got from Coastal work great for him. Hope this helps.
  5. Dang! I need to check out Zenni. The main thing that bugs me about my glasses is that they don't have that. I loved it when I did have it. I was just too cheap this thine