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Hacky Sack Crochet Pattern

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Did you play Hacky Sack as a kid? I don’t know about you, but hacky sacks sure are a fun throw-back to my younger days. Learn how to crochet a hacky sack with this super quick, super easy pattern!

Hacky Sack Crochet pattern

Hack Sack Pattern

In the last few days I have been wracking my brain thinking of ways to use my crochet in an effort to keep my kids occupied while at home for extended periods of time. These crocheted hacky sacks are the perfect answer! (That is, at least, for a few days). 😛

I’ve whipped up five of them now with requests for more. These really are a great way to get the family up and moving, and the blood pumping! I watched my husband do things today that I’ve never seen him do. Apparently he was quite the hacky sacker in his day. lol! (Is that a word?!)

hacky sack pattern


Cotton yarn
-approx. 20 yards each

Crochet hook in size G/4mm

-small beans, lentils, rice, popcorn, etc…

Pattern Notes:

Pattern written using US terms.

Work in a spiral throughout, marking the first stitch of each row with a stitch marker.

On the second row (and until completely covered) crochet around the tail from the beginning. This will keep the end from working its way loose as the hacky sack is used.

Use the Invisible Decrease to help the decreases in the second half of the hacky sack be as undetectable as possible.

Hack Sack

Round 1: Magic circle. 8sc in circle. (8)

Round 2: pull yarn tail tight to cinch hole, and while crocheting around the tail to secure it, 2sc in each st around. (16)

Round 3: sc in each st around. (16)

Round 4: * sc in next st, 2sc in next * repeat between * * around. (24)

Round 5: sc in each st around. (24)

Round 6: * sc in next 2 sts, 2sc in next * repeat between * * around. (32)

Rounds 7 – 10: sc in each st around. (32)

Round 11: * sc in next 2 sts, sc2tog * repeat between * * around. (24)

Round 12: sc in each st around. (24)

Round 13: * sc in next st, sc2tog * repeat between * * around. (16)

***add filling***

Note! Hacky sacks are supposed to be somewhat squishy. Don’t fill them too full. If you have a kitchen scale, the weight of my hacky sacks at this point of the pattern and with the filling (I used dry lentils) was about 1.9 oz. This does not have to be exact.

Round 14: sc in each st around. (16)

Round 15: sc2tog 8x (8)

Clip yarn leaving long enough tail to sew the hole shut. Sew the hole securely, and weave the end through to the other side (to further hide and bury it). You. Are. Done!

I hope you love this quick, fun pattern! I can whip one of these up in less than 15 minutes, and using items I already have on hand – I LOVE that!! If nothing else, this is a great way to keep the family active – and learning new skills – while we are hanging out at home.

hack sack tutorial

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  1. I love this pattern! I made two for someone’s birthday and they are so cute! I love how this pattern is so simple and yet you can make it more difficult by adding details! Thanks so much for this free pattern!
  2. Been wanting to make these for a while now but have been a little intimated. This was a great pattern and I had no trouble at all making my first one. Thank you!
  3. I’m a free style crotcheter, but I thought I’d try this pattern, it is simplistic, and fun to work up. Great for beginners, and what person doesn’t like hackey sacks? Samhain, and Yule gifts this year set:)
  4. I believe one of your advertisings triggered my internet browser to resize, you may well want to put that on your blacklist.
  5. These are so fun to make and they work up quickly! I am making some for my grandsons for this Christmas, thank you for the easy to read Pattern!
  6. I wonder if you could use the fish gravel for corn hole bags? I have some friends that left their game outside and the corn swelled and the squirrels tore them up and ate it.
  7. Hi, love the Hacky Sack pattern. Needed a pattern I could use acrylic yarn because the colors my son-in-law wanted I couldn’t find in cotton. Worked up easily. He loves it, thank you. Have a great day
  8. Hello! I'm Excited to try this pattern. I'm a very new beginner to crochet and find videos very helpful. Is there a way to watch this video not on warped high speed? It's kinda neat to watch but not helpful for learning. Thanks so much, Christina
  9. Ashley, is there a way to print the pattern. I do not like to keep the computer screen on when making a project. I usually do most of my 'crafting' while in the recliner watching reruns of JAG. Thanks
  10. Thanks for this lovely pattern, we just added it to our existing list of Free Crochet Patterns for a Hacky Sack :)
  11. FWIW - I made bean bags for mentally handicapped children and filled them with fish rocks so the children could drool on the bags and not cause the beans to swell/spoil. Small necklace beads would work too.
    1. THANK YOU! I was just trying to come up with an idea that was non perishable to send over seas!