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How to Crochet an I-Cord

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Are you looking for a way to crochet a rope or thick cord? The crocheted I-Cord will be perfect for you! Read on for a video and written tutorial.

How to Crochet An I-Cord

How to Crochet an I-Cord

An I-Cord is a crocheted cord, or rope, that is as long as you wish it to be. I-Cords are great to use as drawstrings (such as in the Not Your Granny’s Jammies pants pattern) or as a purse strap, a lanyard, or any other rope or cord.

Once you get started, you’ll just keep adding rows until you reach your desired length! Knowing how to make an I-Cord is helpful in so many ways! Here’s how you’ll make one…

How to Crochet An I-Cord

I-Cord Tutorial

Row 1: Chain-3. Insert hook into 2nd chain, pull up a loop. Insert hook into 3rd chain, pull up a loop. (3 loops on hook)

Rows 2 – desired length: Remove two loops from hook, being careful not to lose them. (I like to pinch the cord with my thumb and finger). With remaining loop, yarn over and chain-1. Insert hook into next (empty) loop, yarn over and pull up a loop. Insert hook into last (empty) loop, yarn over and pull up a loop. (3 loops on hook)

Continue creating rows in this manner until the cord is as long as you’d like.

How to Crochet An I-Cord

To end the cord: yarn over and pull through all three loops on hook. Fasten off and weave in all ends. You are done

I-cord video tutorial

If you would prefer to watch a video tutorial, I have that for you, too!

Take some time to practice this technique, and before long you’ll be an I-Cord making pro!

How to Crochet An I-Cord

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  1. Hi, thanks for the great video and instructions. They are so user friendly. Your so pretty and look like my niece. I enjoy crocheting, good food, wine and I like brandy too. I’m 85 years young! Married almost 58 years. I miss my dear husband so much! Thanks again , your special.
  2. I found it hard to hold the two loops off the hook with my fingers while working the loop on the hook. I thought of using a cable stitch holder and it works perfectly! I put the two loops on the holder, work the one still on the hook and then work the other two from the holder. It makes it much easier and even fun!
  3. Most excellent! Do you by any chance know how to do an i-cord with 2 colors? In particular, I came across a brioche pattern that started with a 2 color i-cord cast-on of 23 stitches. The designer said she would consider doing a tutorial (as she made other tutorials). But she hasn't yet and I haven't been able to find any help for the 2 color i-cord cast-on.
  4. Adorei seu tutorial e vou fazer essa pulseira em carias cores! Obrigada por compartilhar. Lourdes.
  5. Excellent written tutorial! Great Photos, also! I like how your i-cord is a nice thick one! Thks for sharing! I looked for the video link, but couldn't find it, so I will do a youtube search.