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How to Make A Reverse Canvas

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A reverse canvas is a fun and simple way to spruce up your decor. You’ll take a plain ol’ canvas you find at the craft store, remove the canvas from the frame, decorate it, and reattach it to the back. It’s so easy, and fun too!

Reverse canvas tutorial

How to Make A Reverse Canvas

Reverse canvas is literally that. You reverse the canvas by taking the canvas off the frame and attaching it to the back instead. You can spruce up the canvas with heat transfer vinyl if you have a cutting machine like a Cricut, or you could paint on the canvas, draw, add 3-dimensional objects… the possibilities are endless! I chose to create a new piece of wall decor as a gift for my friend’s newly finished craft room.

Reverse canvas tutorial

To make a reverse canvas you will need:

Canvas of your desired size

Cutting tool (scissors, rotary cutter, or utility knife)

Staple gun (or a hot glue gun)

Pliers (only if removing staples)

Stain or paint & brush for applying

Reverse Canvas tutorial:

1. First you’ll remove the canvas from the frame. You can either cut with your utility knife or remove the staples entirely. If you decide to simply cut it off, make sure you cut on the outside of the staples (so that you can easily remove the canvas).

how to make a reverse canvas

make reverse canvas

Reverse canvas tutorial

canvas removed from frame

2. Prepare the frame. You may want to sand the frame before staining or painting. I did not. Stain or paint the frame and allow to dry while you prepare the canvas to be reattached. Tip: Don’t worry too much about the imperfections in the frame… that’s kind of what makes it! This frame was not intended to be seen after all…

how to make reverse canvas tutorial

reverse canvas tutorial

3. Prepare the canvas. For my project I am using heat transfer vinyl, cut with my Cricut machine and applied with my Easy Press. Try to make sure its straight, although the centering isn’t all that important and you’ll see why in the next step. When determining the sizing of your vinyl, make sure you’re following the measurements for the inside of the frame, not the outside.

htv reverse canvas

4. Position the frame on top of the canvas and make sure all is straight and even. Use a pencil to trace around the piece for cutting. Note that you could just use your rotary cutter as I have – I only caution you not to push too hard as the frame may leave marks on your finished canvas. Trim any excess canvas.

framed canvas tutorial

tutorial for reverse canvas

5. Flip the frame upside down and position the cut canvas on top of the frame. Make sure it is centered and, using your staple gun or hot glue gun, secure the canvas to the back of the frame. You’re done!

reverse canvas

This really is all there is to reverse canvas. I’m thinking these would be a lovely baby shower gift using the baby’s name, or a favorite scripture such as Psalm 139:13-16.

Reverse Canvas tutorial

You never would know by looking at it that this is just a basic, cheap canvas!

How to make a reverse canvas

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