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Dream Yarn Room + Craft Room DIY and Tutorials

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Are you obsessed with yarn and all things yarn related? I know every room in our home is covered with half finished projects, half used skeins, and random crafting equipment. It wasn’t too hard to convince my husband that I needed to turn the last unfinished room in our basement (formerly known as the storage room) into my YARN ROOM. After a month of playing with and working in said room, I’ve finally had the chance to take photos and show you exactly the dream space I’ve created!

gorgeous dream come true yarn room

Dream Yarn Room

This adventure has been five whole years in the making. Five years ago (over Christmas break 2012) my younger brother Forrest taught me to crochet. His high school girlfriend’s mother taught him back in the late 90’s, and he has since taught dozens of people (including my sister and me!) which, in turn, has resulted in THOUSANDS of new crocheters thanks to YouTube.

What I remember most about that first night, as I was learning, getting frustrated at my yarn’s tangles and wonky stitches, he stopped, turned to me and said “It’s just one string of yarn. You can’t screw it up so badly that you can’t rip it out and try again.” I haven’t been able to put down the hook since, and it is fair to say that this whole yarn thing has turned into a slight obsession.

Before this room was transformed into my dream yarn room, it was an unfinished storage room crammed full of our accumulated crap from our 12 years together. The hubbs was amazing and took several loads to donate and the rest of the junk to the dump.

If you watch my weekly live videos on my Facebook page, you’ll know that I either sit at my desk and crochet or I’m up and moving around the room as we chit chat. I’ve been promising to take photos of my creative space/office/yarn room for weeks now, and I was finally able to get this done today! In this blog post, I will take you on a virtual tour of my office/yarn room. I hope you love it and gain some inspiration for your own crafting space!

My youngest was not too excited about the wall color at first. Ha!

Yarn wall in progress

Amazing Yarn Wall

I added on to my original yarn wall, increasing it from 4′ x 7′ to 4′ x 11′. I don’t even know how many hundreds of cakes are up there, but I do know that I pull from the yarn as needed (for small projects) and I rearrange/reorganize/replenish as needed. It does not collect dust, and we do not have cats. It’s living art and the masterpiece of the space! Here’s how to make one, they are surprisingly inexpensive to make – and free up lots of space on shelves, cubbies, and book shelves!

Yarn room organization ideas

This is a chair my mother gave me, that she used herself as a child. All throughout my childhood this was a plant stand (it’s a child size chair) but now it holds prominent position as the coveted Painted Canyon yarn holder.

beautiful, handmade yarn bowl

Several years back – after my affinity for yarn was apparent – my husband purchased this yarn bowl as a Christmas gift on Etsy. It has been broken (by my much-loved, not-so-gentle oldest child), but I was able to glue it back together (sans one chip) and now this is more of a decorative piece. I was glad I was able to save it at all!

Yarn Fund svg

While hunting for flooring for this room, we found one of these piggy bank glass blocks. I used our Cricut machine to create a SVG file of “YARN fund” and made this cute Yarn Fund Piggy Bank.

yarn wall with yarn cakes

These two chairs are relics from Paul’s childhood. Both we inherited from his Grandmother’s house after she passed, and I am so happy they have a new home and are once again being used and loved.

table with yarn and bookcases full of yarn

Heart Hook Home office

My good friend, and long-time coworker Amanda, is a fantastic artist, so I commissioned this yarn ball painting from her. She did not disappoint! One of my favorite artists of all time is Gustav Klimt. The two paintings on either side of the yarn ball painting are Klimt paintings that I have owned for decades.

owl platter made of glass

I have a slight obsession with owls, and Paul was not too excited when I went crazy over this platter at Gordman’s a few years back. Yes, I still bought it, and now it has the perfect home on my desk.

Heart Hook Home main office

Where the magic happens!

DIY industrial pallet desk

I like to stand while I work, and finding a raising desk for less than a small fortune was nearly impossible, so we commissioned our neighbor to make this desk out of  4″ thick oak industrial pallet wood and industrial piping. He did an amazing job!

My dream yarn room come true

My mannequin Catherine is named after Catherine Howard, the fifth (and second beheaded) wife of King Henry VIII. I picked her up for less than $45 on Amazon, but that seller has since closed shop. 🙁 I have found a similar model for a similar price, so this is worth checking into if you’re in the market!  Here are more adjustable dress forms to choose from.

inexpensive, pretty mannequin

I finally have my dry erase board and cork board that I use to write upcoming designs/articles/videos/posts I need to create. I can not express how much I love this board. Me and all my office supply loving glory.

hallway yarn room

In the basket in the corner I have a collection of old yarn labels I’ve been accumulating. Some are older than others, but once I amass enough I plan to decoupage my old sewing table. When that happens I’ll be sure to share the process!

old yarn labels for decoupage

I wish I could give you a better tour of my yarn room and crafty space, but I do hope you’ve gotten a feel for where the magic happens as I’m creating new patterns and designs to share here on Heart Hook Home. Thank you for watching the weekly live videos, and I will see you in the weekly LIVE video next week!

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  1. I'm making yarn cakes from boxes of leftover yarn but putting the cakes back in the boxes is a big NO. Your yarn wall is the perfect idea! Btw, where did you find a whiteboard that size?
  2. Hi! Planning on converting my mother's quilting/sewing room into my crochet/office/writing studio. I was a little overwhelmed and didn't know how to start. Your design is an inspiration. Mom's peg board, some shelving and table is still in place and ready for use. Thank you for sharing.
  3. I love your room that is my dream to have a room like that. I am just getting my yarn stash where I want it to be. the only problem is it is all in bags.
  4. Thanks Ashlea for sharing your experience with us. I'm glad to have a tutor like you.one year ago I started crocheting.And I have a dream to make my craft room as yours.Thank you so much.lots of love from India.
  5. I am coping your pegboard. Just sold project to the hubby. What got him was the save of room space yay. I will publish photos as we progress. ❤️
  6. Hello. I love your crafty space. The yarn pegboard is just a wonderful idea. Question though, how do you label the yarn as to type and brand when they are rolled and hung? Beautiful happy space!
    1. If you want you could roll up the label on the inside, or cut out just the part you need to save and hole punch and tie on the end.
  7. Love your yarn/craft space. You are amazing and I love watching your Thursday video’s. My mom taught me to crochet when I was 11/12 years old. Started with slippers and small baby blankets, even sold a few. Just in the last couple of years I have made so many items and given away. Wish I had the gift of making my own patterns. My mom never needed a pattern. Your boys are precious and it’s so sweet the way the youngest one just watches you when he joins you in your video’s. Such a precious family you have. Keep on crocheting and designing awesome patterns. Margie. P.S. my husband and I are building a house soon and I will have a craft room, hope to have a yarn wall like yours...
    1. Love it! Thanks for taking a moment to leave the comment. ♥ Sounds like your mom was a special lady with a special gift!
  8. I love everything about this room! I have to share my craft room (as it doubles as a guest room) but I have incorporated several of your things in my room. Thank you so much for sharing :) PS...I would love it if you could send me your Yarn Fund file so I can try to make it.
  9. Oh I love your space..it is beautiful and inviting. But I loved the memories you shared even more. My sister taught me to crochet when I was 8. We lost her 2 days after Thanksgiving 3 years ago to a sudden heart attack. When I crochet she is with me. So, blessed that's what she left me with.