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Newborn Hooded Towel Crochet Pattern

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Do you have a new little one? Is your friend, cousin, or sister expecting a baby? Are you headed to a baby shower? If you answered yes to any of the above then it’s time to whip up this adorable Newborn Hooded Towel crochet pattern. 👶

hooded towel crochet pattern

Hooded Towel Crochet Pattern

If you’ve ever wondered how to crochet a hooded towel, this free pattern is for you! This is a super beginner-friendly crochet pattern that a novice crocheter can master.

This hooded towel is intended for itty bitty babies, newborn up to about 3 months or so. My little model here is just over 3 months. Isn’t she just precious?! Eeeep!

infant hooded towel pattern

Measuring 24″ square, that means that the entire hooded towel is about 34″ from one corner to the other when turned diagonally. This is the perfect size for fresh babes. ♥

newborn hooded towel crochet pattern


Billow Bulky Weight 100% Cotton
-approx. 520 yards (approx. 4.5 balls)

Crochet hook in size 6.5mm

This Billow Bulky cotton is just that… bulky. If you would like to use a regular worsted weight cotton instead – such as Dishie – I would double up the thickness. The towel will come out slightly larger, but that’s ok!


Unimportant, but (5-ish) C2C squares = 4”

Pattern Notes:

Pattern written using US terms.

We are using the Corner to Corner technique for this hooded towel pattern. If you are brand new to this crochet technique this is a great useful item to learn with!

how to crochet a hooded towel

I decided to use the corner to corner method because of how easy it is to work up a straight square. We will increase on both ends until the piece is as wide as needed (24″ in this case), then we’ll start immediately decreasing on both sides so that we maintain the square dimensions. Then we’ll whip up a smaller corner to corner piece (without decreasing) to serve as the hood. Easy peasy!

infant hooded towel

Look at that sweet face! ♥


Main Towel:

Start a corner to corner (<<that video tutorial will get you started!), increasing on both sides for a total of 28 rows. Piece should measure ~24″ from the 1st block to the 28th block.

Decrease on both sides until the piece is perfectly square. Do not fasten off.

Place a stitch marker and we’ll start the border there when we’re finished with the hood portion.


Start a corner to corner, increasing on both sides for a total of 14 rows. Do NOT do any decreases, instead just go ahead and fasten off and weave in those ends.

Hooded Towel Construction:

Line up the smaller triangle (the hood) on one corner of the towel. I chose the corner opposite from where I was still attached on the main portion of the towel.

Pin into place, lining up the 14 blocks from the hood with 14 blocks on main towel.

hooded towel pattern

Where still attached at opposite corner… Ch-1, sc in between the next two blocks. * Ch-2, sc in between next two blocks * repeat between * * around entire towel, placing 2sc in each corner. When you get to the 14 blocks where the towel is double thickness, work through both layers. When you get back around fasten off and weave in all ends.

You’re finished! How quick and easy was that?!

I hope you enjoy crocheting this easy, fun crochet pattern for newborns. It works up SUPER fast and would be a great new baby welcome gift! If you’d like to share (cause I’d love to see it!) feel free to post a photo in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook. 😍

infant hooded towel crochet pattern

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