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Alpine Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

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Sometimes you just need a good baby blanket crochet pattern to get that cro-jo back. Whether you’re crocheting for fun or for a new little one in mind (or both!) this Alpine Baby Blanket pattern is the perfect solution!

Alpine Baby Blanket

Alpine Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are some of the most fun things to crochet. They work up quickly and seeing the new baby enjoying the blanket you spent hours pouring your love into is just precious. Grab your hook and let’s get to working on this fun, textured, squishy blanket today.

This adorable blanket came about when I first learned to crochet the Alpine stitch. This crochet stitch has such great dimension, and when you factor in the two complimenting colors the stitch definition just POPS!

The Alpine Baby Blanket pattern is approximately 36″ square – perfect for cuddling a new baby or for the rambunctious toddler to use as their favorite “Linus” blanket and to carry with them anywhere. Heck, I want one in adult size!


Worsted weight yarn
(Red Heart With Love in “Stone” and “Dusty Grape” pictured)
-approx. 1150 yards total
(approx. 750 yards color A (“Stone”) and 400 yards color B (“Dusty Grape”))

Crochet hook in size H/5mm


Approx. 13.5 sts in 4” width

Pattern Notes:

Pattern written in US terms.

This pattern uses the Alpine Stitch. Check out the Alpine stitch tutorial if you need help!

Dc = Double Crochet

Fptr = Front Post Treble Crochet

The chains at the beginning of every row do NOT count as stitches.

In the main portion of the pattern (the odd numbered rows), always place the double crochet in the previous row’s Fptr and place the Fptr around the dc from 2 rows below.

You can either clip the complimenting (color B) yarn each row to conserve that yarn OR carry the complimenting yarn color each row by laying it across the top of the work as you crochet around it.

Note that carrying that yarn will make for a heavier blanket, and you will use about an additional 100 yards of the contrasting color of yarn (Color B).

On the other hand, of you clip the Color B yarn each row to conserve it, you’ll have to weave in all of those ends.

Save this blanket to your Ravelry queue!

And now for the blanket pattern! 🤩


With color A
Row 1: Fdc-119 (or Ch-121, dc in 3rd ch from hook and in each to end. (119)

With color B
Row 2: Ch-1, turn, sc in each st to end. (119)

With color A
Row 3: Ch-2, turn,* dc in next, Fptr around st two rows down * repeat between * * to end. Dc in last. (119)

With color B
Row 4: repeat row 2 (119)

With color A
Row 5: Ch-2, turn, dc in first 2 sts * Fptr around dc from two rows down, dc in next * repeat between * * until 3 sts remain. Fptr around next, dc in remaining 2 sts. (119)

With color B
Row 6: repeat row 2 (119)

Rows 7 – 98: repeat rows 3 – 6, alternating yarn color every row (119)

With color A
Row 99: repeat row 3 (119)

Do not fasten off. Rotate blanket clockwise…


Row 1: Sc evenly down row ends. 3sc in corner st, rotate and sc across blanket bottom. 3sc in corner st and rotate to sc evenly up row ends. 3sc in corner st and rotate to sc across top of baby blanket, 2sc in same as starting st.

Row 2: Sc in each st around, placing 3sc in each corner st. Fasten off using Invisible Join.

Weave in all ends and you have an adorable baby blanket ready for a new little one in your life! ♥

I hope you enjoyed crocheting this blanket and that you will share a picture with me by tagging @HeartHookHome across all social media, or in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook.

Alpine Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

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  1. Excited to start this project! I had the same yarn and colours in my stash so I just needed to pick up one additional skein. I have a question though -- in the blanket shown, isn't the primary colour A "Dusty Grape" and the complimenting B colour "Stone"? To me, it looks like the single crochet row is the lighter colour. Sorry to bug you, just trying to wrap my head around the pattern before wrapping the blanket around a baby!
  2. Hi, I have started the alpine blanket and my edges are curling. I'm trying to keep a looser tension. My guage is little on the smaller size but I didnt really want to go up a hook. I want a solid piece without holes. Will washing and/or blocking take care of the curl or do i need to rework with a larger hook? Thanks
  3. For the border, when you single crochet evenly, are you adding 2 sc for the sides of the dc and 1sc for the sc rows? The sides are kind of nubby, and I’m getting it to lay flat by putting only 1 sc in the side of a dc and then 1 in the sc row. It still has a nubbed texture, but it seems more consistent. If I add the 2 sc for each dc row and 1 sc for each sc row, my edge starts to ruffle.
    1. Hi Paige! I typically do 2sc into the sides of a dc row, but if you are getting better results with just one sc, then that is fine, I'm sure.
  4. Excited to try this! I am just beginning to try and follow patterns instead of just the simple stitch I learned years ago! Can you tell me if a blanket like this would be machine washable?
    1. Hi Talisa! As long as the yarn you are using states that it can be machine washed, then you are good for washing.
  5. How much yarn do I need for a blanket of 60"x80" and how many chains do I need for it? Thank you!