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3 Reasons to Use Pantyhose in Crochet

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Nowadays we don’t buy and wear pantyhose with the frequency we used to. I honestly can’t recall the last time I wore pantyhose myself, but that doesn’t mean I quit purchasing them! If you’ve ever wondered how to reuse old pantyhose, what to do with ripped nylons, or ways to incorporate pantyhose in crochet, this post is for you, friend!

3 Genius Ways to Use Pantyhose in Crochet

Why Use Pantyhose in Crochet

My favorite general hack for reusing old pantyhose is when searching for something small (think earring, small screw, staple, etc) in the carpet. Stick the toe of the nylon over the vacuum hose and suck the small object right up, without losing it to the suction. I also like to use pantyhose instead of lingerie bags in a pinch.

Pantyhose in crochet

Nylons are great for crochet in several different aspects and for various reasons, and here are three specific purposes for pantyhose pertaining specifically to crochet.

how do you recycle old pantyhose?

1. Knee highs as a yarn sock.

Do you have pets? Do you crochet for others, or for sale? If you ever worry about pet hair getting on your crochet project as you work, use a knee high as a yarn sock! Simply insert the working skein of yarn with the center-pull facing you. The knee highs will stretch enough to accommodate the full skein of yarn (even the big ones), and will get smaller as the yarn is used. Also, no matter how much you throw around the skein, it will never get tangled when in a knee high!

ways to reuse old pantyhose

2. Nylons for softening yarn in the washer.

One of the first things I discovered, when learning different yarn brands, was how to soften scratchy or economical yarn before using it. Of course you don’t have to soften the yarn first, and I have never had a finished project not come out of the wash feeling softer than when it went in, but if you want to work with the yarn while it’s already in that softer state, this tip works great! See how to soften yarn using pantyhose in this tutorial.

3. To prevent stuffing poking out through the stitches of amigurumi or stuffed crochet.

One of my favorite ways to use pantyhose in crochet is to keep the stuffing (Fiberfil) from poking out of my stitches when making amigurumi, crochet stuffed toys and/or animals. Use the nylon fabric as a barrier between the stuffing and the crochet. This works particularly well when using darker yarns with white stuffing because if you use black (or blue, brown, etc) pantyhose it helps to further hide the white!

See more amigurumi tips and tricks here.

I find that dollar stores usually have the best deals, or you can get a multi-pack on Amazon and just use one knee high at a time. I found this pack of knee highs which gives you eight pair (16 individual knee highs) for a great price, and will go a long way!

Aren’t these great ways of repurposing something you may already have on hand? Are there other ways to use nylons in crochet? Share with me in the comments below!

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  1. I am so happy I came across your site. I love to crochet, but never get straight edges and about the panty hose, what a great idea. I can see every stitich well and understand all your instructions. Amazing, you have made my day. Bless you and thank you so much,
  2. @Nicole James. Lol. I had a good laugh when I read about your dog "only" shedding twice a year. At first I thought, "How lucky! Only twice a year"? And then I read the next sentence and had a good laugh! My "pure white cat" sheds the same way as your dog does! 24/7, 365 days. She doesn't even give me a break on holidays! Lol I love this knee-high trick. I'm going to dig out any old ones that I have in my drawer now, & will be ordering more for the future. What a great idea, Ashlea! Thank you!
  3. I have recently learned another use for knee thighs. My son recently started working for a couple that tear down dilapidated homes, and also do remodels. He came home covered in insulation one day. Asked me if I had any knee thighs to get the insulation off of him. He stuck his hand in the knee high and started rubbing the opposite arm. Like magic the itching/irritation stopped. He used about 4 knee thighs because he was covered. I keep them handy for him to use. Just thought I would share.
  4. A-MAZ-ING!! I never thought of using the pantyhose around the stuffing and often wondered how people keep it from poking out! My mind is literally blown!! Thank you!
  5. Hi Ashlea! You are my main crochet go to gal... If I see you release a pattern, I have total confidence that it's something I can follow pain free! After all, it's because of you that I learned to read crochet patterns❤️ These are wonderful suggestions for panty hose. I am going to definitely use it to keep my skeins dog hair free... We have an Australian Shepherd that sheds twice a year... Each shed lasts 6 months long My main reason for this comment is to compliment your web pages and emails. Majority of the crochet sites are so full of ads, which I don't mind if they would display like yours do. I understand the necessity for the ads, but not to the point that it clutters up the entire article enough to make me click out and deter me from the content I originally intended to check out. Thank you for being you! Much love to you and yours!❤️