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How to Size Crochet Beanies + Master Beanie Pattern

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Beanies are the bane of my existence. Okay, that might be a tad harsh BUT you can’t tell me there’s not a learning curve when it comes to crocheting beanies and the sizing of them. There are countless patterns out there. We’re talking different sizes, different stitches, different yarn, different hooks, different fits (slouchy or tight) etc etc etc. We could go on for hours but instead let’s talk about this new basic master beanie pattern that you can use to make just about any kind of hat.

How to size crocheted beanies

How to Size Crochet Hats + Master Beanie Pattern

How am I going to create a master beanie pattern, you ask? Simply by knowing when to stop increasing and when to stop adding length. We can use this method with single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet or just about any other crochet stitch or pattern. Knowing this allows you to make a beanie based on your own personal tension, hook size, and head size. Cool, right?

When you crochet beanies from the top down and you stop increasing, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the hat won’t continue to widen for a few rows. It will take several rows after stopping the increases before it begins to really straighten out on the sides. So, we have a handy dandy chart that tells you when to stop increasing so you don’t end up with a fruit bowl or worse: a lamp shade.

How to Size Crochet Hats + Master Beanie PatternIf you are making for a toddler, you will want to stop increasing when the width of the hat reaches about 6”. Use the guide above as a general rule of thumb. Check the width of your beanie after every round. When you get the crown of the hat about as wide as suggested, simply stop increasing. If you stop increasing at 6″ and have 50 sts in that round, you would continue making 50 st rows until you reach the desired length. In this case about 6″.

How to crochet the perfect beanie

For this basic beanie, we are going to start with a magic circle, then double crochet 10 times into the circle. With each row we’ll add 10 more stitches so that row 2 has 20 stitches, row 3 has 30 stitches and following that line, row 7 would have 70 stitches. You dig?

Row 1 = 10 sts
Row 2 = 20 sts
Row 3 = 30 sts
Row 4 = 40 sts
Row 5 = 50 sts
Row 6 = 60 sts
Row 7 = 70 sts
…etc until width is reached.

master beanie pattern

New to reading crochet patterns? You’ll want to read this article before you get started. Remember to check your width after each row, and when desired crown size is reached, simply continue crocheting the same number of stitches in each row until you reach desired length. For example, I know that my head is as wide as 70 sts. Once I finish row 7 I’ll continue each row with 70 stitches until the hat is about 8″ tall. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Master Beanie Pattern for increasing:

Row 1: Magic Circle, 10 dc in circle. Join to top of first dc with sl st. (10)
Row 2: Ch-2, 2dc in each st around. Join to top of first dc with sl st. (20)
Row 3: Ch-2 *dc in next st, 2dc in next* repeat around. Join to top of first dc with sl st. (30)
Row 4: Ch-2 *dc in next 2 sts, 2dc in next* repeat around. Join to top of first dc with sl st. (40)
Row 5: Ch-2 *dc in next 3 sts, 2dc in next* repeat around. Join to top of first dc with sl st. (50)
Row 6: Ch-2 *dc in next 4 sts, 2dc in next* repeat around. Join to top of first dc with sl st. (60)
Row 7: Ch-2 *dc in next 5 sts, 2dc in next* repeat around. Join to top of first dc with sl st. (70)

Need more help? There are thousands and thousands of hookers (including myself!) that would be happy to help in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community group on Facebook. Join us!

How to Size Crochet Hats + Master Beanie Pattern

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  1. I used your instructions for Master Beanie but my hat still seems to get bigger even after I stop increasing (similar to another pattern I use). What am I doing wrong? I made one for a large adult but I stopped at 60 stitches/row. Any advice will be appreciated.
  2. Thank you for the article. Doesn’t the hook size also have to do with the hat size? That is what I discovered.
  3. I’ve been trying out beanie patterns for days until I found your site. The sizing is wonderful. I’m making beanies for charity and now I can make 2 in a day. Thank you so much!
  4. Hi, I have been tearing out and re-crocheting a beanie for days using different patterns and it has been a nightmare. I'm making beanies for my one year old grandsons and even with following the pattern precisely, they come out too big!! I was beginning to think I'd have to give up this project. I finally googled "frustrated with crochet beanie patterns" and found your site. This pattern and tips saved the day! I'm especially happy with the sizing chart. Thank you so much!!
  5. I have been crocheting for 60 years and have used this gauge for a long time. It is spot on for sizing. Too many patterns are written according to how tight or loose someone crochets so they don't always come out right.
  6. Wow, this really works. Just made a kids size for my son and it worked out perfectly first try. I used mostly DC, but added a bit of variation with SC to get the measurement for the crown right and then later a couple of rows of HDC for looks. The last three rows I alternated front post, back post DC to add ribbing. Perfect! Thank you so much.
  7. Hello. I Having a nightmare trying to Male a simple beanie. Please help I have worked my yarn so. I have to get nee yarn I have used 6-7 different pattern abs have leaned di many variations s I’m going g blind. Lol. I get to the desired circumference. No problem. Stitch count perfect. But I have a bowl. A big bowl no matter what I do. I go uo a hook I go down a hook. It’s either a child hat or a bowl I’m trying to make simple men hat. 22””. I can’t get to Rd 14. For the Baklava. Because I have a giant sals bowl. It just gets wider and wider a d wider. Amd will not pull in. The ski mask should fit snug. I can’t make a snug beanie. I submitted to your fB community for help also. Ty. Anything you can do is appreciated I’m off yo try the 7 in a Ring pattern Then if need be I’ll go for the Kufee I use to make them by the tins decades ago. Ty
    1. I hope you can help. I am using all my DK yarn to make charity beanies (and other items). I am using a 4.5 mm hook, but the hats are still ending up wide and long enough to fit an elephant and the stitches aren't as tight as I would like. I want to change from DC to a HDC using DK yarn. I cannot find any help on the Internet. Once you mention HDC you get instructions for WW yarn. I have so much DK yarn to use. Can you help, PLEASE????? Namaste Jan
  8. Hi, This is so helpful, thanks so much! I'm having a nightmare getting the right size for my new Grandson, but if I follow this I will have no problem! Thanks again
  9. Hi, I just finished doing a pixie cardigan and want to do a beanie to match. The body is 1sc, 2dc in one stitch and skip 2 (think this is called a combo stitch but not sure) - the sleeves and border are hdc. I want to use your explanation on how to do a beanie but instead of the dc I want to do the hdc for the crown, the combo for the main and then hdc for the rim. Do you have any suggestions that can help. I know when changing to the combo I would need to have a multiple of 3 stitches for the pattern to work but I would also have to keep turning instead of going around. Can it be done? Regards Sherylee
    1. Instead of doing ten stitches do 9. I always work one row without increase for better shaping Usually the fifth. When you do last row you will either have sixty-three or seventy-two stitches with the nine stitch beginning. Most women are about 21” circumference. Do one more row to add in the extra stitches that you need. Either in thirds or quarters for three extra or four extra. Hope this is clearer than mud.
  10. I’ve started this sooo many times only to have undo everything and start over. I finally thought I had it. I go to row 70 and could have sworn I had 70 stitches. I was so excited. Could have sworn the next row had 70 as well. I measure, need a few more rows. Finished my third row of 70 stitches, count and I have more than 80. Cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong. I am seriously beginning to think I’ve gotten this far in life not being able to count. I’m going to conquer this thing yet. At least I only have 3 rows to redo. On a good note my stitches are getting better, and more uniform.
    1. You’re probably adding an extra stitch or two when you join. I’d had tons of trouble too, but I finally got it - as long as I’m super careful to count when I’m on the increase rows and then take care to slip stitch into the top of the first stitch of each round and not in the gap, which would add a stitch. Good luck!
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  15. Please help!! I've made SOOO many of these and can't get it right. The directions seems so simple. The baby I'm making it for has a 16" head. I make my circle till its a little over 5" in diameter and then go with that number. Every beanie is huge!! What am I doing wrong??? I'm SO frustrated!!
    1. My question exactly. Head circumference is 19. Toddler. So do you make the brim shorter and by how much? Haven't made one in 25 yrs. Thank you
      1. Could anyone advise me please as i am an amateur at this.very new! I crocheted a beanie for my soon to be newborn. There was a ribbed effect on the bottom but i was putting extra rows and the hat didnt seem to be getting much longer very quickly. I followed a YouTube video step by step and theirs just seemed way longer. So i did 2 extra rows of ribbing for length. My question is, when you want to add only length and not width, do you still stitch 2 at the start of the new round? Or is that increasing the width? Many thanks Stacey
      2. If head circumference is 19, then half of that would be the measurement you would want across the finished hat laid flat. Maybe a tiny bit less for negative ease.
  16. Made this once with white acrylic yarn, and it looked more like a basket. So, made it again with yellow wool yarn to make a nice little basket!
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  18. Thank you so much Ashlea for the great info on how to size the Beanie hats! With your info, I was able to figure out how to size a Slouchy Hat for myself and make one in a few hours! I look forward to being able to make even more hats now because of your hard work and sharing of your info. Thank you for the service you provide to us all! May God bless!
  19. AshLea, I am new to your site, and love this beany. Would love to do it for my great grandson. You do very good at explaining it but was wondering how I could buy a copy of your pattern. Do you also do these with 2 strains of yarn at a time? I make lap blankets with double yarn for nursing homes. Would appreciate any info you could give me. Thank you for welcoming me into your group. God Bless. Diana
  20. Good pattern & tips for dbl crochet, I tried it with HDC & it was wonky but definitely works for a dbl crochet! Thanks for writing it up plain & clearly, so many unclear directions out there. Ps. I wish there was a way to delete or edit comments
  21. "Beanies are the bane of my existence." Mine too. LOL I've been searching for a month trying to figure out why I can't crochet a beanie. End results were either too big or too small. I'm self taught crocheter starting this adventure in April of 2019. My favorite crochet projects are baskets and bowls. After many tries at crocheting a beanie, I was frustrated. I took a break until the other day. I found your website with this post. Bingo! I hit the jackpot! Everything I needed to know and was searching for. Measurement chart is just what I needed and very handy. (I'm printing and laminating to keep with my supplies). I was finally successful crocheting a beanie for my husband! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.
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  23. I have never seen a crochet pattern where the chain is not counted as a stitch. The pattern is thus not uniform, it is off by a stitch. All of patterns I use have a starting chain n the round chain three, to count as a dc.
    1. This is not the first time I’ve seen a pattern not counting the ch as a stitch several times... many many times actually... Maybe consider your usual way of doing it may not be the ONLY “right” way to do it. Her pattern teaching doesn’t count it as a stitch, so simply don’t count it as a stitch and your fine. Makes a perfect beanie. Just consider in the future before rudely commenting it’s “not uniform”, that what you might be used too isn’t the ONLY way of doing things.
      1. I agree there's many different ways of doing things. You just have to find what's comfortable for you . My self I Love Learning different ways of crocheting
    2. Hey Joy! In making the pattern, I actually liked learning NOT to count the chain 2 as the first dc! Then instead of joining in the top of the chain 2, I joined in the dc stitch because it’s easier to crochet into. Because I did it that way, I then crocheted the first stitch into that same joining stitch to make the rest of the count work out, if any of that makes any sense! LOL! You may have to give it a try to see how it actually works! But in doing it this way, I find that the unsightly gap at the back seam, “seems” (pun intended) to vanish! I love this way and plan to convert other patterns that I do to this method as well. There is so much to learn! Be open to trying and learning new things! Happy crocheting from a fairly new and self taught crocheter as well!
      1. I am on beanie number three abc at first I was a little confused about what to do with the chain 2 but it did not say to count it so I didn’t. Worked great and yes no gap. I am beginning again after many years of not crocheting. As I wasn’t experienced then , it’s a learning situation. Loving it
  24. Hi, After years of cross stitch I had cataract surg & find it very eye straining now so I've been relearning crochet originally taught by my Grdma & I keep going to you for lessons. I've been making little hats, scarfs & little blankets for premies. I'm also trying Knooking which is a challenge but interesting. Thank you for all the info charts you provide, their a big help. I'm off to more stitching. X&O
  25. Thank you so much for creating this guideline. This formula works regardless of the size of the yarn & hook and my hats come out perfectly sized every time.
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  27. Thank you for these clearly written instructions and guide for making a simple beanie! Love this and saved it to my files.
  28. I have struggling with the math for a while now to make larger and smaller sized Beanie hats. Your explanation is so blindingly simple. Thank you so much for making my life so much easier.
  29. OMG...the beginning of this article is totally how I feel about hats. I've been attempting to do a moss stitch beanie for 2 weeks! The first beanie I attempted before that was an hdc pattern and it literally looked like a bowl. The moss stitch pattern I was using I found on YouTube. I'm not using the same yarn or even a bulky yarn like the woman in the tutorial and the first couple of times I either put double stitches where they weren't supposed and frogged my work or somehow wound up with extra stitches in the latter rounds. During my last attempt at the moss stitch beanie, I was on the 20th round of 54 stitches and the crown of the hat looked like it had humps even when placed on my head. Frogged that completely and decided that was enough for the moment and I'm back to doing another moss stitch scarf. Another time I attempted the beanie, I made myself crochet more loosely but then there were big gaping (to me) holes in the crown. Hat won't be warm if it's got big holes in the top. I've tried everything from crocheting tighter to avoid the holes and using a bigger hook (that still left holes). Hats literally ARE the bane of MY existence. But then I found this. I'm going to make an another attempt at the moss stitch beanie using this as a guide and will let you know how it works for me. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. The pattern I'm using calls for bulky 12 ply yarn and an I or J size hook. The yarn I'm using is worted weight medium yarn and I'm using a J hook as I find that to be the best hook size for the moss stitch.
    1. My first few that I’ve tried were disasters. I had one that looked like a tea cosy! This pattern works perfect. And like others have said no matter ths typs of yarn. Love it!
  30. Hi!! I'm just into the crochet world and bought a 3,5mm and a matching cotton wool. I wanted to do a hat for a baby for practicing my crochet skills but I'm having trouble finding the number of stitches I need for that needle size. Could anybody help me?? Thank you in advance!
    1. Self taught later in life crocheter here, recently retired and determined to advance beyond scarves...lol! Just mastered the magic circle and following rounds but always struggle when I get to the end of the round on the last stitch. There’s a small stitch left and I always wonder if I’m supposed to stitch into it or not but I have been counting after rounds to make sure the count is right. Thanks for the crown and length measurements. I too have ended up with hats for children with giant heads. I’ve always been confused n yarn weights and hook sizes. Even though I use the hook noted in the yarn label, I always find a pattern I like that doesn’t come out right with the yarn I have. One more thing, and this is just because I’m still learning, but I was confused on how you proceed when you get to the desired crown size, in my case, 50 stitches. I continued to do that same round after that, DC in 3 stitches, 2 DC in next, etc. Of course ended up with extra stitches. Then I finally figured out, Ch 2, 1 DC in each of those 50 stitches. Looks like this beanie will come out fine. Thanks for your help! Looking forward to making some beanies in different sizes.
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