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Aldi Quarter Keeper {FREE Crochet Pattern}

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Oh Aldi, how I love you and your rental carts. If you’re an avid Aldi shopper like myself, you know the struggle. The struggle of finding (and keeping) a quarter with you at all times to unlock one of their carts. What do we need? An Aldi Quarter Keeper Keychain! What do we have? A FREE crochet pattern!

*I can hear you cheering from here*

How to Make an Aldi Quarter Keeper Keychain

Aldi Quarter Keeper Crochet Pattern

For this pattern you’ll only use one stitch: the single crochet. We are basically creating a rectangle that we will then fold over on itself (enclosing the quarter). Then we will single crochet around to create a pocket. Then we go back and single crochet around the opening to tighten it up a bit and then we create a loop up top for the key chain ring. Ready?

There is a VIDEO of the process on our Facebook page! 😀


Mercerized sport weight cotton yarn (like this kind)
Crochet hook in size C
Yarn needle for weaving in ends
Keychain ring (like these)

NOTE! Check the length of your chain before moving on to the rows. With some cotton yarn I need only 8 foundation single crochet stitches, while other yarns require 10. If your yarn is thicker, you may only need 19 rows as well, instead of 21.


Foundation single crochet 8. Ch-1 turn. *see note above
*if you are unfamiliar with this stitch see this video tutorial or you can do a chain-9 and sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each across. Ch-1, turn. 
Rows 1- 21: sc in each st across. Ch-1, turn. DO NOT FASTEN OFF.

Using a quarter for your guide, fold ends in. Play with the placement a bit, I did about six rows for the bottom of the quarter and four rows for the top of the quarter. Use stitch markers (or not if you too live dangerously) to keep the sides lined up, and begin to single crochet through both sides around the entire square making sure to single crochet TWO in EACH corner. This helps to keep the corners from curling in. Join to beginning stitch leaving a long tail.

Aldi Quarter Keeper {FREE Crochet Pattern}

Feed the yarn through to the opening (where you’ll insert the quarter) and pull up a loop. Single crochet around the opening. Join with slip stitch and weave in ends.

Create your loop

At the top of the square, find your center-most four stitches in and start on your loop for the keychain ring. Attach yarn and ch-1, then sc in that same stitch and in the next three. Ch-1, turn. (4 sts)

Aldi Quarter Keeper {FREE Crochet Pattern}

Continue with the strap for about 10 rows, then fasten off leaving a long tail and sew the end to the beginning, forming a loop for the key ring. Insert your key ring in the loop and you, my friend, are golden.

Watch a quick video of the entire process on our Facebook page!

Aldi Quarter Keeper Crochet Pattern

Aldi Quarter Keeper {FREE Crochet Pattern}

Tada! Now show off your fancy quarter keeper keychain, and make one for everyone for presents.

You may sell products made from this pattern, but please do not post the pattern itself without permission. If you share this post please reference my blog, where you found the pattern. Thank you! ~ Ashlea

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  1. I don’t shop at Aldi because they do charge for a cart! How ridiculous expect customers to pay that ——- but then look at the people who will do whatever they are told to do…….
  2. This is a great idea. Getting ready to make some. At the Aldi stores in my city, there’s lots of people who will see you either walking towards the store to get a cart and someone is getting ready to put theirs away and they offer you their cart so you don’t have to pay the quarter and they refuse the quarter when you offer it, then when you come out of the store, there’s people that want your cart and offer to pay the quarter and I never take their quarter. It’s kind of a pay it forward type thing there’s so many nice people that shop at Aldi‘s and I’m still going to make these because I know there’s lots of people that will use them. (I hope that made sense.) Thanks for the free pattern!!
  3. I just stumbled across this AWESOME THING!! And YES, I am CHEERING!!! I NEVER NEVER NEVER have a quarter when I go to Aldi. I usually bring in my thick bag (that is used for frozen items) and stuff it full of all my stuff and carry some stuff in my arms. I am usually ok because I only buy certain things at Aldi. BUT, sometimes I really need a cart. Like when I am buying 4 half gallons of organic almond milk plus the other stuff!! I am going to make a bunch and give them out when I am there!!!
  4. With a little modification, this would be a great pattern for a change purse - perfect for a little one's first experiences with saving money.
  5. I'm in UK and a lot of stores use £1 coin for our trolleys, but some stores stopped it too, we have trolley coins here too (just incase you don't have £1 coin the trolley coin is exact shape and size so fits perfectly). I'm going to making a few of these for definite.
  6. So eine Idee ist einfach Klasse, warum kommt man nicht selber darauf, freue mich auf weitere schöne Ideen. Danke im vorraus.
  7. thank you for sharing the quarter keeper, the clear video will make it much easier to understand, I'm going to try it, just in case i decide to stop at an Aldi's.
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    1. making a quarter key chain is great but would like directions slower. i am a beginer and love this idea thankyou
  10. You can also use this for ukulele or guitar picks. I think they are about the same size as a quarter except not round.
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  13. just discovered this quarter keeper love it would like to make for my siosters can you put more than one quarter in it etc also you say ya have a video on faceboook i dont do facebook do you have the video ya can send me
  14. My daughter is doing portraits a local craft show in a few months and I thought I could make some of these for an extra thing to sell. How much do you charge for them?
    1. I've never used that but as long as it is thinner than a regular cotton but not as thin as a lightweight (size 3) it would work fine.
  15. Brilliant! We just 'discovered' our local Aldi's, and can't believe how much we are saving weekly on groceries. And, that simple quarter keeps the parking lot clear of carts, and also keeps them out of the creek :-) Thanks so much! warmly, Beth
  16. this is a fantastic idea! I wanted something to make for my dgs and this will be prefect. I'll make it so that he can put more than one quarter in it so that he can use the change for parking ect. Thank you so much for the great idea and pattern
  17. I Love Aldi and this quarter Idea!! I usually keep a quarter in the center console of my car and ALWAYS put it back. Making people use a quarter for a cart keeps the parking lot clear as well as prices down because they don't need extra employees to go collect carts.
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  21. wtf?!? A grocery store that charges you to use a shopping cart????? That's insane!!! What ya supposed to do with yer stuff while your shopping if you don't have a quarter?? Geez. I'm astounded and confounded
    1. It's a European thing and it's so easy to get used to. The savings are so worth it. Plus you never have to move a cart to park your car!!!
      1. Well.....sometimes it isn't worth the quarter/deposit to people and they leave the basket . The next person who clears the lot of it gains 25 cents.
    2. My thought when I came to America was exactly opposite, carts everywhere because they don't have a coin system. I love how European stores keep an order with just a simple "rent a cart" thought.
    3. I grew up in So Cal. There were a ton of places in the San Fernando valley that had you “pay” for your cart. Not only did it cut down on carts all over the parking lots, or in the neighboring stores lots, but people would steal them and use them the same as you would a stroller. Or the homeless would take them and live out of them. Costco had the same set up. I’m working on my first quarter/coin carrier now! I’m forever forgetting my quarters for Aldi! But I always have my keys with me! Haha!
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  23. I love your idea of putting the loop on top. I've been making these for years as stuffing stockers from a tutorial from bobwilson123.
    1. Love Claire@bobwilson123! She basically taught me to crochet with all her videos! I’ve finally started venturing away from the nest to broaden my horizons and learn more stitches and find things to use up my stash on! I think my husband was appalled at how incredibly fast my yarn stash grew lol
  24. I love your idea but my quarter keeps falling out. Yours looks so much neater too. I assume u insert the key ring before sewing the loop? Did u sc around the whole opening. I even tried to slip stitch vs sc in the opening but my quarter is still pretty loose. How big is the finished project. I'm so sorry for all the questions but I have people that want them as do I. Thank you!
    1. Hi Barb! I'm thinking the gauge might be off a little? I'm using a size C hook to make it super tight, with a fine (sport weight) cotton yarn. Yes, I'm doing sc around the entire thing, and it should have a top flap that you can use to fully enclose the quarter. Mine is about 1.75" square. Let me know if that does not help!
    2. I made mine a lot smaller than the pattern for (8 sc in my rows, and 14 rows only). I also changed it so it's all made in one piece. I use a C hook and Caron simply soft. Try making it smaller to see if that helps.