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Simple Scarf for Men Free Crochet Pattern

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This year I am making all crocheted items for the gift exchange at work. I made a Messy Mom Bun Beanie for my co-worker that loves to go camping and hiking, another Messy Mom Bun Beanie in the most gorgeous shade of fuchsia for my super-chic artsy co-worker, a super warm beanie cap for the elderly gentleman in the office (his first year with the company was 1946!), a pair of the Dragon Tears Fingerless Gloves for another co-worker, annnnnd that left my boss with nothing crocheted. I was stumped. Until I came up with this super quick, super easy and “manly” simple scarf pattern, that is. I love it so much that I decided to offer it for free. 😀

Simple Scarf for Men Free Crochet Pattern

Simple Scarf for Men

This pattern features a simple two-stitch repeat that creates a beautiful textured effect. This is the same stitch repeat used in our Market Bag free crochet pattern, and works up beautifully for the men (or women!) in your life that you’re just not sure what to gift.

Simple Scarf for Men Free Crochet Pattern

The fact that wind chill is below zero in these parts lately means that my boss gets good use out of it.

Simple Scarf for Men Free Crochet Pattern

The body of this pattern only uses TWO crochet stitches: the single crochet and the double crochet. If you are unfamiliar with either of these stitches, we have video tutorials for each.

Simple Scarf for Men Free Crochet Pattern


Big Twist Chunky Yarn in Slate (two skeins)

Crochet hook in size M/N


Pattern written using US terms.

If you need help reading a crochet pattern, make sure you head over here and check out this detailed post.

The chain at the beginning of the row does not count as a stitch.

Finished dimensions: Approx. 9” wide and 60” long

Gauge: 10.5 sts in 4″ width


Row 1: Ch-25. Sc in 2nd ch from hook, dc in next. *sc in next, dc in next* to end of row. Ch-1, turn. (24)

Row 2: Sc in first (same as ch), dc in next. *sc in next, dc in next* to end. (24)

***in this row and all following rows the sc and dc stitches are offset, meaning you’ll sc in the dcs from the previous row and dc in the scs from previous row to create textured effect***

When desired length is reached, fasten off and weave in ends. Clip some of the remainder of your yarn into 12” strands. Taking three strands at a time, add fringe to every sc opening in the end of the scarf as pictured. Trim the fringe to be uniform annnnnd you’re done! Easy, right?

Simple Scarf for Men Free Crochet Pattern

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  1. Hi! I made this with a worsted weight, single strand and sz 6 hook and it came it out fantastic. This is such a simple pattern yet makes a fluffy, textured set of stitches which looks like a person tried really, really hard to make. But didn't lol.. ;) Thanx for all your free patterns. It's appreciated.
  2. Very simple and easy to make using Berroco number 5 yarn. Made a high quality super wash warm wool scarf for husband. Thank you!!!
      1. I think 60” is a good length for this type of scarf, and especially for a man you need at least that. If he’s very tall or broad shouldered you might want to go even longer. The pattern suggests 60” and that’s what I thought would be good for my woman friend. It works up fast and looks great!
      1. Thanks! I just finished my scarf, made for a woman, and I love it— and yes, I used approx. 400 yds of worsted weight— lion Brand Ferris Wheel in colorway Imaginary Garden. Thank you for this great pattern!
    1. Hi Betty! You can but it would turn out smaller if worked up as written in pattern. You would need to increase your starting chain in multiples of 2 to widen the scarf and do more rows to get more length. Hope this helps!
  3. Wanting to make this simple scarf for men but the Big Twist Chunky yarn is discontinued...what yarn would you recommend substituting with?
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  5. I’m a beginner so I’m a little confused. Does every row start and end with a single crochet? Or would the third row start with double crochet and end with double crochet and then the fourth would be single crochet and and was single crochet and so on?
  6. Does the slip knot “chain” count as one of the chains, so you actually Chain 24, or ignore it and c Chain 25? I am a true beginner, and I’m not sure what to do. Also, I’m not sure about this Chain one at the end of each row? About how long should the chain be in inches, after you have chained 25? I’m sorry for these dumb questions, but I want it to be right! Thanks for your help, and the pattern.
    1. Hi Micky! You do not count the loop on your hook (your slip know) as a chain...so you will make your slip knot, then chain 25. Your starting chain should be approximately 9" long. The chain 1 at the end of each row is simply to bring your yarn up to the height of your next row...you will not count the chain 1 as a stitch in this pattern. Hope this helps!
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  8. Hi!! I am making my 2nd scarf with this Pattern. It is by far the best scarf I have made. The texture is awesome. Thanks for sharing!
  9. I don't suppose you would have a matching beanie/hat pattern, for this scarf, would you? If so, can you post a link here or email it to me at jkinsey435@yahoo.com. I'm looking for easy patterns to do scarves and hats for the Operation Gratitude drive for our service members. Thank You, Jessica
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  11. Thanks so much for this pattern! I am making my brother a scarf with a grey and white ombré color and it looks so nice!!!
  12. You have the neatest patterns that are simple to make. I love them and want to thank you. I also love your tutorials. They are simple to catch on to any stitch. Thank you so much. You’re great.
  13. Oh my I don’t know where to start. Never have I seen so many patterns for men boys in one place. Thank you!!
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  15. Thank you for this easy pattern! I make scarves for charity and was looking for a quick, easy pattern, as I was bored after making so many scarves. Thanks again!
  16. Beautiful pattern, but I tried making it in camo. I had trouble telling sc from dc and keeping track with the dark variegated yarn. I’m going to start over with a solid color. It works fine with worsted (group 4) yarn and size J hook.
  17. I love the idea of making scarves for guys. I made all my friends at college scarves for Christmas. I just did a simple 9 rows of double crochet. I made them the long way by chaining 72 inches and then crocheting. I don’t know how many really appreciated them but they kept them warm against the Missouri cold. One of my friends who’s a guy actually thought it was sweet of me to make them a gift.
  18. I just have a quick question, there is a chain one at the end of the first row, is there a chain one at the end of each row?
    1. I was confused about that also. I haven’t made this scarf yet, but I’m going to use the ch 1 at the end of each row. It makes sense.
  19. Thank you so much for the men's scarf pattern. I made it 10 x70 inches. My nephew is tall. It is an awesome scarf for a man!
  20. Holy crap! I love this pattern. I made five scarves with it in only a few days. It works up fast and you can easily adjust for size. One thing I really want to mention is that sometimes it is hard to get a scarf straight. For some reason, this pattern works up straight, effortlessly. The pattern is simple, but looks unique. If you use dark colours, the pattern reads masculine, if you use feminine colours, the pattern reads feminine. Unlike other patterns. For example, hdc back loop, reads more masculine, regardless of colour. As for yarn, I made it with two types. I used Patons Canadiana, which is thinner, flexible, and so soft. I also made a couple with Vanna's Choice. This is a warmer and thicker yarn. Anyway, good job! A lot of people post patterns, and half the time they don't work. I will have fun exploring your other patterns. Thanks again for solving my problem of not having a great go-to scarf pattern for anyone :-)
    1. I just have a quick question, there is a chain one at the end of the first row, is there a chain one at the end of each row?
  21. Is it possible to make this with worsted weight yarn? I was asked to make a matching scarf (camoflauge pattern) to a hat I made the previous year.
    1. Hello, I had previously had a file to click, but instead I just put the pattern in the actual post, so you should be able to see it now. Thank you!
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