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The Joker (Batman) Amigurumi FREE Crochet Pattern

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Last weekend I finished a Power Rangers graphghan for my 7 year old. He loves it so much he hardly wants to use it. So sweet, and I can tell that this is something that will always be very special to him.

Since my younger son got an intricate, time consuming crochet project from me (my older son will get his own blanket soon as well), I couldn’t leave my other hangin’ without creating something fun for him in the meantime.

My older son Caden has decided that he wants to be The Joker for Halloween this year. My mom went ahead and ordered their costumes (thanks, Mom!) and they have barely taken them off since they were delivered.

You should have seen their faces when I told them Halloween was another six weeks away. It was a mixture of shock, then horror, then disappointment. LOL!

Then they realized that this means they get SIX WHOLE WEEKS to play with their costumes before the big day. Adorable.

The Joker (Batman) Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

The Joker (Batman) Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

He’s adorable, cuddly, and about I wrote down the pattern as I went, and now I need pattern testers.

I am going to say that this is for the intermediate crocheter. If you have experience with crochet (and amigurumi) you’ll be able to whip this little guy up within a day or two!The Joker (Batman) Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Why So Serious?

I am still deciding as to whether or not this will be a free or paid pattern. While ALL of the crochet patterns on Heart Hook Home are free, this little guy was much more intense to create/design/write up etc. If I do offer him as my first paid pattern, I will include a second (NEW) pattern as a BONUS with purchase!

I have decided to make him FREE!

Head on over and grab the free PDF pattern. The testers that have responded expressed no issues with the pattern *fist pump* but if you find an error be sure to let me know so I can get it updated. Thanks!


Batman is up next!

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  1. Thank you so very much for the free Joker pattern. He looks absolutely awesome. Lots of love from Ireland
  2. I just wanted to say that this was my brothers favorite thing. I made it for him after losing my mom and he took it every where we went never left him. As a matter of fact it went into the casket with him after he passed away. My brother was a CHDer and later had 2 heart transplants he past away in 2019. I wanted to say thank you for this as you placed a smile on a little boys face that was mourning the death of his mom. Yes I made this for him :) Your patterns give me something to look forward to when the low moments come in. Crochetting is my therapy :)
  3. I've tried to crochet this pattern for over 2 months now having to restart every time due to stitches not lining up when I end with orange to start the purple for the jacket. I'm needing the doll for my nephew as he wanted the joker doll to match the batman I crochet him 4 years ago. Can some one please help me out
    1. Muchas gracias facilita mi labor su ingenio muchas veces hago a ojo mis pedidos y es hacer y deshacer así que entiendo que usted uso tiempo recursos y esfuerzo se lo agradezco
  4. I'm n the process of making the joker and I'm in to the chest but on r29 u have sc5 Dec sc5 Dec sc18 Dec sc5 Dec sc10 if u add up it comes up to 47 n I end up w 9sts at the end of the row thx
  5. I would love to have this pattern but it won't let me click on the link. Can you please email it to me? Thank you!
  6. I love this Joker doll. My Grandaughter is very into Joker so I’m making one for sure. Thank you for having it for free! Is there any way you could design a Harley doll to go with this Joker? I would also love to make her one. Please let me know. I love your designs, and often visit your site.
    1. I love this Joker doll. My Grandaughter is very into Joker so I’m making one for sure. Thank you for having it for free! Is there any way you could design a Harley doll to go with this Joker? The New Harley with the pink and blue pony tails. I would also love to make her one. Please let me know. I love your designs, and often visit your site.
    1. Hi Edna! I'm sorry there was an issue. Does this open for you? http://hearthookhome.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Joker-Amigurumi-Crochet-Pattern-Heart-Hook-Home.pdf
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  10. I tried clicking the link for the pattern but nothing happened. Is it possible to have it emailed? My email address is fabulousladyj@yahoo.com thanks in advance. :)
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  12. Hello!! The joker is so cute!! I would like to do it but i can't see the pattern. Can you please share me the pattern? It's for my husband♡ . My email is lara.pecu@hotmail.com i'll be so happy. I love your page
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  16. I am having problems down loading if you could e-mail it to me I would appreciate it kathyh_708@hotmil.com Thank you so much .
  17. I would love to test. I can make him this weekend if that is not too late for you. I am an experienced crocheter and also have tons of experience with amigurumi. I think your Joker looks very cute!
  18. Got my testers!! THANK YOU ladies! I will be sending an email later today with the FULL pattern (including photos of every step of the process).