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The Elizabeth Cardigan CAL – Part 1

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Are you ready for part ONE of the Elizabeth Cardigan Crochet Along (CAL)? I am not going to lie, I am SUPER nervous but we are going to rock this together!

The Elizabeth Cardigan CAL – Part 1

As you know, in this Crochet Along we are making the Elizabeth Cardigan. This cardigan features the Mini Bean stitch (also known as the Elizabeth Stitch) which gives it a fantastic drape and a nice, slouchy (but not too slouchy!) fit.

There will be FOUR parts to this cardigan CAL. In this, part number ONE, we will create the FIRST front of the cardigan. It is important to note that your cardigan size is completely customizable to your body’s height and width. Because torsos vary so greatly, we are using a specific body measurement to make sure the points on the front of the cardigan hang where you want them to hang. How will we do this, you ask? Read on, friend!


Yarn of your choice
*approx. 1200 yards for size small
*approx. 1500 yards for size large
*approx. 2000 for size 2XL
Yardage needed has more to do with body height than width.

Crochet hook in whichever size you are most comfortable using with your yarn size. You want a nice, squishy and drapey feel to the fabric. Make a few gauge swatches to find the hook size that feels best to you.

Stitches Used:

Mini BeanMb – (also known as the Elizabeth Stitch) – tutorial here.

Crab Stitch (also known as reverse single crochet) – tutorial here.

Foundation Single Crochet

How to measure for part one:

Using a soft measuring tape, measure from the ball/top of your shoulder, straight down to your natural waist like so.

For example, I am 5’7” and my measurement is about 16.5”. 

This measurement will be how many ROWS (in inches) we crochet in part ONE. (It’s also okay if you’re off by an inch or two, but if you can’t decide I would err on the long side instead of the short side.) In the gold (original, more slouchy) cardigan pictured here I went to 21.5″ instead of my “natural waist” which is 16.5″.

The Elizabeth Cardigan CAL

As you can see, the finished cardigan has an asymmetrical front line. After adding sleeves and washing, the cardigan really relaxes and becomes more slouchy. You’ll be surprised! I was so surprised I had to alter the design a bit. If you want a longer front, you’ll add more rows. If you want the top corner to hit a little higher, you’ll crochet less rows. Whatever you do, WRITE IT DOWN so you don’t forget!

Because we are working in vertical rows, your first row (foundation row) will be the HEIGHT of your cardigan. Use the chart below to help you decide how tall (long) to make your foundation row.

Do you have your measurements, your yarn, and hook? Let’s make something!

Part 1:

Get the ad-free printable version of this ENTIRE pattern here.

Row 1: Fsc (or Fhdc) to length needed for your height per this chart. Make sure your stitch count ends on a multiple of TWO. Use these numbers as a guide, it is always best to measure yourself per the video instructions at the bottom of this post here.

sizing chart for Elizabeth Cardigan

Row 2: Ch-1, turn, Mb in 2nd st from hook. Sk one st, Mb in next. Repeat to end of foundation row.

Rows 3 – measurement in inches: Ch-1, turn, Mb in side of each Mb to end.


How many rows you complete in part one is directly related to how LOW the cardigan will hang in the front. In the gold cardigan (the original, more slouchy version) I added ~5 inches to my shoulder-to-waist measurement and stopped at 22″, in the red I only went to my natural waist measurement, the 16.5″. In this Big Cakes version I stopped at 19″ and that was PERFECT!

Questions? Feel free to ask! I covered sizing in this live video if you need more guidance.

Write down how many rows you completed before moving on to part two: ________

That is it! Yes, seriously, this is part one. Save up your questions because every week I’ll be answering them in the weekly LIVE Facebook video! It starts at 7:00 pm CST every Thursday night.

Part Release Dates:

Part 2 – here
Parts 3 & 4 – here

Stay tuned, and I can’t WAIT to make this again with you!

The Elizabeth Cardigan – Crochet Along (CAL) – Free Crochet Pattern
How to Crochet The Mini Bean Stitch (Elizabeth Stitch)

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  1. If I want to do the striped sleeveless cardigan, how many rows of each color? I can't tell since it's the MB stitch. I am not familiar enough with the stitch to be able to figure it out on my own.
    1. Hi Elisa! I have a video that explains how you can make this cardigan based on body measurements...it can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltHUA7HUhFk
  2. I have a question before I get to far in. In the bear video, you add 5 to 6 inches for a collar. Is that correct? The red cardigan doesn't appear to have a collar and the chart gives me a much shorter measurement than my measurement plus the collar. Please clarify and thank you for such a beautiful pattern!
    1. Hi Tauney! For the bear, I added a 2" collar...for an adult size, yes, you will be adding a larger collar of 6"-10" depending on what size you are making. The red cardigan does have a collar, it may just be a little harder to see in the pic. The measurement chart is just a guide, I would go off of actual measurements if you have them. Hope this helps!
      1. I’m a little confused with the measurements. Do you fsc until your shoulder to waist measurement or do you add 5-10 inches to your measurement?
        1. Hi Trish! The fsc in row 1 is the total length of your cardigan, so you can either use the chart (under row 1) to determine how many inches to fsc , OR measure from the base of your neck to just below your bottom and then add 6"-10" to that measurement and make your fsc row to that length. Hope this helps!
  3. When I click on your link in the article for the entire 'free' pattern it goes to Ravelry and it isn't free?' Is the free printable pattern no longer available? I can't work with video instructions unless I'm only checking for info, but not the entire pattern. Thanks, Barb
    1. Hi Barb! The printable version is ad-free and does have a small charge...I apologize for any confusion there.
  4. I love your tutorials. I am inspired to make this cardigan. I have a full time job so it takes me longer than usual to crochet. I love to crochet.
  5. I’m excited to start this pattern!! I love the gold color- what yarn did you use for the gold?? Thanks for all your hard work. I’ve made several of your patterns and used your videos to learn new things. I appreciate you!!
    1. Hi Rachel! I used I Love This Yarn in Sungold for that one. I am so glad you have been enjoying my patterns and tutorials! Happy Crocheting!
  6. My FSC measured 40” and I have now completed 14 rows but the length appears to have shrunk from 40” to 31”. Is this normal?
    1. Hi Amanda! Hmmmm...no, that's not normal. Are you losing stitches somewhere along the way? Or maybe your tension is tightening up?
      1. Thanks for the reply. So to confirm if I am counting correctly if my FSC is 100 sc then I should have 50 mini bean stitches?
  7. Grrrr frogging my part 1!! I started with your original pattern of 111 stitches for my 6' frame finally got to see your video last night get to measuring and mine is only 36"!! Sniff sniff so I guess I get to start over as I don't know anyone who would be able to wear if if I continue. I will get there love the look of this and am looking forward to trying one in Mandala soon as I finish my Caron one, Thanks for all you do
  8. I for life 9f me have been struggling with the foundation sc or hdc. It looks horrible. I've frogged non stop for days. Help!
      1. In the first version on the CAL she said to chain multiples of 2+1. I chained 101, turned and started the first mb in the third stitch. Continued until I had 50mb, chain 1 turn.
    1. If you're just not able to make the Fsc work, you can do a chain length in multiples of 2+1. A general guideline would be 91 chains for 30", 101 ch for 33", and 111 ch for 36". After you get a few rows done, measure your piece to make sure it is at your desired length...if not then you will need to adjust your starting chain accordingly.
      1. Ok I'll do that. I've been beating myself up for days trying to do this and it looks awful. I'll work quickly now to catch up since #2 Is out. Now I have a stitch to figure out as I see it in many patterns. Thank you ladies.
    1. Hi Wendy! There were some issues that people were having with gauge. Some were having trouble matching gauge...others could get it, but their stitches felt tight or stiff. So I did away with the gauge and changed it to Fsc/Fhdc. This will allow you to use any yarn you wish with whatever hook size will give your project a nice squishy/drapey feel. I have a facebook live video that explains it all here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HeartHookHome/permalink/800053573521762/
  9. Missed your first crochet-along. May I still view it? Is it avail. On YouTube? Thank u so much for doing a cal! So happy!
    1. We are still doing Part 1 now...it's not too late to join! Here is the link to my latest facebook live video about the CAL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HeartHookHome/permalink/800053573521762/
  10. Hi , I missed your first crochet-along. Would it be possible to view the crochet'alongs on youtube?May I still view it? Love this pattern and I for doing a crochet along! Yay!
  11. Omg! Love the design of the sweater! I literally searched online to have someone do a walk- through and written pattern with spot on accuracy of translation. Thank you! Much love grom alien capital
  12. I have a question about the Row 1 FSC with respect to 'make sure your stitch count ends on a multiple of TWO.'. Just want to be absolutely sure that it's not FSC a # of FSC stitches plus 1 as the instructions for FSC state. (Also because I seem to have one too many stitches!). Also in Row 2 we are beginning the Mini Bean Stitch in the first FSC, correct? Thank you!
    1. Hi Joan! You will want to make sure your foundation row stitch count is an EVEN number...there is no plus 1, but you will chain 1 for your turning chain. When starting row 2, you will skip the 1st Fsc and put a mini bean in the 2nd Fsc. At the end of row 2 your last mini bean should go into the last Fsc. Hope this makes sense!
    1. Hi Janet! The top and bottom corners of one side of your rectangle will naturally drape down to give you your points. It will hopefully make more sense once the armhole and back are finished!
  13. Okay, this is odd. I saw the pattern and watched your video the other day, and I remember seeing the red and black numbers for sizing. Now that I have my yarn and I'm starting my project, I don't see that in the pattern anymore. Did something disappear? Or have I gone yumpy?
    1. She made adjustments due to challenges with some getting the gauge. See the Saturday video for all the details.
    2. I made some changes due to gauge issues some people were having. You will now do a Fsc (or Fhdc) until you reach your desired length instead of a starting chain. I have added a link to my live video that covers this in this post.
  14. I am so sorry I voted to have the pattern released once a week... never imagined I would be caught up already ! My natural waist measured almost 17 and I did 19” forgot to count rows so I am gong to attempt that now.
  15. Didn't realize this was a free pattern and I bought it on Ravelry for $5. Will all changes you are making be in that pattern?
  16. I'm confused on what exactly we're measuring. I'm doing 16in for my shoulder to waist measurement but unsure where to measure for the other part. I saw 36in in the chart since I wanna 2xl and I'm 5'7 but I'm wondering where that number comes from? Is that the flap? The back? Thanks in advance for more detail.
    1. Hi Jess! Since this cardigan is worked vertically, the 36" will end up being the length...mainly in the back. The 16" will be how wide your front panel is, and the points will drape down. Hope that makes sense!
  17. Love the stitch and am so excited to make this cardigan but kinda bummed you pushed the release days out! The quick release dates was one reason I decided to make this CAL. I was looking forward to wearing it before it got warm. Please let me know if you post it on Ravelry so I can get it done asap!
  18. I hate to admit it, but I don't know how to adjust for gauge. Do you have a tutorial somewhere? My crocheting gives me the correct number of rows for height (11 rows to 4") but only 3 1/2 inches for 6 mini beans in width. (I normally crochet loosely but I've checked in several spots and they always come out to 3-1/2 inches for 6). If I just continue should I keep crocheting until I reach 33" or do I really need to go up a hook size? I'm afraid it will end up really big on me.
    1. If you don't want to go up a hook size, you could add 10 to your starting chain...that should get you pretty close to your 33"
  19. Would Bernat Satin work?? when I do the 101 chain then row 2 mine piece is only measuring 25” and from what I was understanding it needs to be more like 33” long, do I frog it and add more chains to row 1 or just buy a recommended yarn?
    1. You can add chains. If your coming out that much shorter, I would add 10-20 chains. Or you could try going up a hook size...
  20. Mine measures 30 1/2 ". It seems so wide. Is this just one quarter panel Can it be less wide if it is?
  21. im doing the 2x im about 5'8 tall and it want it longer like the gold one you did how many rows do you think i should do cant wait to start thanks ttyl
    1. Hi Heather! Once you get your shoulder to natural waist measurement, you can add a couple of inches to that and the front points will hang down longer . For example, if your shoulder to waist measurement is 17", then add 2-3" . So you would crochet your rows until your piece measures 19"-20. Hope that helps!
  22. I’m a little confused, I’m 5’8”. I did t want a baggy fit or a snug fit. Should I be using the numbers in black? Thank you so much for such awesome patterns.
  23. Confused!! I am not sure how many chains to start, I am not: Shorter than 5'3" nor do I want it shorter in the back..use blue Not 2X and larger..use red Not tall & thin..use red Not shorter than 5'3" & need 2X or larger..use black I dont know how many to chain as I am not ANY of the above
    1. This is only for the point and front flap placement. You’d do the red to have your arm holes in the correct position.
  24. Thank you for this wonderful sweater pattern! The color red you have used is beautiful. What yarn/ color is it? I would love to create this pattern using this color!
  25. Awe, sad that the dates extended past Easter. I was planning to make this to wear on Easter Sunday. Oh well, making it anyway but will have to figure out something else for Easter. I am excited to make this!
    1. Bummer :( I decided to push it out after doing a poll on Facebook. But I am going to compile the whole shebang for Ravelry and I can get that posted in advance!
  26. Love this sweater, I am 6" and not heavy, I am kinda scared about using the red in fear it will be baggy on me but know I can't use the blue as well I am not short, do you think I could go in the middle of the two for my numbers?
    1. Hi Debbie! How much taller than 26" (neck to hem) would you like it to be? If you do the red number that would add about 3.5" to the length without making it larger. Then we'll just adjust the armhole which will be very easy!