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How to Crochet The Mini Bean Stitch (Elizabeth Stitch)

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Have you had the chance to fall in love with the Mini Bean crochet stitch? This stitch is also called the Elizabeth stitch and is so fun to crochet. With great texture and a plush feel, you’ll be using this stitch for all kinds of projects. This Mini Bean tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about this fun, beautiful stitch.

Mini Bean Crochet stitch tutorial

Mini Bean Stitch Tutorial

We use the Mini Bean stitch to make the Elizabeth Cardigan, the Don’t Worry Bean Happy Hoodie, and the Hand Warmer Ear Warmer. We are also using it in the Stitch Sampler Afghan as well, which would be an excellent opportunity to practice!

elizabeth stitch crochet tutorial

Mini Bean Stitch Multiple:

To start a new project with the Mini Bean stitch, you’ll want to make a chain using a multiple of TWO plus one. So start with an odd number of chains. Each two chains will make up one Mini Bean.

For example, if you chain 20+1, you’ll end up with 10 Mini Bean stitches and if you chain 60+1 you’ll end up with 30. The “plus one” accounts for the side of the first stitch of the first row.

To make the Mini Bean:

Insert your hook into the third chain from the hook. Pull up a loop. Yarn over, insert hook into same chain and pull up a loop.

You should now have four loops on your hook. Yarn over, pull through all four loops, then chain one to close the stitch.

crochet mini bean

Skip the next chain, insert hook into the next chain, pull up a loop. Yarn over, insert hook into same chain and pull up a loop.

With four loops on your hook, yarn over and pull through all four loops and chain one to close the stitch. Repeat this process until you reach the last chain.

mini bean tutorial

To start a new row, chain one and turn. (It will look like you have two chains: one to close the last stitch and one to start the new row.) This is better explained in the video below.

To make all subsequent rows of the Mini Bean stitch:

1. Insert hook into the side of the next stitch as pictured below.

Continue making Mini Beans…

Pull up a loop so that you have two loops on your hook. Yarn over, insert hook into the same stitch, pull up a loop so that you have four loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through all four loops. Chain one to close the stitch. Stitch made!

Continue to the end of the row, always going into the side of the Mini Bean from the previous row (as pictured above and explained in the video below). Don’t forget to chain another to start the new row (so that it looks like you have two chains).

If you are more of a visual person, there is a brand NEW video tutorial for this stitch below.

Video tutorial for Mini Bean (or Elizabeth Stitch)

YouTube video
When stacked together the Mini Bean stitch is just beautiful. Don’t you love the slanted little “beans”? What will you make with this stitch?

Mini Bean stitch tutorial

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    1. Hi Denise! You shouldn't need to download the video...it could be an internet issue. Maybe try watching on youtube here: https://youtu.be/7RXe3Un9VAU
    2. Can't download stitch directions. Need step by step directions otherwise the pattern I purchased is useless!please help with a non technical explanation as I am a senior and not good at the computer! This discourages older people from using your site.
    1. Hi KC! One of my favorite and simple borders is the one used in the Woven in Time Blanket. https://hearthookhome.com/woven-in-time-sofa-blanket-crochet-along-part-three/
  1. Hi there, I was wondering if you know what it's called if you do the same stitch in the round so they all end up going the same way? I've used it in a beanie and don't know what to call it!
  2. I am trying to make a throw using this stitch but the row is taking a curved shape like I have too many stitches. What should I do to correct this?
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  4. I am dying to try to make this cardigan, but I'm having some difficulty. After I have 4 loops on the hook and yarn over, I can't get my hook back through the 4 loops without snagging some of the loop yarn or having it not come through at all. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
    1. Hi Melissa! I find it helpful to turn the hook so that the actual hook part is facing downward when pulling through...this can help keep the hook from snagging on the loops. You can also pull through just a couple of loops first, then pulling through the rest...it may be easier than trying to pull through all of them at once. Hope this helps!
  5. I’ve made a couple of scarves with this Mini Bean Stitch.......makes a nice squishy Warm scarf !!! Looks nice Too!!! Thankx ! Joanie in Texas
  6. ~ Wowser Ashlea, That was awesome I just watched the minight bean st. Video love it, now I just learned an Ahhmmzzzzinly Awesome New st. Thank you,always looking forward to your awesome creative pretties! Looking forward to this CAL ♡♡♡♡
  7. I watched the tutorial for the Elizabeth stitch and couldn’t really tell where you inserted the hook on the last stitch in a row.