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Tunisian Chevron Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

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Have you been practicing your Tunisian Chevron crochet? This NEW, free baby blanket crochet pattern will be the perfect project to get your feet wet with Tunisian Chevron crochet.

Tunisian Chevron Baby Blanket Pattern

Tunisian Chevron Baby Blanket

This chevron crochet blanket is the perfect size for a baby shower gift. If this baby blanket will be a gift for a “rainbow baby” (a baby born after loss) consider doing your color changes in the design of a rainbow! Instead of the color changes listed below with just two colors, use the seven colors of the rainbow and change colors every 12 rows… start with violet, then change to indigo, then blue, green, yellow, orange, and end with red. How gorgeous would that be?! I’ve already started one of these myself, so when I’m finished I will share photos with you on my Instagram and Facebook page. Woot!

Tunisian Chevron Baby Blanket Pattern

Free Pattern for Tunisian Chevron Baby Blanket


Worsted weight yarn (Red Heart With Love in “Stone” and “Sage” pictured)
-Color A (approx 655 yards)
-Color B (approx 275 yards)

Tunisian crochet hook – 6mm


17 sts and 9 rows = 4” square (each “ripple” repeat is ~3” wide)

Blanket dimensions:

When on gauge the finished blanket will measure approximately 36″ x 36″.

Pattern Notes:

In my opinion, this stitch is easier to understand when you see it done. Should you need a tutorial for the Tunisian Chevron stitch (available in written or video format here), you’ll want to master that first, then start with the free pattern below.

To change to a new color, you’ll use the new color to pull through the last two loops of the backward pass. This is very similar to how you change colors in regular crochet.

If you need help reading a crochet pattern, make sure you head over here and check out this detailed post.


With color A (Red Heart With Love in “Stone” pictured)
Row 1: Ch-169. Pull up a loop in back bar of 2nd ch from hook and each ch to end. Backward pass: Ch-1, * yarn over, pull through two loops. * repeat between * * to end.

Need a visual? Watch this tutorial!

Rows 2 – 10: Sk first bar. * Yo, Tss in next st. Tss in next 4 sts, Tss3tog. Tss in next 5 sts. Yo, Tss in next st. * repeat between * * to end. Backward pass: Ch-1, * yarn over, pull through two loops. * repeat between * * to end. (don’t forget to yarn over before going into the last stitch!)

Change to color B (Red Heart With Love in “Sage” pictured)
Rows 11 – 15: repeat row 2

Change back to color A
Rows 16 – 25: repeat row 2

Change back to color B
Rows 26 – 30: repeat row 2

Change back to color A
Rows 31 – 40: repeat row 2

Change back to color B
Rows 41 – 45: repeat row 2

Change back to color A
Rows 46 – 55: repeat row 2

Change back to color B
Rows 56 – 60: repeat row 2

Change back to color A
Rows 61 – 70: repeat row 2

Change back to color B
Rows 71 – 75: repeat row 2

Change back to color A
Rows 76 – 85: repeat row 2

To finish: Sl st in each vertical bar across. On the bottoms of the Vs (where the TSS3tog are) slip stitch all three of those bars together. Need more help finishing the blanket? Watch the end of this video tutorial.

Fasten off and weave in all ends and you.are.done!

Free Pattern for crochet baby blanket

How fun is that? Pretty easy and mindless once you get your groove going! If you’d like to make this same blanket but wider, you would add multiples of 14 stitches to your foundation chain. Since each “ripple” or “V” is about 3″ wide (with a 6mm hook), if you wanted a blanket 48″ wide you would need to start with 16 repeats of 14 stitches plus one for a foundation chain of 225.

For example:

16 repeats x 14 stitches per repeat = 224 + 1 = 225 stitches

If you get much wider than the 36″ baby blanket width as this pattern is written, you will need a Tunisian hook with a cable attached. Do you have an interchangeable, cabled Tunisian hook set you love? Since I’ve been working more and more Tunisian crochet lately, I’m in the market for a nice, new interchangeable hook set. If you’ve got one you love, let me know the brand so I can check them out!

Tunisian Chevron Baby Blanket

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  1. I know this pattern was awhile ago just a query…pattern says chain 169 but the tutorial says multiples of 14 plus 1. I’m confused
  2. Hi, I'm doing a small test before deciding whether or not to do a full baby blanket. My chevron angles look good at the bottom but the more and more rows I do, it looks flatter and less of a pronounced W shape. Am I doing something wrong and is there a way to fix this? Thanks!
  3. I am new to tunisian crochet and bought a hook without a cable so reading the comments helps me see that I should have known about the cable extensions. Are all the cable extensions the same length?
  4. When I've been working the Tunisian stitch and come up short a stitch, I examine my row and notice that I grabbed 2 bars instead of 1.
  5. Hi, I've been working on this stitch all weekend and all is well but i keep losing one stitch at the end of the row. I'm getting frustrated as I restarted several times :( Has anyone had this problem too? Thanks Kate
    1. Yes, I kept on having one less stitch at the end because, as usual, I was rushing and not reading properly. Do not forget to yarn over before the last/end /side stitch.
  6. I have the interchangeable crochet hook set with cables called “Denise Interchangeable Crochet Hooks”. They are sold in Canada at Mary Maxim or can also be purchased at www.knitdenise.com. Hope this helps.
    1. I have the Knitters Pride Interchangable Tunisian Hook Set that comes complete with the cable and I ❤️ this set so much after trying a few different ones, My yarn glides so easily over it and it is so easy to pick up stitches. I would not use any other brand. I purchased mine from Amazon but I do know they are carried other places as well. Alice