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Finger Burn? You Need a Finger Cuff for Crochet

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Ooooh burn. Finger burn, that is.

Do you ever sit for long(ish) periods of time crocheting, only to realize that your index finger is super sore? Not from crocheting per se, but the top of your finger – as a result of the yarn running in the same path over and over and over again? I get a red track on mine, and the coarser the yarn the more annoying it gets.

I made myself a lovely little finger cuff to fight just that: finger burn.

Finger Burn? You Need a Finger Cuff for Crochet

I suppose it is the way I hold my yarn, and how tightly I am crocheting. The tighter the weave, the tighter I tend to hold the yarn and the tighter that yarn is stretched over my index finger. Makes sense.

I try not to get too crazy with crochet (okay that’s a lie) but the dreaded yarn finger burn does happen.

Is it a problem? Not really. Is it annoying? Totally.

Battle the Crochet Finger Burn with a Finger Cuff

In the past I have used a band-aid or a piece of tape. But that seems silly since I’m sitting here with my hook and my yarn anyway…

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the crocheted finger cuff to use when crocheting! How poetic.

Finger Cuff for Crochet – Free Pattern


Worsted weight yarn (I used Impeccable by Loops and Threads)
Crochet hook in size H

If you need help reading a crochet pattern, make sure you head over here and check out this detailed post.


Ch-10, be careful not to twist the chain and join to first st. (10)
*check to make sure chain is slightly longer than the circumference of your finger
Rows 1 – 5: ch-1, sc in each st around. Join. (10)

Fasten off and weave in ends.

How easy is that?!

You could do hdc stitches if you like, and fewer rows. You could also change colors like I did after the first row and on the last row. Use whatever small scrap of worsted weight yarn you have.

What I really like is how quickly these whip up. I’ll leave one in my purse and in my car’s emergency crochet kit.

Always be prepared for crochet, friends!

Finger Burn? You Need a Finger Cuff for Crochet

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  1. My friend is a carer for a girl who has autism and is addicted to bandaids on her fingers atm and it's ruining her skin. These are perfect for her and allows her skin to breathe while having all the colours she loves. Thank you!
  2. Thaks a lot! I’m new in crochet and have problems with tension. Some time to tight and some time to loose. I’m thinking of go out, but now I don’t. I’m Ana Santiago, from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  3. Thank you so much . I’ve been wondering for a long time how I was going to wash yarn s that were not to clean and scratchy . And the finger wrap out of yarn super. GREAT. ‼️ I make pot dish cloths out of the scratchy yarn. Can only make a few at a time because my finger feels like I’m sawing it into. Thanks again Keep Safe Shirley
  4. Hello Ashlea, I've made 2 finger cuffs, 1 from acrylic yarn and the other1 from cotton yarn...they seem to be so bulky on my finger...is there anything else I could use that wouldn't be so bulky...TIA
  5. Great pattern! Thank you! Just finished making one in Lion Brand Vel-luxe (added a couple of extra rows to compensate for the difference in yarn, plus I preferred it a little longer). It feels so soft and luxurious
  6. Thank you for this free pattern. I can't wait to start crocheting these tension rings. I suffer from arthritis in my hands, haven't felt like crocheting much lately. I hope this will help.
  7. Great idea! I’m a knitter but have the same problem. Bought a package of finger protectors (found in sports shops used by volleyball players) which work well but are a bit bulky and stretch out after awhile. Am going to try out my basic crochet skills and make your design.
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  9. Found this cuff hint when I was using a harsh yarn that was digging into my finger - very painful. Thank you, thank you!!’ No more band-aids !!!
  10. I usually use only very soft yarns because my fingers cannot withstand anything else, which limits the projects I can do. But now I think I'll be able to try other yarns!! Thank you very much.
  11. I have crocheted for nearly 60 years and this never occurred to me! I just found your page today and I'm ready to make the Cakes bag AND this cuff. Thanks!
  12. Thank you so much for all your wonderful tips and patterns!! They are a life saver!! Thanks again many, many times!!
  13. Add a stitch marker to run the yarn through so it stays on the cuff, if you have trouble with yarn moving around on your finger like I do.
  14. Your pattern is great! I got desperate one day and cut off the finger of one of those "magic" gloves where one size fits all. It works well since it's yarn is so fine it doesn't add bulk . Sometimes I attach a yarn marker like taking 2 stitches with small gap between and thread yarn through. It adds tension so sometimes I don't need to wrap yarn around pinkie also.
  15. I cut off the fingers from latex gloves that are purchased from a dollar store. I slip the cut off glove finger on my pointer finger.
  16. You are a genius in more ways than one. I also get annoyed by the scratchy fore finger. I use a lot of lotion to soften my finger just to continue crocheting. Thanks for the finger tip and the softening of the yarn.
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