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Painted Canyon Cardigan Crochet Along: Part FOUR

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Here we are, already ready for part FOUR of the Painted Canyon Cardigan. This is the final part, in which we will add the sleeves, the pockets, and the finishing touches. We’re almost done!

pcc part four

Painted Canyon Cardigan: Part FOUR

In part four we are adding the sleeves to our completed body from part three. We do this by starting at the armhole opening and working our way in rounds to the cuff. We learn how to use the Invisible Join, and then how to sew on pockets.

sewing pockets on crochet

Just joining us? Make sure you check out the Materials & Dates post for all of the information needed to participate. I do recommend having the printed version of the pattern (for the size you are making) in front of you, or otherwise available for easy/frequent referencing.

crocheting sleeves


6 Month
12 Month
and all of the ADULT sizes of this pattern (0 – 28W) here.

cardigan crochet video

The sleeves are not difficult, but you do need to make sure to check your stitch counts at the end of each round. Sewing on the pockets is not as hard as you might think, but it does take a bit of time. In the videos for this crochet along I am making the 2/3T size. The most important thing is to make sure you are following the stitch counts and row counts for the pattern size you are making.

YouTube video


Part One can be found HERE

Part Two can be found HERE

Part Three can be found HERE

Part Four (this one!)

I hope you loved making this cardigan along with me. If you missed the beginning of this Crochet Along, make sure you get all caught up here, and sign up for my email newsletter to get alerts when subsequent parts are posted, and don’t forget to share your progress in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook!

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  1. Hi there!! I love this pattern!! I made the 2/3T and am making 7 more in various sizes for the rest of my grandloves. Do I need to block it?
  2. Made my first wearable, thank you so much for your easy to follow pattern and series of videos I couldnt have done it without them :)
  3. Hi! I commented the other day on part 3 and I’m trying to figure my way through this pattern. I’m having the same issue on part 4, the video is completely different than the pattern. I don’t understand why and I had wanted to make other sizes because I bought both the child and adult patterns but there is no way I’d be able to figure this out if the other sizes have the same issue as the 2-3T pattern. Please help.
    1. Hi Danielle, I replied to your comment the other day...I have double checked the patterns for the 2/3T and they are the same as in the CAL videos. If you are still struggling, please email me at support@hearthookhome.com
  4. Hi Ashlea, thanks for your pattern. The question I have is about the adult size 10/12: When doing the sleeve (Sleeve Top-down), on Row 9 it states “do 45 stitches” but then Rows 10-37 it states “do 31 stitches”. How do I get from 45 stitches down to 31 stitches in one row? Thanks for any help you can give me.
    1. Hi Joan! 31 is how many stitches at the end of row 37...you will gradually be decreasing from 45 to 37 over those 18 rows. Hope this helps!
  5. This is my first wearable, how should I wash and dry it? Thanks for the crochet a long videos, without it I probably wouldn’t have ever done one.
    1. Hi Amiee! I just throw mine in the washing machine and tumble dry on low heat. Assuming you used an acrylic yarn, you should be good to do the same =)
    1. Hi Helen! I have the horn, ears, and mane instructions in a different post which can be found here: https://hearthookhome.com/how-to-crochet-unicorn-horn-ears/
  6. I am working on my first of your cardigan patterns. I am doing the size 2T-3T. It says 68 stitches but when you get to the panels it says 20-30-20. Doesn’t add up. So I did 19-30-19.
    1. Hi Jeannie! Where the panels "meet" there will be 2 sts in 1 stitch. So when you start the middle panel, you start it in the same stitch the right panel left off, and start of left panel is same stitch where center ended. Does that make sense?