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Harvest Moon Tunisian Crochet Pattern BOOK!

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Earlier this year you may have seen a post on the Heart Hook Home Facebook page regarding a deadline. It was May 23rd and I was exhausted with my fingers worked to the bone, but I had just submitted my first draft of a pattern collection book to my editors. To say I was relieved, and nervous, and proud all at once would be an understatement. Let me show you the designs!

Harvest Moon Tunisian crochet collection

Harvest Moon Tunisian Crochet Pattern Book

Tunisian crochet is a form of fiber crafting that is almost a cross between crocheting and knitting. We are able to do much more with this style of crochet than you might think… and this collection of patterns set out to prove that. We decided on the designs that we did, and in the order that we did, because they follow a natural progression in the evolution of Tunisian crochet. Patterns that are worked flat, then with shaping, then we introduce Tunisian crochet in the round, and finally we end with a combination of all of these things.

If you’re just getting started, you will want to check out the Ultimate Guide to Tunisian Crochet because if you love working with fiber arts, chances are you’ll take a liking to this, too.

As you may have noticed this summer, I have a love for Tunisian Crochet. Heart Hook Home hosted a 14-week long crochet-along called the 2023 Tunisian Basics CAL. During those 14 weeks we learned 12 Tunisian crochet stitches by making 12″ squares, we learned how to assemble them into a blanket, and how to add a snazzy border. That was alllll in preparation for THIS book! 🙌

The inspiration for that crochet-along was sparked by this NEW Tunisian Crochet collection of patterns written by yours truly. Now that the basics have been covered Heart Hook Home is upping the game further by hosting an Advanced Tunisian Crochet Workshop where we are learning advanced Tunisian techniques, most of which are used in the book. Sign up for the email alerts here:


I am always up for a challenge, and when WeCrochet asked me to design five NEW patterns in the Tunisian style, I knew I had to say yes. After drafting multiple design concepts and rudimentary sketches, we decided on the following five designs to include in the Harvest Moon Collection:

Aglow Tunisian Duster Vest (sizes XS – 5XL)

Comet Keyhole Tunisian Scarf

Eclipse Tunisian Cocoon (“one size” and “plus size”)

Spectral Tunisian Crochet Pillow (16″ square and 20″ square patterns included)

Tranquil Tunisian Pullover (sizes XS – 5XL)

Below I’ll share more of my own photos from designing and developing each of these patterns.

I am so happy with how everything turned out, and I learned so much about not only the process of writing a collection of patterns for a book, but about different approaches to designing, some of which I have incorporated into my most recent independent designs as well and will continue to use going forward.

The Aglow Tunisian Duster Vest is lightweight, long, and flowy. The sizes range from XS – 5XL and we are using Shine Sport, a yarn that has a cotton and modal natural beech wood fiber blend that gives it such great drape.

Worked flat and seamed, this is the easiest of the patterns included in the collection. Isn’t it gorgeous in the “Grapefruit” colorway?

Aglow tunisian duster vest

The Comet Keyhole Tunisian Scarf was born because I love the idea of having a solid color for half of a scarf, combined with the gorgeous color changing aspects of Chroma Worsted yarn for the other half.

comet keyhole scarf

Isn’t this gorgeous? I love the way the colors POP against each other.

They have a bunch of bright Chroma worsted colorways that you can pair with a solid, such as the “Bare” or “Grey“.

Comet keyhole scarf pattern

The Eclipse Tunisian Cocoon uses my favorite yarn: Brava. For this cocoon we decided to use the Brava Tweed line which has such a great variety of colors that are right on trend. This pattern has two sizes, “one size” and “plus size”. This is great for cozying up at home to watch a movie, or to wear with jeans out to dinner.

eclipse tunisian cocoon pattern

eclipse tunisian cocoon pattern

The Spectral Tunisian Crochet Pillow was designed to grow the skill of Tunisian crocheting in the round.

spectral tunisian pillow pattern

Starting at the bottom and working your way up, this design uses two colors of Dishie cotton yarn that create a gorgeous peek-a-boo effect. Make a smaller, 16″ pillow or a larger, 20″ pillow. Or, make one of each size in alternating colors. Or… you could make one solid pillow and another using that same color and another complementing color. The tassels give it a great polished look. The color combinations with this pillow pattern are endless!

We end the collection with the Tranquil Tunisian Pullover. This is my favorite of ALL of the designs because we are using the Tunisian Half Double Crochet stitch (a favorite of many in the Tunisian Basics Crochet-Along) and because it is worked top-down, in the round, with a seamless finish.

Tranquil Tunisian Pullover

Tranquil Tunisian Pullover

Because the entire thing is worked in the round, you can use a solid color Brava Worsted for the outside (Forward Pass) of the sweater, and then use a different color for the inside (Return Pass). This creates that same peek-a-boo effect we learned in the Spectral Pillow above, and is just as easy as making a solid colored sweater. This pullover has a cowl that is perfect to ward off a chill in the air and a pocket to keep your hands warm. Of course, both the cowl and the pocket are optional.

This sweater ranges from sizes XS – 5XL and I insisted on having a tester for the larger sizes of this pattern. If you love other Heart Hook Home patterns you know that almost all of them are size inclusive and I always have several testers to ensure sizing accuracy as well as fit. They agreed to let my excellent tester Leann work up the size 4XL. I wanted to be certain that the fit is perfect for everyone, and I just adore how hers turned out. Thank you again, Leann!

All five of these gorgeous designs are included in the book. Grab your copy of the Harvest Moon Tunisian Collection on WeCrochet, and I can not wait to see all of your beautiful creations!

Harvest Moon Tunisian Crochet Colletion

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