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Continuing the CAL: 6 Weeks of Advanced Tunisian Tips and Techniques

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The 2023 Tunisian Basics Crochet Along is soon coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with Tunisian Crochet just yet! If you, too, are ready to take it a step further with advanced Tunisian techniques and tips… Grab your afghan hooks and settle in for a continuation of the Tunisian Basics crochet-along!

advanced tunisian crochet

Continuing the CAL: 6 Weeks of Advanced Tunisian Tips and Techniques

Did you enjoy the Tunisian Basics Crochet Along? I hope you loved the process of learning new stitches and creating your gorgeous blanket. And… I’m hoping you’re ready to “continue the CAL” with me. 🙌

Tunisian Crochet Basics Materials and Dates

My goal at the beginning of the 14-week-long Tunisian Basics crochet-along was for all of us to walk away with a basic understanding of all things Tunisian. Now that we’ve mastered all of the basic Tunisian Crochet stitches, and learned how to maintain consistent tension and how to keep the edges nice and tidy, it is time to learn how to change colors, increase, decrease, work in the round, and more!

I must say that the reception to this beginner-friendly CAL far exceeded my expectations, and I am SO HAPPY that you’ve loved it. I am thrilled that so many have learned a new skill set and more importantly that you enjoyed yourself, and we did it together.There will be SIX more weeks in this “continuing the CAL” workshop + a bonus free pattern at the end.

What materials will you need for the ADVANCED CAL?

To participate in this advanced Crochet-Along you will need several things…

(4) Different Colors of Worsted Weight Yarn
-Will be used for learning different color changing techniques. Stash yarn will suffice or you may want enough for a baby blanket. Read more on my personal project below.

Tunisian Hook Set
-You will need both regular stick hooks and double ended hooks. The double ended stick hooks OR two hooks connected by a cable will suffice. Read more on Tunisian hooks here.

(1) Skein of leafy green worsted weight yarn
-Will be used for learning various ways to increase and decrease.

(2) Skeins of contrasting colors of worsted weight yarn
-Will be used for demonstrating working in the round. One skein of each will suffice.

Approx. 1600 yards of DK/Size 3 yarn
-Will be used for the grand finale project.

For the first two weeks we will be crocheting small squares to demonstrate how to fix dropped stitches and to learn different color changing techniques. In order to learn how to change colors, you will need several different colors of worsted weight yarn.

I am using four colorways of my favorite yarn, Brava Worsted: Sienna, White, Paprika, and Avocado. I have several skeins of each colorway on hand so I plan to make a couple dozen smaller squares to compile into a baby blanket. You do not have to do this of course, but if you’ve got the yarn stash to use up… feel free to join me!

You will need a set of Tunisian crochet hooks, preferably a set that includes double ended hooks so that we can learn how to do the Tunisian Crochet in the round. We can not learn this technique without it.

It does not matter if you have the shorter, stick versions like these with a hook on each end OR two hooks that are connected by a cable.

I will say that there is a NEW set hitting the market in the next week or so that you will absolutely love and if you can wait for my review to come out and for those hooks to be available, you will not regret it! I will update this post with that link as soon as the review has been published. UPDATE: That review can be found here!

For the color changing projects you will need a size 8mm Tunisian crochet hook. This can be double ended but it does not need to be as we are working the color changing projects flat and not in the round.

For the Increasing and Decreasing patterns you will need the same 8mm hook that we are using to learn how to change colors.

For the grand finale free pattern that uses all of the techniques we learn, you will need a size 3/DK weight yarn and a double ended hook. I am using Brava Recycle yarn in the “Diggle” colorway and it is gorgeous! We will be working this pattern both flat AND in the round, and please plan to use about 1600 yards to be safe, but I doubt we will need that much.

Here’s how it will look…

Week 1: How to fix a dropped stitch in a flat row of Tunisian Crochet – SEE IT HERE

Week 2: Various ways to change colors in Tunisian Crochet – SEE IT HERE

Week 3: How to Tunisian Crochet in the round – SEE IT HERE
*will require a double ended Tunisian hook

Week 4: How to fix a dropped stitch when working in the round – SEE IT HERE

Week 5: Various ways to Increase in Tunisian Crochet – SEE IT HERE

Week 6: Various ways to Decrease in Tunisian Crochet – SEE IT HERE

Week 7: A new, FREE pattern is published that uses ALL of the techniques we’ve learned along the way. GET IT HERE!

sophia scarf with sleeves

How exciting is this?!

This “workshop” style Crochet-Along will include several new, free patterns. These patterns have been specifically designed to use the techniques that we will be learning that week. The best part? They are small projects that, if you want, you can make multiples of and use as a set of coasters or small washcloths etc.

It is also important to note that all of the new patterns are small and will not take more than one sitting to work up. It won’t be a huge time commitment, so if you’ve got other projects in the works these will not take away too much of that crochet time.

To give us time to recover (ha!) I am leaving a two-week break in between the ending of the Tunisian Basics Crochet-Along and this NEW advanced workshop style crochet-along.

How the “Continuing the CAL” workshop will work:

Each week there will be a new tutorial and pattern (or set of instructions) that will build our skills for that week’s assignment.

November 1st – Week #1

November 8th – Week #2

November 15th – Week #3

November 22nd – Week #4

November 29th – Week #5

December 6th – Week #6

December 13th – FREE pattern published using ALL of the techniques we’ve learned 🧶

Sign up for the EMAIL alerts for this workshop here:

I hope you’re as much in love with this as I am, and I can’t WAIT to get started!

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