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2023 Tunisian Basics Crochet-Along: Materials, Dates & Information

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Do you love Tunisian Crochet? Whether you love it because you know how fun it is to do, or simply because you like the look of it, the 2023 Tunisian Basics Crochet-Along is the perfect project for you. Keep reading to learn what kind of yarn and hooks you’ll need, as well as dates and pertinent information.

Tunisian Crochet Basics Materials and Dates

Tunisian Basics Crochet-Along Materials, Dates, Etc.

This crochet-along is tailored to absolute beginners in Tunisian crochet. That’s not to say a skilled Tunisian crocheter wouldn’t also enjoy this project, but rest assured that if you are BRAND NEW you will walk away with a clear understanding of Tunisian crochet including how to begin any project, how to create a variety of stitches, how to keep the edges nice and clean and uniform, and more.

Having some experience with traditional crochet will definitely make learning this new skill easier, but it is by no means necessary. In this crochet-along we will start with the very basics of Tunisian Crochet. In fact, the first week of the CAL we won’t actually be crocheting on the project at all – just small swatches to get our feet wet.

Tunisian Crochet Along-Materials:

Worsted Weight Yarn –

I recommend using Brava Worsted. You could also use any worsted weight acrylic yarn such as Lion Brand, Premier, Mary Maxim, or Red Heart, etc. See my full review of Brava yarn here.

When working up my sample squares, the average yardage needed per square is about 110 yards. Some squares need just 100 yards and some will need 120 or so, so I am accounting for 110 each. Each square is 12″ to make the math easy on blanket sizing. You can make as few or as many squares as you like. For example, a baby blanket would be 9 squares (3 x 3).

See this post on crochet blanket sizing to help decide how many squares to make.

Crochet blanket sizing chart

To make a blanket that is 48″ (122cm) x 60″ (152 cm) not including border you will need 20 squares. If the average needed per square is around 110 yards then you would need approximately 2200 yards… but don’t forget to account for the border!

To be safe I grabbed 3270 yards of Brava Worsted yarn. This yarn comes in huge, 1090-yard skeins called Brava 500 that will work great for this project. One Brava 500 skein = FIVE Brava Worsted skeins!

3270 yards is:

(3) Brava 500 skeins


(15) Brava Worsted skeins

While the color range is limited in the larger skeins, they have a wide array of colors in the regular sized skeins that you can mix or match. Love that!

And now for the hooks…

For this crochet-along I am using a size 7 mm Tunisian crochet hook. If you are brand new to this technique you may want to read this guide to Tunisian crochet hooks.

If you don’t have a traditional afghan hook there are two options. First, check your regular hooks for a straight (zero or minimal shaping) crochet hook in the 7 mm size. Good examples are aluminum Susan Bates, Boye (or similar inexpensive sets like these), or the wooden Radiant crochet hooks from WeCrochet.

If you have one, try crocheting a swatch using any existing Tunisian tutorial on Heart Hook Home. You may want to wrap a rubber band around the end of the hook to work as a stopper, but it’s not necessary depending on how you hold your hook while crocheting. If you also knit, you could use needle point protectors on the end instead, like this:

Start with the Tunisian Half Double Crochet Stitch just for fun. See how it feels to work with a chain of up to 40. The square patterns will vary in chain width, but you’ll be surprised how wide of a swatch you can fit on one hook!

beginner tunisian crochet hook set

If that option does not work for you, or you would like to get an actual set of afghan hooks, I recommend getting a beginner-friendly, inexpensive aluminum set that contains a variety of sizes to get started. These types of stick hooks can typically hold a project up to 36″ wide or so, meaning that you can make an average sized baby blanket.

Tunisian Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns to try:

Tunisian Chevron Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

Tweed and True Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Juliet’s Baby Blanket: Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

Free Rainbow Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

When we’re finished with the CAL (crochet-a-long) you’ll have all the more reason to invest in a nice set of hooks including cables for projects wider than a baby blanket, or for working Tunisian crochet in the round. The possibilities are endless! Stay tuned for a full review of my favorite Tunisian hook set – new and improved (coming soon)!

How this Tunisian Crochet-Along will work:

Each week there will be ONE new 12″ square added to Heart Hook Home. The dates for this Crochet-Along are as follows:

Now through July 12th, 2023 – time to procure your supplies! While it is possible that you may need to order Tunisian hooks online (I’ve linked several options in the “materials” section above) it is also possible that you could use some aluminum hooks you already have! Take the time to decide how large you want your blanket to be, then use the yardage information above to make sure you’ll have enough to finish your blanket.

July 5th The “Ultimate Guide to Tunisian Crochet” is published. This guide will include basic information about Tunisian crochet as well as tips to get you started with confidence, things to look out for, do’s and don’ts, and some interesting facts about this fun variation of crochet.

July 12th – Square #1 – SEE IT HERE

July 19th – Square #2 – SEE IT HERE

July 26th – Square #3 – SEE IT HERE

August 2nd – Square #4 – SEE IT HERE

August 9th – Square #5 – SEE IT HERE

August 16th – Square #6 – SEE IT HERE

August 23rd – Square #7 – SEE IT HERE

August 30th – Square #8 – SEE IT HERE

September 6th – Square #9 – SEE IT HERE

September 13th – Square #10 – SEE IT HERE

September 20th – Square #11 – SEE IT HERE

September 27th – Square #12 – SEE IT HERE

October 4th – Assembly – SEE IT HERE

October 11th – Border & Finishing – SEE IT HERE


Enter your name and email below to be notified of ALL new square releases and other pertinent information.


That’s it! Feel free to play around with the existing Tunisian crochet tutorials and Tunisian Crochet patterns on Heart Hook Home. I just know that given a chance you’ll love this style of crochet.

See you on July 5th with the “Ultimate Guide to Tunisian Crochet”!

2023 Tunisian Basics

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  1. Today is the 19th and I have not received an email for week 2 and it is not posted here. Also is there anyway we can get each weeks instructions without scrolling through all the ads. I may not even finish this because of that. I understand that it gives you income but there are other cals that don’t do this. And I may be missing something perhaps or doing something wrong. I am not meaning to be critical, just that this may not work for me. It will be my loss I am sure.
    1. I realized just now that I may be in a very different time zone so please accept my apologies for my impatience and assumption. Forgive me for the entire comment below. It is wonderful that you are offering this for free!
      1. Hi Barb! Thank you for your grace and understanding. I know it is easy to get impatient in our excitement or expectations. Each weeks square should be posted each Wednesday morning (before noon central time)...and it should be on the main page of hearthookhome.com once it is posted, so you shouldn't have to wade through this lengthy post to get to the link. I hope this helps some and that you are enjoying the CAL!
  2. Ordered my Brava in Fall colors! I am so excited to learn new stuff! Saving for Addi Click...but got cheap ones for now! Thanks, Ashlea!!!
  3. I am looking forward to this project! I ordered my Brava worsted yarn (turquoise, lime, and yellow) and then checked my Tunisian Hook supply. I don't have 7mm, but I do have K - do you think that would work ok?