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Heart Hook Home VIDEO Crochet Podcast Series

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Have you been looking for a fun way to connect with like-minded yarn enthusiasts? Do you miss the Facebook lives we used to regularly share? Then pull up a chair and grab your coffee because Heart Hook Home has a NEW video crochet podcast series!

Crochet Podcast

Crochet Podcast Series

I have been just itching to share the super exciting news with you that I have started a VIDEO crochet podcast series. These videos will be very similar to the Facebook live videos I used to do regularly, and my goal for these is to provide more consistency and to bring more FUN and excitement to the world of crochet podcasts.

I decided to stick with a video format because so much of what I discuss and the topics I cover are visual in that you almost have to be able to see what I’m talking about or describing.

Here’s how this crochet podcast will work…

Every other Friday I will upload a fresh video podcast to the Heart Hook Home YouTube channel.

Each video will be between 20 and 30 minutes of uninterrupted yarn and crochet fun. Long enough to enjoy ourselves, and short enough to keep us coming back for more.

If you are a subscriber to the Heart Hook Home YouTube channel, and have the notifications turned on, you will get a notification when I upload a new video to the channel. You can also opt to get an email when a new video is posted.

Note! I will not add the podcast videos to this blog post as they are added. Instead you’ll want to visit the “Crochet Podcast” Playlist on the Heart Hook Home YouTube channel. See you there! 🤩

What will we talk about?

EVERYTHING yarn related! I have a running list of topics I feel I must cover. These include design components as well as how to design crochet patterns, all about gauge, colors and complimenting colors, fiber content of particular yarn, choosing a stitch, following a pattern, tips and tricks, unboxings, new tools, etc.

If you have a specific topic in mind that would help you in your crochet journey, be sure to share that will me in the comments so that I can get it on my list!

I am so looking forward to hanging out with you every other Friday, exploring new yarns and tools, discussing new designs and why I did something the way I did etc.

This is going to be SO. MUCH. FUN!

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